Flavours of Quill City Mall

Remember quite some time ago I blogged about the newly opened Quill City Mall and what they have to offer? You can read the blog post on Quill City Mall HERE. Quill City Mall is located in quite a convenient location with direct access to Medan Tuanku Monorail Station, so if you are living in Kuala Lumpur, you might want to check out this newly opened mall.

I previously blogged about what to do and some of the tenants in Quill City Mall, but this time, allow me to take you on a somewhat foodie adventure in Quill City Mall, so that you fairly have an idea what to eat while you are there.

Quill City Mall have plenty of restaurants and cafe, but here’s some I’d like to highlight and recommend to you. This is just the brief introduction, mind you. I’ll be blogging about each and every one of these restaurants individually later. 😉 One thing I notes about Quill City Mall is that they are very Muslim friendly, where all of their restaurants are either Halal or Pork Free. And apart from being Muslim friendly, they are also offering variety of cuisines from countries all over there world, in just one mall.

So here we go:

1. Gantetsu Tori, Hokkaido Ramen

 photo IMG_20150316_104552_zpsrqmodtfw.jpg

They claimed to be specialized in serving Japanese ramen that is imported from Hokkaido.

 photo IMG_20150316_112144_zpsaq4kolz6.jpg

Basically they are offering pork-free Japanese delicacies, ranging from appetizers to main dishes like Udons.

2. T Signature

 photo IMG_20150316_112353_zpsfbnfnmvw.jpg

T-Signature is a cafe that serves Taiwanese cuisine.

 photo IMG_20150316_113627_zpswshuf3xk.jpg

These Taiwanese delights may tempt you but the health conscious would not really approve of the fried stuff. 😉

3. Purple Toast Kopitiam

 photo IMG_20150316_114920_zpsnrcer5rs.jpg

If you are looking for something unique, do keep a lookout for this cafe.

 photo IMG_20150316_115237_zps2mqxzoxn.jpg

Most of the dishes here are fusion dishes. East meet West concept with creative and eye catchy presentation.

4. Mammamia

 photo IMG_20150316_121128_zpsuodwh9zk.jpg

Combating the terribly hot weather? Have sweet tooth? Then head over to Mammamia.

 photo IMG_20150316_121422_zpscuxysfbx.jpg

Italian Gelatos are made fresh daily here in Mammamia.

5. Coffee Planet

 photo IMG_20150316_122920_zpsonkvpa9f.jpg

Can’t live without your regular caffeine fix?

 photo IMG_20150316_123318_zpsrfirz2tz.jpg

Coffee Planet is quite promising with their artful coffees

6. Sopoong

 photo IMG_20150316_125045_zps2ysnvy4p.jpg

Authentic Korean Cuisine for you should you have some Hallyu fever and craves for some authentic Korean cuisine.

 photo IMG_20150316_125139_zpsxba6q03v.jpg

All time favourite dishes from Korea can easily be found here in Sopoong.

7. Red Lobster

 photo IMG_20150316_131929_zpslupl9ygm.jpg

Big fan of seafood and crustaceans? Be sure to hop over to Red Lobster.

 photo IMG_20150316_135645_zpsisi3c3cy.jpg

It’s seafood and lobster galore here in Red Lobster.

Skeptical on whether these restaurants are worth your time and money? That’s fine. 😉 Do keep a lookout for my in depth writeup on these restaurants soon. 😛 In the meantime, feel free to read this; https://cleffairy.com/quill-city-mall/. It will fairly gives you an idea what Quill City Mall have to offer. 😉

More information on Quill City Mall, do hop over to their website here; https://www.quillcitymall.com.my


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