People Leading Transformation: MoU Signing Ceremony between Brandt International Sdn Bhd and CELEMI

Won’t you agree with me that it takes more than just talks to be successful not only in business but also life in whole? There’s plenty of companies out there that claims that they can turn you into into huge business players, but not all walk the talk.

To be frank, it takes more than just talks to transform small individual to be a business giant, and so, I’m glad to see that Brandt International, a specialist in business consulting and business transformation management services has recently announced the launch of partnership with Celemi.

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Brandt, a recent recipient of Top Employee Award 2014 from MDEC is collaborating with Celemi to introduce a unique business simulation program. A dynamic and unique business simulation in which teams learn to attract, build and retain the right employees and customers. This is aligned with Brandt’s business approach of 10 years’ experience in enhancing the levels of customer experience through better quality, performance and efficiency, by leveraging on people, process and technology.

Celemi provides experiential training solutions in the form of business simulations. The training solutions use Celemi’s unique methodology “The Power of Learning” to effectively boost knowledge and skills of the participants.

This event introduced Celemi Tango™, an experiential training program that was recently released in a new version. Celemi Tango™ allows participants to develop and execute their strategy with immediate feedback in terms of profit and relevant key point indicators. The target is to drive internal employee potential and consequently improve business results.

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Munirah Looi, Brandt International, said, “We are delighted on this partnership with Celemi to drive more successful and effective business transformation, through  employees and customer engagement. By exercising the modules introduced by Celemi to the local business landscape will definitely develop top quality business performance and consequently expand financial growth”

Barbro Andersson, Celemi International, said “Our objective is to maximize potential growth through practice learning as a substitute of teaching. Our non-conventional board-based training program will be able to deliver more effective result. Celemi has developed various business simulations to ensure a comprehensive progress across an organization.”

About Brandt International:
Brandt International Brandt wears a trio of hats as a  consultant, training specialist and business transformation outsourcing company.

Their approach to business transformation  guarantees that organisations will experience a boost in their levels of customer experience through better quality, performance and efficiency.

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Their Business Transformation model revolves around three key areas – advisory, training and managed services. Brandt’s expertise in these three areas will not only help build your brand and improve your operations but also, and more importantly, drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Over 50 clients across Asia, Middle East and UK and has designed, developed and implemented solutions across 30 clients in the region. 

For more info, please contact :
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