Flower Pot Ice Cream Cake

I have mood swings more often than I care to admit. But my tempers are short…and can easily be remedied by feeding me junk food or sweet stuff like ice-cream. When it comes to bad mood, my husband knows me best. He knows it too well that there is at least once or twice a month where he need to feed me ice-cream to keep me sweet, and yesterday he did just that, when I was feeling quite sore and emotionally down.

 photo IMG_20140817_201549_zps0qppyq2b.jpg

We spotted flower pot ice cream cake while we were in a shopping mall yesterday, and decided to try it out.

 photo IMG_20140817_201710_zps1z3pftsd.jpg

Ice-cream was placed in a small flower pot and topped with Oreo cookie crumbs before a plastic flower is planted on the soil-like ice-cream.

 photo IMG_20140817_201740_zpssnblfdyg.jpg

Each potted ice-cream costs rm5…quite costly for a measly bit of ice- cream, but I guess it is worth every penny as it kept me sweet and all smiling for the rest of the day. 🙂


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