Freediving at Bandar Saujana Putra Lake On Chinese Valentine’s Day

It was the 7th day of the lunar calendar yesterday, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Remember the Chinese mythology story of the star-crossed lovers, Niu Lang and Zhinu (The Shepard Boy and the Weaving Girl), who went on a lovey dovey mode and somehow angered the big boss in heaven and were punished to be separated and were only allowed to see each other once a year on the 7th day of the lunar calendar on a magpie bridge? Yea. Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated by the Chinese to commemorate the love of these two poor unfortunate souls.

It was a rainy day…as it would always be on 7th day of the lunar calendar. For a moment I wondered if Niu Lang and Zhinu would be able to meet on the magpie bridge since it was raining.

Ya, I know. I’m a hopeless romantic. The day would have been just another day staring at the screen while trying to clear all the backlogs of work I have if it were not because of these bunch. Yep. It was a last minute freediving trip to Tasik Bandar Saujana Putra. On a weekday. Ditch work, ditch meetings, ditch everything and jump into the lake to dive. Isn’t that cool? Yes guys, I dive tankless now and there’s no going back. 😂

Thank you everyone for making this day an interesting and an adventurous one. You guys are the best!

My dives do not end until everyone is safe at home, and here’s debriefing over lunch with my freediving instructor over what I can improve for my next dives. There’s plenty of things that I still need to work on. I still need to get used to freediving in the dark and get over the consuming shock on my body when thermocline hits, and I still need to work on my CWTB skills, but still, I feel quite accomplished with my progress, cuz I broke my previous PB record again during our lake session. Yea, bebeh…breaking my own records, 1 meter at a time. I can now dive down quite comfortably to 21 meters in one breath. I dive tank-less now, gaisssss. Made me feel so cool!😎 😂😂😂

Current PB
STA- 2:06mins

I know I need to start attempting to break my PB for STA and DYN too. The numbers don’t really match nicely with my depth attempts. I haven’t been doing anything about that since I was certified. Lack motivation cuz no safety buddy that I feel comfy with. Plus, I like depth better.😂

Til then, guys. Hoping to share with you more on my freediving adventures soon.

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