Mermaiding in My New Guppy Tail

Out mermaiding with my beautiful mermaid instructor Carmen Hui and Farrah Mazlani . I was having a nasty migraine earlier of the day but once I jumped into the pool, I feel so good! Haven’t been mermaiding so much with my instructor lately, cuz we were both busy with our own stuff, so I’m really glad to see her back in action today. 🫂

And yeaaaa…I got a new tail too! It’s another guppy tail!

So in love with this new guppy tail. The tail has such a big and pretty flare.

Initially I thought it would be really heavy and hard to dive and swim in, but it wasn’t as heavy and draggy as I expected.

So this is gonna be my new favourite tail for practice.😍😍😍

Here’s sharing with you the videos of yours truly mermaiding in the beautiful guppy tail.
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Thank you teacher Carmen Hui for the pics and videos. You’re the best. 😘😘😘

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