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I couldn’t help myself after watching the video about ‘Connected Tot’ that I shared with you folks out here not long ago, and so I decided to look up more on products that contains Gangliosides that can help us nurture a connected tot who not only learn fast, but also able to think creatively out of the box and apply whatever he or she learn in daily lives.

Apparently, Anmum Products like Anmum Materna, Anmum Lacta and Anmum Essential are not only fortified with all the vitamins and minerals needed for children’s growth, but it also contain Ganglioside that encourages brain cells connection for faster learning.

Anyway as I was browsing around for more information on that, I stumbled upon  ‘Connected Tot’ website. I was very surprised. They have various games and activity that you can play together with your child. Just look at the screenshot below. The site is very attractive and cute. I’m sure you and your kids will love it.

I  shared the site with Smallkucing on my recent visit to his house for some playdate session.

You see, Smallkucing starts very early on the computer. He’s such a connected child. He’s been PC savvy ever since he was merely 1 year old. Genius, isn’t it?

When I showed him the  ‘Connected Tot’ website he was thrilled. He simply love the game that he dubbed the ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ game. He dubs it so because there’s so much animals in it. He got so excited that he even sang the nursery rhyme as he played the ‘animal game’.

The game is actually known as “The Animal Talk” game. There are various animals inside the game. And the children are required to click on the animal by using the mouse to match the sound in the background. It is a game that encourages brain cells connection as well as helps to improve the motor skill. (hand-eye coordination).

The “Animal Talk” Game.

The background goes ‘Woof, woof’. And if the right animal is clicked on, the game will proceed to the next animal. 😀

Smallkucing and I played a couple round of this game…the boy is so smart! He got it right all the time! By the time we go to the ‘duck’ level in the game… he keep says “Auntie, duck goes quack quack.” and so I said “You’re so smart.” and you know what he says? He said ” Duck also very nice to eat. Auntie, buy me roast duck!” *FAINT*. OMG… now I got to buy him a roast duck after playing the game with him! Tsk tsk tsk. Get bullied again!

Apart from the “Animal Talk” game, there’s also the dress me up game. I played the game with my son. And he loves it.

Now, you might be fooled into thinking that dressing up is a girl’s game. But you’re wrong. It’s for both boys and girls.

My son knows he’s a boy, so he click on the boy avatar in the game, and proceeds to play dress up.

And after a few drag and drop in the game…. the end product is this:

Opppsss, no clothes? LOL. When I asked the boy why there’s no clothes, he said the weather is too hot for clothes. *FAINT*

Anyway, apart from brain stimulating games, there’s also a couple of children illustrated ebooks that you can read along with your child on that website. There’s a couple of interesting ebook you can choose from.But my personal favourite is the one with the rainbow. 😀

Cute illustrated ebook with great storyline.

When I was fooling around in that site, I also discovered that Anmum is also giving away products sample upon request HERE. If you’re not already an Anmum user, you might want to check out the interactive site and request some samples for you to try out. I’m sure that both you and your children will have fun visiting the website above.

Cleffairy: To visit ‘Connected Tot’ website, you need to have your flash and cookies enabled. If you don’t have flash installed in your PC, you can’t play the games and whatnot in the website. It’s best viewed in IE6 above and Firefox.


  1. suituapui says:

    No need to start them so young – when they get addicted and neglect their school work and becomes anti-social – don’t know how to mingle and socialise, turn deaf and dumb…and their vision shoots up to over 300 degrees…etc…etc…etc, then you know who is to blame! Not the poor kid!

    • Cleffairy says:

      I yet to allow my boy to use PC at home… but he’s already using it in kindy… cuz kindy got computer class.

      Hmm… I din start so young. I started when I was 5… in kindy too. But I started reading very early… and ended up having four eyes too. LOL! My four eyes comes from reading too much… not the PC tho.

  2. Starsecrets says:

    Kids these days so lucky… what also have… wanna play game oso can start young… last time my time, wait until go to school only can play pc in school lab!

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