MHBuddy and I MAS Travel Contest

Remember my Meow Meow blogged about me bringing back some toys for her, courtesy of MAS? Well… my husband and I were both invited to the MAS Traveler Blogger Party in Neo Tamarind, KL.

The purpose of this party is to launch their new Facebook Apps as well as the I MASTRAVEL Contest. We both had a lot of fun there. There was loads of things and freebies over there to keep us entertained.

I was really impressed with the whole event. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with fresh orchids lei, which were draped around our neck as well as the top of our heads respectively. (Lei is a Hawaiian word for wreath or flower garlands).

Geezzz… I was practically on cloud nine. I may not get any roses for Valentine’s Day, but I got my February flowers after all. From MAS no less. I couldn’t get any luckier, can I? LMAO. God always gives me things that I wanted in the most spectacular and surprising ways.

We were then ushered to the party area where we’re greeted with these…

The traveling tree…

Fresh tamarind juice that I can’t get enough of (Well, yeah, I’m a sucker for sourish stuff like this.)

There was a generous fusion buffet spread prepared for bloggers and media people alike, but what caught my attention was this…pastas were prepared upon orders from the guests.

I ordered some fusion pasta for my husband and marinara spaghetti for myself. Please don’t ask how much helpings I had that night…cuz I certainly had more than two helpings. 😛

There was various activities during the party too.

There was various interesting backdrop for you to take your picture with. The pictures that were taken that night was printed and framed up for the guests on the spot to be brought home.

Sumo wrestling for the tough and adventurous…

MAS also took the trouble to hook up artistes to draw caricature portraits for the guests for free.

There was plenty of entertainment for everyone…

Exotic dance performed by the KL Haka Dancers for the ladies…

Plenty of belly dancing to entertain the gentlemen who attended the party as well…

There’s also goodies as a token of appreciation for the guests who attended the event…

And this is my loot that night. A traveling bag, a MAS Traveler T-shirt, a raincoat to keep myself dry when traveling on rainy days a pen from Yahoo! to write on my traveling journal with as well as two traditional musical instrument. The musical instruments were given to those who are already MAS Traveler members… and since my husband and I was one, we both got one each. Hmmm…now all I need is a bull-whip and a Fedora hat… then I’ll be ready to play Indiana Jones! 😀

The emcee of the night was the gorgeous Jojo Struys, who was also involved in the AIDS AWARE Campaign in The Gardens not long ago (Opppsss, I have yet to blog about that… *blush*…all right, I promise I’ll blog about that charity campaign after this… 😀 It was really a good campaign, I tell you… and for a good cause too)

I did mentioned earlier that there’s a reason for this blogger party, didn’t I? Well, the reason is this; the launching of MH Buddy as well as I MAS TRAVEL Contest.

MHbuddy is a Facebook application where the customers who book a flight are reminded of their friends who live at the destination they are headed for. MHBuddy users will also be prompted if any of their friends on Facebook are also planning to travel to the same destination.

With MHBuddy, it is also possible for travelers to share their itinerary with their friends on Facebook. MHbuddy users can also select their seats as well as view the seats of their friends travelling on the same flight. MHBuddy can be accessed from the Malaysia Airlines Facebook page.

And  then there’s I MAS Travel Contest. It is open to all bloggers and the prize is TWO All-Expense Paid Trips for the winners.

Here’s how you can join the contest:

  1. Register
  2. Submit a blog post (can even be an old post, as long as it’s your best travel post)
  3. Upload a video on why you deserve the prize
  4. Get as many ‘Likes’ as you can

And this, ladies and gentleman… is what you’re competing for…

In case you’re wondering, here’s the contest requirement and terms:

Contest Requirements and Terms

  1. Must be 18 years old and above.
  2. Must be a Malaysian Resident.
  3. Must be a member of
  4. Contestants are not allowed to submit on behalf of other individuals.
  5. Contestants must own the rights of the submission content; MAS and Yahoo are not liable for removal of contest submission due to copyright infringement.
  6. This includes and not limited to write ups, photos, animations, videos or any other type of content format submitted.
  7. Only Facebook Likes on the contest page in are eligible to be counted as valid contest votes.
  8. For other terms and conditions, please refer to the full list of contest T&C here.
Well, what are you waiting for, folks? Head over and join the contest now. It ends 1st April 2011.
Cleffairy: I wonder how it’s like to travel and have fun for a living? Hmmm… tempting… very tempting.


  1. smallkucing says:

    hmm…wah lau eh…like that how to promote MAS? Upload video also can make website crash. how to book MAS ticket if the website so unreliable? Later halfway paying, the website crash pulak. Mati katak betul

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