Gardenia vs. Massimo

If you’re living in Malaysia, there’s a big chance that you have eaten Gardenia, the local sandwich loaf that’s been produced commercially. It used to be my first choice for my family’s bread intake. The loaf used to be so fluffy, soft, and not to mention quite thick, but ever since Massimo appeared in the market with a huge ‘BANG’ (there’s political, racial issue and whatnot behind Massimo’s appearance, but I’m not gonna talk about that today), my choice has always been Massimo.

Massimo is a must have item in my kitchen ever since the first time I’ve tasted it. In terms of taste and pricing, Massimo is much nicer to the taste-buds and also much kinder to the pocket. A regular loaf of Massimo bread only cost me Rm2.10 if I were to buy it at promotional introductory price in KK Mart.  It’s really great for me, as I’m a huge fan of a good toast during breakfast and supper.

My son, who is previously not quite a bread fan, is also turning into one after being introduced to Massimo. He no longer mind having half boiled eggs with toasts after switching to Massimo, which is really great, in my humble opinion.

Massimo sandwich bread is rather soft when you take it on its own, and goes really fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside when it’s toasted. I don’t get that from Gardenia. Well, not in the recent years, at least. Gardenia was great when it was just introduced, but it seems to me that the quality has somehow dropped after a few years time. I don’t feel that it’s worth paying for a loaf of Gardenia sandwich loaf anymore, though I still go for their other products like Twiggies, chocolate bread, buns or even instant waffles every now and then when I feel like it.

I have come to realize that Massimo sandwich loaf lasts longer in comparison to Gardenia too. It doesn’t go stale easily and does not have any bread fungus grown on it even after two or three days beyond its expiry date. (Yea, I eat those sandwich loaf even if it’s after the expiry dates, as long as it doesn’t have any fungus on it. So, sue me. LOL)

So, I’ve ditched Gardenia for good and opt for the cheaper but better quality Massimo sandwich bread instead. How about you?


Cleffairy: I  always choose a cheaper, but better quality foodstuff if I have the option to do so. How about you?




    • Cleffairy says:

      Yea… I heard about that too, but I chose Massimo cuz it taste much nicer and cheaper. LOL. Anything goes for me, politic or not as long as it’s nice and cheap.

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