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Do you plan ahead in your life? I’m not the sort of person who plans ahead. I have the tendency to move with the flow, and reacts accordingly to the situation instead of making plans beforehand. Planning is not my forte, and more often than not, I found that my plans are always ruined whenever it comes to planning big things in my life. Things never go as planned, but these days, I’m giving quite a big thought about my retirement plans.

I know I’m not even in my 30s yet, and it’s far too early to even consider a retirement, but I think about it a lot lately. Perhaps it’s the stress and the terrible exhaustion that I’m experiencing that causes me to give retirement plans a thought. I suppose it’s a form of escapism. Things are getting too much for me to handle at times that I thought and dreamed of retiring in a place where nobody knows me.

But retiring is quite a serious business. I wonder what I’ll do when I finally retired? Will I get bored with the mundane life? Can I get used to such a life when I’m used to buzzing around everyday? And where will I retire and spend the rest of my life? The answer to my own questions is I don’t know how it would be like when I retired, but I do have a vision of where I want to live when I’m retired.

I want to live in Modesto, California. Why Modesto, of all the place, you ask me? Well, Modesto seems to be quite a decent place to live. It’s not only lively and colorful, but have good weather all year-long too. Pretty relaxing and quite a laid back place, I must say. Away from the true blue city life that’s so hectic that it can give you severe migraine daily.

The people in Modesto are  pretty friendly, and there’s plenty of secured neighborhood around too, thanks to Security Modesto, a security service provider company that provides a top-notch security service to the good folks in Modesto.

Security guard Modesto  is the best around in Modesto. They came highly recommended by the folks in Modesto.  I have a friend who lives in Modesto and she told me that they are well-known for being professional, on time and not to mention helpful and easy to work with as well. They have been providing great service to the residents and businesses in Modesto, and you definitely can count on them to keep you safe on all occasion.

That’s really great isn’t it? One of the most important thing you should consider when you move to a new place during your golden years is not only a great neighborhood with modern amnesty, but great security as well. I suppose if I were to retire in Modesto and live with my husband along with my cats and dogs, security should not be an issue as long as I subscribe to their excellent security service.

Now, I’ve told you where I want to live when I finally retired. How about you? Do you have a retirement plan? Where do you want to live when you’re finally retired? Do you have any specific place in mind? Do share. I’d love to hear about it.


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