They got it easy

I don’t mean to sound bitter, because for what it’s worth, I know God gives us what we deserved. But I do wonder why some people, especially kids and teenagers these days got it so easy. Most get spoiled rotten by their parents with gadgets and whatnot, and some college kids even owned a big shot and classy car even before they graduated. Made me wonder what the world is coming to and what sort of values materialistic parents are teaching children these days? That it is all right to substitute their time with worldly items?

I know most parents these days could afford giving their children cars and stuff, but how about teaching the kids to earn what they want instead of just taking handouts from their parents? I don’t know what the world is coming to anymore. Not when I see college brats driving flashy cars and yet they do not have to work for it or pay installments for it. And especially not when I see kindergarten kids holding hi-tech gadgets and smartphone whenever they go around shopping with their parents! And hell… why the hell some primary school kids get to boss their maids around carrying their bags when they goes to school and returns to school? Good gracious, most unheard of during my time! I had to carry my own bags to the point that I had hunchback, no less! I bet these kids gets their oversea holidays once or twice a year too!

Cleffairy: I never got it easy when I was growing up. If I want something, I will have to earn it.


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