GE 13: Married To An Abusive Husband

I haven’t been talking about politics for quite some time now, have I? Well, somehow I couldn’t really give a damn anymore cuz no matter what I say will not change a thing about Malaysian politics, but after all being said and done yesterday during the 13th general election in Malaysia, I feel that somehow, the politics in Malaysia is like being married to an abusive husband.

He treats you bad but you still have compassion for him because the relationship between both of you have been so long and you got too much to think about to consider divorce. You’re afraid to let go. You’re afraid to get out of your comfort zone that is no longer a comfort zone.

But when you couldn’t take all the abuse anymore and finally come to your senses and wants to come out from the abusive relationship, you’ll find it difficult because he will promise you that he will change, buys you a lot of wonderful gifts, gives you money, assure you that he will give you love and security. Sweet talk to you and then coax you into submission, expecting you to go along with whatever thing that he wants you to do.

But when you refuses, he will coerce you, threaten you, lock you up and have you beaten badly, even. So…what do you do when you’re trapped in such a relationship? It’s kinda hard to say, but all you ought to know that the abusive relationship cannot go on and on forever. It got to stop somewhere, and that somewhere is not backing down, even if your back is facing the cliff. One ought to have courage to walk away from an abusive relationship, even if it means walking into a future of uncertainty. Better the uncertainties than being continuously used and abused in the worst ways possible.

Cleffairy: Will we ever be out of an abusive relationship? I have no idea.


  1. Cynful Pleasure says:

    ya wor… we are really in such a relationship with our administrator / politicians!!! How I wish I can just walk out like how I walk out of my own relationship… hahaha… but guess, this one is seriously bigger la..

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