Go beautiful and youthful with KAFT-1

This is not a paid review. I was not compensated in any ways for reviewing the product.

Remember my previous entry about KAFT-1 brand and their product? Well, I finally received my Kaft-1 Anti-Ageing Youthful Effect White O2 and Kaft-1 Perfect V-Shaper via Pos Laju.

And as anticipated, there’s two box of their products Kaft-1 Anti-Ageing Youthful Effect White O2 and Kaft-1 Perfect V-Shaper and an a-mag.

Apparently, KAFT-1 was advertised in this a-mag, and I wasn’t aware of it.

The mag where KAFT-1 was advertized.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t read Mandarin, so I have no idea. LOL…

See, two whole boxes of it. Each contains 5sheets x 23ml of the masks.

Now, most of you is probably curious by now. This stuff is formulated and developed in Korea, and if you’re interested in looking like those beautiful Korean girls without going for a nip and tuck that could costs thousands, you can try KAFT-1.

I’ve taken a look at Kaft-1 Anti-Ageing Youthful Effect White O2, and to my surprise, it’s a 3D in Mask Patch. Specially developed for the most sensitive part of the face, which is the forehead and the two sides of the face. 3D in Mask Patch is more focused and created for the user’s convenience, and meant for maximum effect, even on the first usage.

The product is supposed to fade yellowish skin tone and supply moisture to the skin so that it can stay hydrated. It contains red wine ferment, and therefore, with the usage of this product, it can make the complexion become even, tender and fairer. While making the skin fairer, it also improves the natural antibody from the inner epidermis. Do you know what this means? This means the product is not harmful. Instead, it protects the skin from hazardous particles and substance that could harm the skin.

Perfect V-Shaper on the other hand is an easy home treatment product. It’s supposed to give the user a smooth and sculptured look when used repeatedly and steadily. How exactly does it ‘sculpt’ your face? Well, it contains heating and revitalization ingredient that enables face lifting without surgical procedures. With constant and steady use, perfectly chiseled face can be obtained.

I am using one of the product as I wrote this article, and have yet to try another one. Is it good? Is it not good? Find out in my next review on KAFT-1. I’ll tell you whether it is good or not.


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