Goodness Greens Cafe, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Vegetables and greens does not always agree with me. In my foodie dictionary, they are disgusting, mainly because they taste bitter and awful. But having patronized Goodness Greens Cafe in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, my opinions in health food somewhat made a 360′ turn. I finally discovered that health food does not necessarily have to be disgusting. Done right, they can be as delicious as regular food.

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A spinoff from the well famed juice brand in Malaysia, La Juiceria, Goodness Greens Cafe is offering health food concept for those who wants to eat clean, minus the distasteful flavours and excessive calories.

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This quaint looking cafe is great for a lazy weekend with your loved ones.

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The cafe is notably children friendly. There is a play area for small children to amuse themselves with and restroom with lowered toilet bowls and washing area for toddlers and children.

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Fresh and crisps greens, cold pressed juice, substantial soup and salads can be seen on their daily offering menu.

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Huge refrigerator containing various kinds of juices and health shots spotted.

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A selection of Vital Shots in small bottles for your takings.

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Price-wise, the cold pressed juice, smoothies and shots are quite affordable.

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After settling down at the table by the window, promptly made our orders. It can be a tad confusing for first time patrons, but we managed to get a hang of it.

Mushroom Soup. Initially we were recommended something else, but I wasn’t feeling so adventurous and wanted Mushroom Soup instead, and I’m glad I stick with my option. Conjured with all sorts of mushrooms and a drizzle of olive oil and roasted almonds on top, this creamy bowl goodness packed quite a punch. Served with garlic flavoured baguettes, the Mushroom Soup offers comfort to the tummy within seconds. Bursting with natural flavours, my husband loves this so much and polished everything off. This would definitely on our list should we revisit the cafe again.

Goodness Greens Signature Dip is perfect for sharing with your loved ones.

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Made with spinach, mozzarella cheese and served with wholesome baguette slices, this healthy green is full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Spinach has an extremely high nutritional value and is rich in antioxidants. Another plus point? It’s richly delicious.

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The deep green colour put off my son for a little as he’s almost a natural carnivore, but he shared this with us and was asking us for seconds in which I gave a negative as I wanted us to try other items on the menu.

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Homemade Granola Bars with Almond Mylk. We ordered this for our son to try. The granola bars came in two flavours; maple and chocolate. Deciding against chocolate, we went ahead for the maple version of the granola bars and we have to say that we’re impressed.

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Generously topped with sliced strawberries and bananas, this wholesome bowl of goodness is fairly addictive to the palate. Perfectly balance between crunchiness, sweet and sourish flavour, the granola bars drowned with rich Almond Mylk is distinctively agreeable. Even the fussiest child would have discovered that this a sensory delight, and would enjoy spooning these into their mouth, I assure you.

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The granola bars also comes in small handy packets for takeaway and if you think you did not have enough, you can pick it off from the counter and bring it home for just RM6 per packet. Knowing that the Granola bars would be a useful instant energy boost for my traveling trips, I brought back two home and stashed it in my travel bag.

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Moving on from the sensational Granola Bars, we customized our own salad bowl.

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Famished, we opt for the ‘heavy and filling’ kind of salad.

Here’s how to customise your salad bowl at Goodness Green Cafe:

1. Start off by choose your salad size: Petit, Medium or Grand.
2. Select your variety base, mains, supplementary items and prime for your salad bowl.
3. Pick your preferred dressing from a list of 10 house-made dressings.

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Here’s ours. Our very own special Goodness Green Grand Salad Bowl. What’s in our salad bowl:

Base: Romaine lettuce
Main: Cherry tomatoes, croutons, pasta macaroni, roasted baby potatoes and crabsticks.
Supplementary: Beef bacon bits, and homemade crispy tofu
Prime: Grilled chicken
Dressing: Thousand Islands dressings

The bowl of salad is great for sharing and in all, it was really a satisfying meal that kept us full for the next couple of hours.

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‘Dessert’ was a smoothie bowl. We had the highly recommended Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl and was left wanting more. The Acai Berry smoothies were smoothly concocted and topped with strawberries, shredded coconuts, bananas chia seeds, cacao nibs, and bee pollen. It was nothing short of sensational. Regretfully, we were too stuffed from our salad earlier to treat ourselves with a second helping of the smoothie bowl.

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Our drinks: Juice, babycino,latte and rose petal tea.

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To wash everything off, we had Berry Bliss and PAM LA Juiceria cold pressed juice. The Berry Bliss was berry-licious while the PAM juice was uniquely sour. My husband preferred the Berry Bliss but I positively love the PAM juice much more than the Berry Bliss.

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Ravishing Rose Petal Tea was not only refreshing but rejuvenating as well. And I like how the aroma works it’s calming effect on me after just a few sip.

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Babycino with Marshmallows. My son tried this, so I can’t comment much about it on the taste, but judging on the empty cup after just awhile, I’m guessing that this is fairly acceptable, at least to him.

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Latte and Chlorophil Water. Being a coffee lover, my husband decided to end the meal by washing it off with Latte. I was told that the Latte was fairly on the acidic and sour side instead of the bitter note that he is used to. It needs an acquired taste, I guess. The Chlorophil water on the other hand was simply refreshing, I’d order this shot of energy boost again anytime if I were to revisit this cafe.

Overall, it the Goodness Greens Cafe offers pretty much satisfying delicious meals, minus the guilt. Great place to go if you are looking for some clean eats. Families with young children will appreciate how child friendly it is while social media addicts like Facebookers and instagrammers will most definitely love the fact that the place is well lit enough for photography purposes.

For more information on the cafe, please refer to the information below:

Goodness Greens Café
32, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
6000, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 018 368 3320


Instagram: @goodnessgreenscafe

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