Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper 2016

I’m not much of an athlete. In fact, I don’t do sports very well despite the fact that I love outdoors activities like camping, rock-climbing and jungle trekking. I’m never good at sports that has time cap to it where I have to keep up the pace with others. If you’re to ask me, the only sport that I enjoy is probably just horseback riding and some leisurely swimming, as I don’t need to keep up with others or really sweat it and use much of my energy and it gives me somewhat a relaxing effect afterwards, but I do enjoy the massively positive energy that emits from athletes during competitions and whatnot. It’s not only motivating but uplifting as well. Watching them alone gives me Adrenaline boost that could hype me up for days.

Anyway, I was given the privilege to be at the Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge by Viper 2016 last weekend alongside with some media friends. It was held in various Resorts World Genting’s properties where participants will need to go through 10km and 15 crazily tough obstacles challenges that was set up in order to be crowned the King of The Mountain. Some 10,000 participants has signed up for the challenge and I thought the figure alone was pretty much overwhelming in my opinion. I could scarcely believe that people would actually want to go for such tough challenge, but I guess there are loads of competitive people out there that will never turn down the opportunity to test their endurance.

Challengers were flagged off by wave. If I’m not mistaken, they were flagged off by 1,000 for each wave and the earliest wave were flagged off at 8am.

Any kind of sports is a no no without proper warming up. Here’s some of the challengers doing their warming up routine.

 photo IMG_6895_zpsbonnedrn.jpg

Challengers doing sit ups

 photo IMG_6898_zps5g4f5mau.jpg

Challengers doing push ups.

 photo IMG_6936_zpsnmwpsggh.jpg

Not sure what this is called, but this warming up routine sure looks fun.

 photo IMG_6863_zpsnfxkm1th.jpg

Here’s the emcee of the day, beckoning challengers towards him for flagging off sessions. He’s in charge of hyping up the challengers throughout the day. I don’t know how he does it, but his words were like enchantments itself. Even a bystanders would feel all hyped up after listening to his pep talk.

 photo IMG_6853_zpsuxto44ii.jpg

Flagging off at the starting line at The Ranch in Genting Highlands.

 photo IMG_6695_zpsvwfbf7tb.jpg

Challengers posing for us during the flagging off.

 photo IMG_6858_zpscff4vz0g.jpg

The face of pure excitements. Can you see how pumped up they are? That’s plain energy you are looking at.

 photo IMG_6664_zpslnwlnwbl.jpg

Challengers running off towards the obstacles with anticipations and excitements.

 photo IMG_6655_zpsflxjugio.jpg

Spotted this sweet young couple participating in the Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge by Viper 2016 together. Now that’s a relationship goal everyone should aim for. Going through obstacles and challenges together, hand in hand, literally and figuratively. Now, isn’t that romantic? I don’t know what you think of it, but in my humble opinion, this is a romance worth writing about. This is the real til death do you apart kinda thing.

 photo IMG_6687_zpsikrc3lqy_edit_1472405193747_zpszn86sw4s.jpg

One of the first few obstacles; The Bloated Belly. This is located at the Awana Driving Range. All you need to do is climbed onto the huge inflated balloon to pass the obstacle. Looks easy, no? Well don’t let the picture deceive you. It’s tougher than it looks.

 photo IMG_6694_zpshbunuu0x.jpg

The walk of grime up ahead at Awana Teambuilding Pond. The Water Net Crawl is slippery, muddy and definitely not something you would want to go through alone.

 photo IMG_6697_zpsnjgy1miz.jpg

This obstacle course calls for teamwork and helping each other out in order to lift the net and pass through it.

 photo IMG_6709_zpsf42i2jye.jpg

Participants might be strangers and were not properly introduced to each other prior to the challenge. But here during Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge by Viper 2016, they are all comrades.

 photo BeautyPlus_20160827000233_save_zpszzhu9kcy.jpg

Holding true to the tagline of Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge by Viper 2016: Leave no one behind, everyone helps each other out during each obstacles that they encountered.

 photo IMG_6730_zpswx3hpxvs.jpg

One important thing that I learned during the Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge by Viper 2016 is that regardless of your achievements, you should give yourselves a pat on the back. Every little success calls for a celebration. That’s what life is all about, a celebration of little achievements.

 photo IMG_6756_zps7xbbelyq.jpg

The Monkey Bar Split may look like something you can see in children’s playground, but this is certainly not a child’s play.

Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge 2016: Monkey Bar Split

The Monkey Bar Split takes alot of swinging and hanging efforts. No pun intended, though.

 photo IMG_6763_zpsrmox2vpb.jpg

Slightly similar to The Bloated Belly obstacle, this is the Cargo Net Climb.

Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain 2016: Cargo Net Climb

This obstacle course were located at Awana Longhouse.

 photo IMG_6767_zpsvhncxcfo.jpg

A closer look at the Cargo Net Climb challenge.

 photo IMG_6764_zpsgyg9kng9.jpg

It is definitely not for the fainthearted.

 photo IMG_6786_zpsvhwgdtuy.jpg

On the far right of the picture is Austin, an expatriate from the US. He’s a special need individual as he is verbally challenged. But despite of being socially impaired, it does not stop him from pushing himself further. Now, that’s one thing each and every one of us should learn from Austin; never limit yourselves just because people tell you that you can’t do it. You are capable of anything that you want to achieve, as long as you put your mind to it.

 photo IMG_6805_zpszoggsvd6.jpg

It was a very hot day. The Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain by Viper 2016 challengers were in luck though. Under Armour’s obstacle treats them to all the Air Sirap Bandung they could ever dreamed of drinking.

Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain 2016: Obstacale 10

 photo IMG_6820_zpsnff1zgjk.jpg

Challengers were supposed to swing along without dunking themselves into the water, of course.

 photo IMG_6818_zpsby0hpjqa.jpg

This obstacle course looks easier than it looks and many ended up falling into the water and swam instead.

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Challenger swimming to the shore.

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10km and 15 obstacles is definitely not an easy feat, but as far as the Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain by Viper 2016 challenge goes, nobody were left behind.

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With teamwork, sportsmanship, empathy and compassion, each and every one of the challengers had a taste of the finishing line and the glory of being crowned the King of The Mountain.

Here’s a picture of patriotism

 photo IMG_6906_zpsxhceewbb.jpg

A picture of joy despite being completely drained.

 photo IMG_6901_zpsdocwug2x.jpg

A picture of cheekiness, telling us to take it easy and not to take life too seriously.

 photo IMG_6882_zpstdlzkqzn.jpg

A picture of teamwork and great effort

 photo IMG_6970_zpssovq0snb.jpg

A gentle reminder that moments in life should be immortalized and no cameras is too big for a wefie.

 photo IMG_6992_zpsdyingcod.jpg

A picture of sexy and beautiful bodies. I refuse to elaborate more on the grounds that I fear that I’d describe it too explicitly, so use your imagination, ladies and gentlemen.

 photo IMG_7003_zpsifv0s0me_edit_1472414835887_zpsoxun6bw6.jpg

And last but not least, a picture of us, the Team Media.

The Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge by Viper 2016 taught me alot of important lessons in life, but the most important one of all got to be the the one that tells me that life is full of obstacles and challenges, but you are capable of anything that you set your mind to achieve. It’s no small lesson indeed and I am grateful to be apart of it.

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