Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Carnival

Like I mentioned in my previous post on Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper Challenge 2016, I’m not much of an athlete. But I do enjoy things that’s related to sports. I’m quite a sucker for positive energy and I’ll have you know that during the Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper Challenge 2016 event recently in Resorts World Genting, there’s nothing but positive energy over there. The highly positive aura being emitted were not only by the challengers, but supporters who came to lend their support as well. It was more than enough to keep me feeling good for a week.

Apart from the positive energy, I also enjoyed funky music and delicious carnival food as well during the Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper Challenge 2016 event.

Wait a minute, did I say delicious carnival food and funky music? Well, I certainly did. 15 challenging obstacles were not the only highlight during Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper Challenge 2016, but the carnival that came alongside were an attraction on its own too, especially for foodies.

 photo 20160820_120014_zpsnw4h2goq.jpg

Food trucks selling all sorts of delicacies. Most of the food sold here were high calories, to help the challengers refuel and sustain themselves.

 photo IMG_6955_zpscbul3zos.jpg

One of the food truck that’s spotted with perpetual queue is none other than this one; the one selling all sort or cold pressed juice.

 photo IMG_6946_zpsxfsn1ntp.jpg

One of the star attraction during the carnival is this; Roasted Chicken on Rack. The method of cooking is similar to the famous Ayam Golek, I must say. The only difference is that the chicken were hung up on the rack during roasting.

 photo IMG_6949_zpsqziylpmk.jpg

Plump chicken being roasted to perfection.

 photo IMG_7023_zps77b8ubgu.jpg

Absolutely famished and being a certified glutton, I was a tad disappointed when I was told that they did not sell a whole chicken for our gastronomic pleasure, but hey, look at this; the chicken were nicely chopped up and were served with a side of adeptly fried French fries and freshly made coleslaw. It was simply a divine meal. For just RM15, the roasted chicken was definitely a steal.

 photo IMG_7018_zpskrrrgoec.jpg

Other carnival food that was constantly hunted by ravenous challengers from the food trucks were these; Cheesy Nachos with Pulled Lamb and Churros. The Nachos was absolutely delicious but I didn’t manage to have a bite of the Churros as it was gone within seconds upon serving and I can’t really be bothered getting it again as I was already feeling full by then. I guess the Churros was really good too, considering how if went poof-ed.

 photo IMG_7012_zpstroz9k5o.jpg

Happy faces with happy tummies. These are a sight for the sore eyes, don’t you think? People cheering for one another, helping one another as to not leave anyone behind; those things are like drugging oxytocin and make me feel so hyped up and happy. Or maybe, it was the food that made me so happy? šŸ˜‰ Whatever it is, I surely want to be a part  of all these again next year. Well, at least the carnival part of it, that is. šŸ˜›

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