Homemade Snowskin Mooncake

Initially, I intend to boycott mooncakes this year. Why? First of all, I’m not into mooncakes. They’re too sweet and the pastry taste a tad too weird for me. Second of all, it’s pretty much commercialized and overrated. Mooncakes are rather costly these days, you know? They can go up to at least Rm78.00 per box of 4 regular red bean paste mooncake with single yolk.

But as far as boycotting goes, it failed. Why? Because Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi have been in a mooncake making frenzy and they have been kind enough to send me these to go with my tea. For someone who claimed to make these for the first time, the mooncake sure taste good.

They’re 100% made by Smallkucing and his Mamarazzi. They look very beautiful and expensive don’t they? Mamarazzi assured me that they’re not expensive and pretty easy to make. Do check out her blog if you’re interested in making your own snowskin mooncake.

Cleffairy: Right now… I’m hunting lemang, ketupat and rendang instead of mooncakes. *grinz*




  1. claire says:

    er… how much are those for? šŸ™‚ if outside selling in restaurants, they cost a bomb already! friends are really priceless.. no amount can buy the relationship..

  2. smallkucing says:

    glad you like it . Very easy to make. Still not satisfied with the result yet coz a bit too dry. Need more shortening. Maybe next round la

    Lemang ah? If we jadi balik kampung will borong lemang kijal for you la. that lemang very sedap!

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