House Arrest…

Dear all,

Cleffairy will be on the annual house arrest and probably couldn’t update Over A Cuppa Tea until at least 17th February 2010.

Cleffairy did not make any scheduled entries, as her beloved netbook was confiscated and she wasn’t really in the mood to use other’s PC to write, and she found herself uninspired when she uses other people’s PC. Therefore… Cleffairy didn’t write any schedule entries to keep the readers occupied when she’s in house arrest.

Cleffairy might also be restricted from using the Internet when she was in in detention for there will be lack of resource, and therefore, probably couldn’t visit your blog and leave my trails and footsteps over there. 🙁

However, Cleffairy will try to stay away from nasty guards and wardens, and sneak online to catch up with the rest of the world and update on her current status if the situation permits it and does not bring any bodily harm to her.

Cleffairy sincerely wishes all Over A Cuppa Tea readers a Happy Tiger Year, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all hopeless romantics out there. Please pray that Cleffairy shall not be badly tortured or seriously harmed during the house arrest this year, and Cleffairy shall pray for those who are under house arrest in return as well. May God be with you. God save your soul from the evil around you.

Cleffairy: As she walks towards the house of horrors, she thought of the late Queen of England, Anne Boleyn. And Cleffairy finally understood Queen Anne’s feelings when she was about to be beheaded. Cleffairy is completely horrified. God save Cleffairy’s soul!


  1. Bananaz says:

    Oops sorry didnt realise your post is on the reverse (but couldnt be leh howcome?) as each time I ‘slip’ by your blog only see your Jan 27 PCD computer sales & service and kept wondering where the heck you have been lately. Or should I refresh the link or something. Thinking maybe you might be busy-ing with making kueh or choc cake getting ready for CNY until I saw your latest post in CH Voon’s blog. What kind of house arrest you are talking about? Expecting to arrest a ‘full house’ in your poker game or what? haha. Have a great CNY and wish you & family all the best in this Tiger Year. May you have a fantastic “growling” year. Cheers

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ohh, hi Bananaz… my post would be the second post on the page. The first one is a sticky post, and it’ll remain there until i remove it. LOL… House arrest? Yearly house arrest at the in laws’, of course. 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      Thank God not for sodomy or rape! Ahahahahaha! I tink nobody would dare to rape you la,Cikgu… wait later you hentam them… your body size so big, nobody would dare to touch you. You look intimidating leh!

  2. claire says:

    So near yet so far… yes, we might be quite near to each other at this time.. but it might take hours to get there cos of the jam… my bro started journey from KL at 10am this morning and now 2pm, they are still in Bidor.. goodness.. so many hours!
    I m room arrest.. cooping inside the room with the air con on, watching tv and pc at same time.. so who is better?? 🙂

  3. manglish says:

    hahaahhha you are practically dead woman walking hahaah opps it is a taboo to use the word dead during cny…you will be fine…see you soon..happy cny

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