I am a R.A.C.I.S.T!

I am not a racist. My best friend, and my other half is not the same race and ethnicity as  I am. And I always fit in better with people who are not same race, ethnicity or religion with me. I try as much as I could to learn and respect others’ religion as well as their traditions, and I love doing it. When people ask me,what is my race or my ethnicity, I would simply reply, ” I am a Malaysian” or “Bangsa Malaysia”. I have been doing so since I came back from Coventry, at a tender age of 7.

When people talked about ketuanan Melayu, I would say ” Apa? Kalau orang Melayu dikira sebagai ‘tuan’, kaum lain tu, hamba ke? Tak, kan?”

When people say Chinese stinks because they eat pork, I would reply “Well, at least they know how to make money, no matter how stink they are. Some provide alot of working opportunities, and they are hardworking. You should learn their good traits, see, how many tauke they are in Malaysia.”

When people say Indians have black skin and feels uncomfortable to be around them I’ll shoot them off by saying “Why don’t you go drag that feller and have an X-ray…see if the Indian feller’s bone is also black.”

I am proud of Malaysians abroad. If you go to Malaysian Hall, there is no Malay, Chinese or Indians…they are one…MALAYSIAN. They are much more united than the ones in Malaysia. To me, everyone in Malaysia is an equal. What differentiate them is how they carry themselves and portrays their personalities to the world.

But… these few years, I’ve developed certain annoyance and hatred towards other races though I regard Malay,Chinese and Indians or other races who have Mykad as the same. I’m such a racist bitch when it comes to foreigners and illegal immigrants. Tourists and travellers, and those investors, I can tolerate, and I would gladly promote what Malaysia have to offer when I encounter them every now and then.

I loathe foreigners and illegal immigrants now. I view them with utter disdain. I know some of the people who read this will gladly flame me, but I don’t care. I really cannot help it. I used to hold no grudge towards them, until I did more observation and realized with horror that they did more damage and harm than good to our country. Foreigners, be it Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Siamese, Arabians, Sudanese or Nigerian, I hate them all. I say this not just because my favourite pair of shoes was stolen last night, but because of their attitude.

Hey, it’s not just any shoes. It’s a very comfortable Scholl sandal that I bought 5 years ago and I was still wearing it until it was stolen. I am not a shoe fetish kind of person, when I buy shoes, I wear them until they are completely worn out and cannot be possibly worn anymore. To me, comfort comes first, and I don’t give a damn if my shoes does not match my clothes. At most, I only have 2  pair of shoes at home- one pair of shoes, one bata slipper, and I was completely pissed when the shoe thief stole my shoes. I even saw that feller. A Nigerian bastard! I was left with no shoes to wear! Imagine wearing a bata slipper to office. Sucker! Argh! The shoes was worn out, and they still wanna steal it! FUCKER!

Okay, back to the topic, I am straying. These foreigners and illegal immigrants seems to be flocking our country (at least where I live), and overpopulate certain area and condos. I am truly disgusted. I do not know why the government don’t seems to control them from coming to Malaysia, and it’s getting worst since US launched war on Iraq for O.I.L and since Pak Lah is in office. I bet most of them who can afford to leave their country left their warring country to take refugee in ours.

The authorities seems to be giving them VISA without checking out their background and purpose of coming to Malaysia. Some claimed that they are student, and is currently studying ‘bla bla bla’ course at ‘bla blabla’ university or college. But from what I can see, most of them are not attending much lectures or tutorial. I’ve seen so many memos on ‘unsatisfactory attendance’ and ‘barring from taking exams’ being posted by their educational institution. (Okay, sometimes their letters are wrongly addressed, and I read some of it, so sue me! And don’t you dare ask me how do i know that they are foreigners. Aiya, see also know lah, Malaysian names and other nationality’s name are different wud!) If those people who come to Malaysia not for the purpose of studying, then what the hell are they doing here?

I’ll tell you people what they are doing here. They are creating mess in Malaysia, LITERALLY. And my eye sore at the very sight of it.  While most of these overgrown ‘students’ loiter almost everyday regardless of day or night, some of them are completely rude that they even smoke in the lift, and talk very loudly during the lift rides.

That is not all. They have the driving skill of tank drivers. They bang everywhere using their second hand local cars! I’ve seen so many Protons and Peroduas in such a pathetic state that I wonder if it still can be used. Most of these poor things belong to these people whom I dubbed as ‘tank drivers’.  I’m devastated to see national cars in such a state. it’s not as if our cars is of no quality. They do have quality. But these people drive the cars and bang everywhere, making it seems like Malaysian cars have no quality. There’s once, their youth decided to drive by reversing! They drive to the main road by reversing! IMAGINE THAT!
Hell, these people drive cars like driving tank and they are definitely tarnishing local cars image! And they have the cheek to sell it at high price when they they need to return to their country. Oh, dream on, suckers!

While some of their children do not attend school and pick up fight with Malaysian children most of the time, others attend ‘THEIR OWN SCHOOL’. What the fuck! I was aghast when I found out about this one fine morning during my breakfast at a mamak stall in front of my house. I was curious when I saw a huge bus stopping to take passengers, and when I observed carefully, none of these children are Malaysian kids. The whole bus is full of foreign children, wearing some sort of uniform that is definitely not for Malaysian school. And so, I decided to ask one of the Arabian over there. At first I thought these kids are going to International school or something. 

I was shocked when I was informed that these children are going to a school that their society decided to set up.( Their society set it up, not their embassy, mind you)  To my annoyance, I was also told that our government gave them approval to set up the school, and they have been offered the infrastructure. What’s worst, there’s not only one school, but a number of them! What the hell, they are making Malaysia like their own country!

Huh? What? Excuse me? I am missing something here. Why the hell they can easily build schools when there are many Chinese and Tamil schools are waiting for government’s approval? Hey, this is wrong! Malaysian kids should be given priorities. And don’t give me the crap that our kids needs to go to sekolah kebangsaan. To me, there’s nothing wrong with Chinese and Tamil school. I’ve seen Malay and Indian family opt sent their kids to Chinese school. Nothing wrong with that.

Then there’s permanent resident and citizenship issue. Some of these foreigners decided to fuck some of our half cooked brainless Malaysian and breed their spores! I heard they easily applied permanent resident and citizenship just by marrying a Malaysian. Wah, what the hell? So easy to get all the privilege! What the hell is our government and immigration doing? Sleep while endorsing citizenship/VISA documents?

I made a trip to a police station last month to report on my neighbor’s house being broken in, and guess what? i was told by the police that was  taking my complaints that crimes like robbery, break ins and rape involving foreigners and illegal immigrants are so high! I’m not going to deny their statistics. I’ve  been told just last week that a Chinese girl has been raped by some foreigners at the condo I’m living. God, can it get any worst?

Some of these foreigners don’t even speak English or Bahasa Malaysia even though they’ve been living here for a couple for years already. This aggravates me to no end. Hey, buffoons! You want to stay in Malaysia, at least learn some English or Bahasa! You are in other people’s country, creeps and you expect us to go and learn your language! And they have the cheek to vandalize  our infrastructure in public, where so many pairs of eyes are watching. These creeps, don’t even have discretion when they want to vandalize something. Oh well, this is what we get when we welcome uncivilized bastards from some terrorist country!

God, can this get any worst? Sometimes, when I walk around, I don’t feel like I’m in Malaysia anymore. I feel like I’m a foreigner in my own country, because almost everywhere I go, they seem to overshadows Malaysians.

 I shudder to think that one day,once they get enough of their ‘armies’ in Malaysia, they are going to infiltrate our defence and take over our country. (Eh, what defense? We already lack of defence since we allow so many of them here).

Cleffairy: Whoever said Malaysia is a multiracial country? Dumb idiots! Malaysia is a MULTINATIONAL country! Some sort of ‘International Rubbish Bin’ where anyone from whatever country can easily come and go as they pleased!


  1. warrior2 says:

    You are right to feel pissed off when you look at things the way you have pointed out and I wouldnt want to take that away from you .

    When I was younger of course this sentiment of being a malay is strong and I would look at other races as being “these people”. But as I grew older and benefitted of the oppurtunity to have travelled the world far and wide, I saw and I realised that I must look beyond colors and race and religion. I MUST LOOK AT EVERYONE AS A HUMAN BEING!

    I have seen people of all walk of life in many countries, the poor, the rundown, the homeless, the unfortunate and ofcourse the rich and fortunate. Seeing all these made me realised that I am blessed with what I have and I am thankful with what and who I am and eventhoguh I am not a millionaire, I must not be selfcentred and a racist and a bigot and a jackass asshoe.

    Any human doing anything wrong or illegal must face the consequences. But if any human is living life the best they could as any other normal human looking for that one piece of bread to sustain thier own and thier familly souls/life, if we can, we hould make life a little bit easier for them. Mind you, the majority of us are helpless!

    I very much appreciate those philantropists and donors and those who contributed thier energy and time to make living a worthwhile experience.

    When I see an indonesian, a bangladeshi, an african, a middle eastern person on our street and kedai mamak etc, I see them as I see me.

  2. cleffairy says:

    I really have to admit. I feel bad myself when I develop these kind of feelings towards foreigners, because I never consider myself as a racist until I saw all these things going on after the US declared war with Iraq, when all these foreigners started to come in apart from the already flooding illegal immigrants…but I really can’t help it, not when I see the damage some of them has done to our country.

    I do not mind those who’s trying to make a living or investing, or those who are truly studying in Malaysia- those are not so troublesome. But those who comes here and seems to loiter around whole day long, doing god knows what and giving troubles everywhere, those I really mind.

    I mind when they are teaching Malaysian children violence. Some Malaysian children who made friends with these foreigners tend to pick up a fight easily, and some of these middle east kids have the guts to teach our children on bomb formulas and starting fire on those rubbish dump ( I’ve seen this one, trust me, it almost get a neighbour’s house burnt!)

    I know what it’s like to be discriminate in other people’s country, because I did not grow up in Malaysia. I know how it’s like to be called an Asian chink! I try to be nice and civil to most of the foreigners, but I found myself not being able to be nice to them wholeheartedly when I see what kind of damage they’re doing to our country and what kind of influence they are being to Malaysian children. I simply cannot see them the way I see Malaysians.

    Sometimes, I wonder about those being left behind in their country. They are suffering more than the ones who came to Malaysia. The rich escaped to Malaysia, most relaxing and loitering all day long. Don’t they have obligation to their own country? Don’t they have the conscience to help their own people? I can’t help but think that if they do not come here, they could have at least make a difference in their country by helping the disadvantaged- be it by donations or some simple efforts. Their country needs patriots and their country thirst for nation building. Why are they running away when their country needs them most? I see most of them as ‘abandoning’ their own people.

    For me, I would not want to abandon my country and my people, even if my life is at stake. If our country were to be invaded, I would stay behind to defend my country in any possible way that I can manage. And if I die, I will die with honor, not a coward.I don’t know why I feel this way. Maybe, I am just plain stupid? I do not know.

  3. KevinP says:

    Sigh…. Malaysians in general are really loving people. Its the government that postures themselves.. well, the political parties are the ones posturing themselves as such.

    During the old man’s time, he encouraged the Indons, Banglas, Filipino, Thai Muslims to come to Malaysia… in his infamous Project IC. These people are supposedly given ICs to vote in the election. To be specific to vote BN. This bag of votes together with the 500k postal votes gives the government almost 10% of the votes already.

    So its not wrong for us… children of Malaysia who has no other country to call their own are treated as second or third class in their very own country just because we do not share their faith, while some aliens seem to be getting prefferential treatment and had the gall to say they are bumiputras is what makes my blood boil. One in case is ex-S’gor MB, Mat Hensum, Toyo.

  4. cleffairy says:

    Exactly my sentiments. I feel that our government should give priority to our own people first rather than acting a too friendly host to these foreigners! I feel that enough is enough… they should control the incomings of foreigners. Btw, do they pay income tax to our government? No? Yes? Enlighten me, someone!

    Cina balik cina,
    Hindu balik India,
    Melayu balik jawa( Go read the history people, most Malay forefathers comes from jawa, or at least that’s what they are teaching in our kids text books).
    Tinggalkanlah negara kepada orang asli!<<<< actualy, orang asli is the one who should called them self bumiputra…not us Malays, Chinese or Indians. And yet, orang asli is not really getting that much benefit in our country. They are still trapped in poverty.

  5. KevinP says:

    They have perverted history… they have perverted May 13, 1969… they have “conquered” the orang asli and make these blokes subservient to them and thanking them for the pittance they dished out to them…

    In reality… we are all pendatang.. and just because they are the larger number hence they make themselves indegenous.. hahaha…

  6. cleffairy says:

    Hahaha… Saya anak Malaysia! *stand and sings Negaraku*

    Looking back at the course of history… it’s not a wonder why we are sodomized today.

    Btw, any of you listens to Negarakuku?

  7. cleffairy says:

    Yea… I agree with you Pamina, but honestly, they’re both. They’re both lazy and lack control, and to make it worst, they lack control over almost everything these days. Just look at us, it seems that our country is moving backwards instead of going forward. And to add cherry on top, their decision making have the efficiency of a cow! The flip-flop fever…

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