U.S, kindly get your butt to where it belongs!

The article below is taken from The Star.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will issue a protest letter to the US Embassy over the country’s statement on investigations into Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s case and said Washington should “get its facts right”.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he had instructed the Foreign Ministry to send the protest letter to the US Embassy.

“This is a statement which I perceive as an attempt to meddle in our administration. We have our own Government, our own laws and our own enforcement,” he told a press conference at Parliament House here yesterday after meeting up with PKR president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

On Monday, foreign wires reported US State Department spokesman Tom Casey as saying the United States would oppose any politically motivated investigation or prosecution of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“The main point for us is that the rule of law needs to stand above politics,” Casey was quoted as saying in the statement, adding that the department “hoped there would not be a pattern” because Anwar had faced similar charges back in 1998.”

Abdullah said Malaysia knew how to ensure the law was implemented fairly and that nobody would be ill-treated or threatened.

He said the statement seemed to indicate that the country was prejudiced against the Malaysian Government and the enforcement of its laws.

He added that it was inappropriate for a country, which is one of Malaysia’s largest trading partners, to issue such a statement.

On PKR’s Bandar Baru-Kulim MP Zulkifli Nordin saying that the party had received intelligence from a neighbouring country of threats against Anwar, Abdullah said he should lodge a police report.

“Don’t merely speculate. I hope there won’t be anybody who will draw his own conclusion and fling accusations on this matter,” he said.

“Let the probe continue,” he said.

At another press conference, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Anwar’s case “was never politically motivated.”

“Washington had better get its facts right,” he said.


This is what I have to say. I may not been agreeing in whatever Pak Lah&co been doing in this country for the past few years, but this time, I found myself agreeing with the man, though my words to the U.S Embassy would not be as proper and kind. I would honestly ask them to get their ass to where they belong, and buzz off from our country’s affair. And I can’t say I’ll spare them from profanities either.

What rights does the U.S people have to interferre with the way we’re running our country. What rights do they have to say “United States would oppose any politically motivated investigation or prosecution of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim”. Malaysia is not their country, and they should not interferre. All these suckers have nothing better to do, do they? They simply love being the ‘International Sheriff’.

To me, unless the ‘PM wannabe’ is holding the U.S green card, I do not see why we should let the U.S crooks tells us how we should handle the matters, period. U.S is another blasted country, they’ll do anything to be on the top of the world, and if we stay mum about this, the next thing we know is they’ll be telling us on how to run our country or worst, they will claim sovereignty just because they ‘know how to govern better’.

Cleffairy: The old Kedah Sultan allows the Brits to interferre with the state administration, and look what it got him last time… he had to hand over Penang to the Brits. First the freaks from outside says they are ‘helping us’, then they take over our land. We should learn from history… should we not?



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    Yes, US should just mind their own business and not be a global policeman. But US is just saying what many Malaysians are saying…. have a fair investigation.. have fair trials.

    US Govt may be screwing those nut cases in Guantanamo, but there are suits brought against the G and in many instances the G lost… ever find that here in Malaysia? No thanks to the old man.

  2. filipinokisses international dating says:

    The problem is, Anwar, from the early onset is painting a picture that the police and the AG is not thrustworthy and not able to be fair.

    By doing that, he cant lose. IF he is brought to court, and loses, he will say the court/judiciary system is tainted. So is the Police force he will claim. If he win, he will say “I TOLD YOU SO”.

    How can the government ever be RIGHT? No matter what the govt does, it will still be screwed (or sodommed!). HEHE

  3. top free naughty dating sites says:

    Well…. warrior.. who is to be blamed?

    The government of course… if they had ensured the police to be apolitical and impartial at all times, no one will be able to potray PDRM as such. PDRM did not earn the nickname Polis Raja Di Malaysia for no apparent cause.

    Anwar is smart. Either way, he is a few steps ahead of the government. Its a war he cannot lose and a war he has little to lose, while the govt… well, I think its a way that retribution is swift and timely.

  4. cleffairy says:

    Malaysian police are not really serving the citizens or justice…they are serving the ‘Ke-rajaan’. If they are serving us la, how come every now and then they ask me to belanja Starbucks, huh… last time ask for kopi and milo only, now they ask for Starbucks!

    Correct me if I’m wrong… cuz I was an ignorant teenager who cares only about comics and homeworks when Anwar was fired. I must have recalled wrongly, but did US had full support for Anwar when Tun M fired him? As I know, this feller got quite a good relationship with US at that time.. and obviously, he still have a good relationship with them. US are opportunist, unless they have something to earn from certain situation, they won’t even bother to care. if not, why don’t they tell the Africans or poor 3rd world country that have nothing to offer on how to run their country?

    PS: Malaysia is a very colourful country, our politics are also very colourful…like Nippon paint, weather proof summore!

    Pak Lah- a sleepyhead
    Najib- BOOm, BOOm BOOM
    Anwar- play asshole
    Tun M- Everyone is wrong, I am correct, correct, correct

    Cleffairy- Oi, cut the crap and start thinking for the citizens! All acting in a soap opera while the citizens are suffering from the current state of economy. Cilakak!

  5. Kevin Phang says:

    When Tun M fired him… I lost my job as well… after my employer ran away overnight… for 5 mths I was out of job and just married.. life was tough.

    Whether he play asshole or not… aiya… it the one being played enjoyed it.. what am I to complain.. not my asshole he is playing wut… but Najib C4ing ppl to smithereens… that is something else. Tun M is the most self centred twig I have ever come across. You said it.. everybody wrong.

    US can pass comments… so can Malaysia… at the end of the day, Anwar succeeded in one thing. Besides Malaysia’s court of public opinion, now he has the whole world looking at the clowns of BN at work. I will be amazed if these highly paid clowns fail to amuse… Syed Hamid did Act 1…

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