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Just when I thought things couldn’t get any ridiculous and crazier, with Najib and Anwar playing people’s  asshole and Bala’s mind boggling Statutory Declaration, I happened to stumbled upon this article somewhere on the net, leaving me speechless. The article below is taken from MSNBC Interactive.

Thomas Beatie, the transgendered man who rose to national attention when he became pregnant, gave birth June 29 to a girl, People magazine and ABC News are reporting. He and his daughter are doing well, he told People.

Beatie grew up in Hawaii as a girl but later legally changed to a male identity, took hormone shots and had his breasts surgically removed, but kept his female reproductive organs.

His wife Nancy, 46, was unable to bear children since she’d had a hysterectomy. Beatie became pregnant using donor sperm and artificial insemination.

A spokesperson from St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Ore., where Beatie reportedly gave birth said she could “neither confirm nor deny the presence of that patient at our facility.”

Beatie told People that despite published reports, the baby was not born via Caesarean section.

During an April interview with Oprah Winfrey Beatie said, “It’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human desire. I have a very stable male identity.” He added that pregnancy neither defines him nor makes him feel feminine.

The couple live in Bend, Ore., and Nancy has two adult children.

Nancy told Winfrey the couple’s roles will not change after the baby is born. “He’s going to be the father and I’m going to be the mother,” she said. Their marriage is legal and he is recognized under state law as a man.

The couple runs a small business in Bend and has some savings, Nancy said. In addition, Beatie is working on a book about his childhood, his mother’s suicide and his life growing in Hawaii where, as a girl, he was a teen beauty pageant contestant and earned a martial arts black belt.

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I never thought I’d live to see a transgendered man getting pregnant. I have nothing against their baby, but then again, I am against freaks of nature. Isn’t it dumb? Why bother changing your gender if you decided later to get pregnant? I can take it if the guy is a hermaphrodite and chooses to live his life as a man, but from the article, I believe that he was not, and was naturally born as a girl. And since he mentioned that his daughter was not born via C-section, that would mean he had gone through a vaginal labor? So, that means, that freak doesn’t have any ‘banana’? Eh? How the hell did he have sex with his ‘wife’? With banana( the fruit) or cucumber? Or something else…I truly wonder.

Thank god that same sex marriage- kind of of things haven’t happened yet in Malaysia. Ooops! Sorry, my mistake. It happened before, minus the guy getting pregnant though. And numerous cases on same sex marriage that has been kept hush hush too.

Anyway, though transgender community in Malaysia is not as large in comparison to other country, I think this issue should be addressed nevertheless. I pass by Chow Kit Road and Jalan Raja Laut, KL, not very long ago, and I almost puke seeing male dressing up as female, and whoring on the street. Wow, wonderful Malaysian image, such variety. I wish I can make some conversation with them, as am curious about the way they live, but then again, I better not make any conversation with them. The way they talk and behave is so freaky! More feminine than a real woman!

Some of them had surgery to change their sex, but can clearly be seen that they are not born that way naturally. I was told that though some of them had a surgery to have breast implant so that they are more ‘valuable’ to their clients, but decided to keep their penis. Yuck! Who in the right mind would want to have sex with such creature, I have no idea. Perhaps…people who loves to play asshole like our famed politician? Or is it this is their ingenious idea that they can be a whore and a gigolo at the same time?


In my opinion, cross- dressing, same sex relationship and sex change procedure is not a healthy social issue. The authorities should do something about this so that Malaysia’s image would not be tarnished any further.


  1. KevinP says:

    We consider them freaks.. they consider us freaks…. so ermm.. who are the freaks? That is why its interesting to have civil discourse.. there are always two sides of the coin…

    Whether Najib and Anwar likes to play ppl’s backside or ppl allow them to play their backside… both consensual.. so whats the problem? hehe…

    Serious, man since the beginning of time had always wanted to play God. There is no God’s will in their books.. they aspire to live longer and forever, they aspire to have something what nature prohibited them from having. They go the distance to blaspheme God’s name for their own fame. Maybe, they could be right. There is no God. But then again, no one has come back from the grave to tell us otherwise.

  2. pamina says:

    i am a lesbian and i guess i am a freak of nature too to you. i guess one have to be in our (LGBT’s) shoes to really know what it’s like being the so called freaks of nature. and feel what’s like being called one.

  3. cleffairy says:

    I understand why people turned lesbian…because women understand each other better…well at least women understand each other’s emotional need and treat each other as equal. I can tolerate lesbians and gay… until they decided to change sex or get married that is. It kinda freaks me out, pamina. Imagine removing the breasts or the penis surgically. Now, that’s a little too much for me to handle. OUCH!

    My god sister is a lesbian, but I respect her sexual preference, though I dun approve it. She’s been living with her girlfriend for years now, and seems to be happier than us who are straight. That got me wondering every time I fight with my other half-whether one could be happier with a person with the same sex. But I will never find out, because I’m straight.

    I sincerely apologize if my writing hurt your feelings, Pamina, I did not mean any harm. It’s the transvestite that I am truly disgusted with, not homosexual. There’s a difference there. Whatever your sexual preference is, it’s your rights. I dun really have anything against homosexuals unless they’re doing hanky panky stuff before my very eyes.


  4. pamina says:

    it’s ok la..hehe

    i dont think its abt women being able to understand each other. it’s something more innate like you are straight and can never bat for the same team, and i just have zero attraction when it comes to guys. and no i think guys are great ppl to begin with.

    transgendered ppl are whole different area, because the premise is they feel as if they are borned in the wrong body. i mean who would in their right mind mutilate their own bodies unless they have absolute hatred for it? it’s sad you know. but despite all that, these are people living side by side with us. they have needs like all people does, they work, earn a living, pay the bills, pay the taxes, subjected to stupid politicians antics, they love, they got dumped, they want families.

    as wierd as it comes, first and foremost, they are people.

    and i dont approve immature gestures of love in front of the public either, no thank you.

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