I have a life

Lame title, don’t you think? Well yes…lame…but that is what I told someone when that particular someone happens to email me asking me why I haven’t update my blog for a week, and it’s high time I do it.

Hey, dude! I have a life, okay? And my life doesn’t exactly resolves around blogging and blogging alone.

Geez…can’t believe that someone actually ‘miss’ me. After all…I’m just another insignificant creature who is not good at everything I do. My blog post suck and nobody actually bothered to read what I wrote unless they thought I was publicly gossiping or scrutinizing them and the pictures that I share are always blur and not nice…especially the pictures of my cooking… they looks exactly like something that came out of toilet bowl…so…yeah…I wonder why would anyone in their right mind would miss me for?

I am nobody…not a sweet young thing who is constantly giving you sweet saccharine words that will inspire you to masturbate whenever your Willly does not have have a Pussy to have sex with anyway.

Yeah…bluntly put…I am kinda fed up, and frankly speaking, I feel like I need a break. There’s just so many things is going on in my life right now and I am just not in the mood to share it on my blog just to harvest dumb comments that is not even related to what I wrote anyway. That’s just a waste of MY TIME and YOUR TIME. I think… not updating is a win-win situation for everyone. 😀 I’m all for quality, and not quantity.

So okay… just for the sake of updating. Since some people are so curious on what I do when i’m not blogging… this is what I do: I picked up another hobby to kill time and de-stress and managed to complete this.


Nothing nice, really. Just a stupid DIY, 1,2,3 kinda painting. I bet kindergarten kids and anyone on the street could accomplish this with the right tools and right attitude. You can buy the tools required to paint at the nearest art shop or an art studio near you, but unfortunately, I can’t exactly recommend any shop for you to purchase the right attitude for it. You got to make an effort to find it yourself. Sorry bout that.

I think I can hear people are actually shrieking out of horror to know that actually paint too. Can’t blame them. I’m an abomination where art is concern…poor Leonardo Da Vinci must be tossing and turning in his grave right now too.

The painting is as of yet untitled…but I was thinking, perhaps… ‘Burnt Chicken’ or ‘Ayam Hangit’ or ‘Ayam Hitam’ would do nicely for the title of the painting as it has the ‘burnt’ element in it. What do you think? Perfect, don’t you think? It will definitely suit the painter as well, considering that whatever the painter concocts is usually nastily burnt and inedible in public’s opinion. Those of you who also paint may want more information about online art classes.

Cleffairy: More often than not, people only keep in touch with me when they need something from me or when they are just plain bored and need a jester to amuse themselves with. So…why are you people so surprised when I stop giving a damn and do something more constructive with my time? Some people are just so weird!


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    YOU PAINTED THAT? Golly gee!!! You are VERY talented! Gifted! It’s so very nice. Beautiful… It certainly looks a lot better than your cooking, heaps better. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    Hmmm…imagine a day without a post in my blog. I suppose everybody would jump to the conclusion that I’ve kicked the bucket and joined the heavenly choir…

    • what is the most popular dating site says: attention grabbing headlines dating sites

      Yes… but with help la… there’s this art book that shows you how to draw and how to paint sceneries like this… so I just follow… tak mau kalah la… u know ah, these days, budak tadika oso can draw and paint something like this. Malu la if I cannot. >.<''' U dun believe just go to Annie's blog. Some of her kids paintings are very nice too. I bet it will get better and better soon! Plus, the dumb Screamyx is going bonkers lately... I dun see the point of sitting in front of PC and keep trying to refresh and reconnect. Make me geram only. So might as well take a break and do something else for a while to de-stress.... ppl pulak sibuk sibuk ask me apasal no online? Why no update, update faster. Grrr... mau load the page oso kenot lah! ps: I'd definitely think something happened to you if u dun update one day. I called the kucing up when her blog tarak update. Sked she fall sick liao or wud. >.<'''

  2. claire says:

    wow…someone missed reading your post and you gave him/her back?? next time i also dare not asked u why… hahahahaa… well, if someone is posting up regularly, er….for eg, stp.. then suddenly no news, it is a different story, hor? but if cleff didnt post up anything for days, she must be busy with other stuff, right? cos i know the cleffairy has other more important stuff to attend to rather than blogging like crazy (ME!) lol…
    Anyway.. it is like dat la… good to be missed by someone though.. eh.. who is that who miss u? :p

  3. AngeLBeaR says:

    terasa pula I tau..coz i was looking for you in fb =( huwaaaaaa…..

    anyway, that painting looks nice leh. Me cannot hold a brush. Ask michaelangelo or leornardo da vinci or even picasso also will surrender to teach me.

  4. Christopher Au says:

    Ya lar…take a break from blogging. I also seldom blog lately , only on weekends..hehehe… too busy with work and sports. Only blog when I am free but then, won’t want to leave it as a cobweb.

    • what is the most popular dating site says:

      LOL…yea…saja do it to kill time….summore was bored and need to do something to amuse myself with. 😛 I can paint la… but I always prefer writing more cuz not as messy as painting ma… (malas clean up) so I never considered painting as no.1 hobby or sth I can make a career or money of. (tak boleh tahan the fuss)

  5. Alice Law says:

    O_M_Gut… you are really good, more like a veteran in painting(even with guide and helps), none can present this without talents and gift! Hat off, seriously, u are very good!

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