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Wanna tell someone that you love them but is always tongue-tied and not very good at expressing yourselves? Just head over to ‘I Love Yoo!’. That alone should have conveyed your feelings across. I can give you more ideas on confessing your love, but this is not a a post on dating tips, but rather an article on food. So let’s put all all things romance aside for a little while, shall we?

I Love Yoo! is simply a shop serving You Tiao or also known as Chinese cruller,  porridge, soy milk, and tofu.

You Tiao are lightly salted and fried in pairs with the center attached so that the dough becomes puffy and crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. You tiao is best eaten immediately after it is fried because of its tendency to become tough and chewy if left out for too long. There’s an interesting story behind these crispy fried dough. You tiao is nicknamed you zha gui, or deep fried ghost, which stems from a story told long ago during about a public protest that took place during a rather heavy and serious part of Chinese history. The protest involved a famous and well-respected General, Yue Fei, who was appraised by the people for his loyalty towards the Song Dynasty and his Emperor during his time at war defending the kingdom from outer invasions, particularly the Jin Dynasty.

At that time, the Prime Minister, Qin Kuai, and his wife, Wang, grew jealous of him and formed a secret liaison with the invading northern tribe of the Jin Dynasty to frame Yue Fei under accusations of a crime and get him executed. Public civilians were frustrated by their inability to defend their General; so in reaction, a pancake vendor decidedly sculpted two miniature people out of dough, representing Qin Kuai and Madam Wang. He then began slashing at their figures with his dough cutter. The other vendor brought his deep-fry wok, twisted the two figures together into one piece of dough with their backs to each other, and threw them into the wok full of searing oil. While they were frying, the vendors called out for people to see. As a crowd of passer-byers formed to see the two ugly figures sizzling in the hot oil, they immediately called out, “Fried Kuai!”. Qin Kuai happened to pass this spectacle on his way from the imperial palace and was enraged with disbelief by the mutiny of his edible figure. In the vendors’ defense, two men stepped up and scooped the fried dough out of the oil to eat it. They exclaimed how delicious and crispy it was, which further infuriated Qin Kuai. Soon, their business was so busy that they had to design a simpler version of fried Kuai that was made of two strips of dough twisted together in order to represent Qin Kuai and his wife. The street food sensation quickly spread to other cities of China and eventually given the name, “you tiao.”

Porridge, you tiao, taufufa and soya milk from I Love Yoo! SkyAvenue. This simple meal costs less than RM15. Simply wholesome and comforting on the tummy and even a young child would be able to enjoy this meal immensely.

Dining at I Love Yoo! is pretty much fuss-free with it’s quick service. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a quick comfort on the tummy.

I Love Yoo! is located at Level 4, T2C-02B SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting.

For more info, please hop over to www.rwgenting.com.

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