If the shoe fits


Guess whose? Well, those who knows me personally would definitely know that these does not belong to my daughter, as I don’t have any daughters. They’re actually mine. Yup. You’re reading that right. The Angry Birds slippers is mine. Lovely, aren’t they? When I saw these, I knew that I must have it. I know it looks childish and probably looks better on a kid instead of an adult, but heck, what do I care about what people thinks? I will do as I pleased, especially when it comes to dressing up.

Why in the world should I stick to the status quo when I am comfortable being uniquely myself? A lot of people tend to follow what the rest of their world does…and does that make them happy? Honestly I don’t think one could be happy being a hypocrite!

Neway…back to the slippers. I’m a very petite person and I have small feet. A size 4 and I always have difficulties finding the perfect pair of shoes whenever I shop for one in the adult department, so more often than not, I ended up buying little girls shoes and slippers to wear. πŸ˜€ Ah! The advantage of being petite! I get to wear cute stuff all the time. 8)

Cleffairy: If the shoe fits, buy a pair in every colours.


  1. angeline says:

    Hahaha, angry birds on shoe also…I never seen any yet here. Size 4 is very small Cleff. I bet this pair must be very cute to wear.

    Cleff, thanks for the comment. Can you plse come over again to join the fun? All you need to do is guess the place I posted. Thanks in advance.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha, yes… or a size 38 for children. I usually raid the kid’s department for shoes and pants. I know it sound absurd, but heck I care, they’re nice! LOL!

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