Immanuel’s Veins

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Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker is a story of good versus evil. Sin versus redemption. It is a story of lust and seduction. Of sacrifice. It is a story of dark tale that is created to lead you back into the light.

Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker is about This is a fantasy novel set in the historical time around late 18th century eastern Europe Tells the tale of the hero, Toma Nicolescu and his side kick, Alec Cardei. Both of them were ordered by the Queen to protect the Cantemir family.

This is where the beginning to a very dark story started. The two sisters who are under their charge, Natasha and Lucine, are very beautiful. They are the creature of seduction and lust. Any man who set their eyes upon them will be drown into the pool of unknown.

The protagonists are not excluded from being captivated by the beauties. But the time is not right for all of those emotions…love would be equaled to lusts and terrible seduction.

This is a dark tale. It tells of blood spills and ultimate sacrifices. While this story is for everyone, not everyone is for this story.

I rarely give 5 star to most books that I reviewed, but I give 5 stars to Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker for both the inner and outer beauty of the book.

The book is a hardcover book with a hard story to tell. The pages are made from coarse, thick papers with uneven edges that resembles of those ancient parchments, and the book will definitely transport you back in time without fail.

I would recommend this dangerous read to anyone who is a hardcore fantasy lovers who would like to be thrown into the world of lust, seduction, blood, sacrifices and also redemption. A word of warning: It might be hard to put down.

Thumbs up for Immanuel’s Veins.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers for an advance reading as part of their Booksneeze bloggers program . I was not required to write a positive review and therefore, the book review is 100% my own opinion.


  1. MRC says:

    LOL – another dangerous read – Universally gals are temptress to a guy….

    if it can be make into a movie…..that’ll be nice

    Aiks – You’re in oligopoly competition with SK??

  2. Tracy says:

    I haven’t read a lot of Ted Dekker before and I would have to say that Immanuel’s Veins was the best book that I didn’t like.

    The writing is really quite superb: descriptive language, active plot, interesting characters all worked together. It was just all the lust, blood, and even more blood that just smothered me.

    I wrote a review of this book on my own blog here:


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