Ireland’s Potatoes, Midvalley

I have the best dad in the world. He tends to indulge all my whims and fancy, and nobody can beat him in that. He’s still my no. 1 when it comes to indulging me.

Last month during his visit, he brought me to pig out in Ireland’s Potatoes, Midvalley, KL. And needless to say, I stuffed myself silly with all of those carbs and proteins that my body needs badly.

I saw this interesting Ireland’s proverb… There’s two things that cannot be joked. Marriage and potatoes. I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, but I agree that marriage is not something you can joke about. Saying ‘I do’ is like agreeing to eternal bondage, isn’t it? But then again, I’m kinky, bondage is fun. LMAO.

This is the counter where the Ireland’s Potatoes’ crew takes order from the starving customers. The kiosk is well designed, though I feel that it’s a tad too small. I wouldn’t consider dining in as well. The place is too small to my liking. It was stuffy, and it’s best if you order the food and take away instead.

My dad knows that I’m a sucker for anything cheesy, so he got me this, the Ireland’s Potatoes ‘Special Cheddar Cheese Potato chips’. The potatoes was yummy. It was topped with gooey cheese and it was generously sprinkled with bacon bits. Wouldn’t mind having another go of these anytime.

My dad says their BBQ chicken wings is something to die for, and I couldn’t agree more with him on that.

My dad knows that I missed my mum’s jacket potatoes, so he got me these to sink my teeth on as well. I have nothing against Ireland’s Potatoes Roast Cheese potato skins, but I still think my mum’s jacket potatoes is still the best.

Ireland’s Potatoes have a lot of potatoes varieties for you to choose from…and if I let my dad have it his way, I daresay he’d buy more than just 3 kind of dishes for me. Scary…I think he wanna stuff me til I’m rounder, but unfortunately for him, I have his genes. Hahaha… I can never grow an inch sideway, even if I stuff myself silly.

Anyway, if you suddenly feel like having potatoes and in the mood to ditch your diet, you might consider patronizing Ireland’s Potatoes. Below is the address:

Ireland’s Potato
LG-211, Lower Ground Floor The Gardens,
Mid Valley City, Lingakaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Alice Law says:

    I love potato chips with cheddar cheese, the most decent one I can get is Ruffles Cheddar cheese, but it seems the price has gone sky rocket high now compared to those day I only paid RM6 per packet!

    You are certainly blesses with a thoughtful and ’24-filial father’! have a great weekend!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sigh… these days, everything is expensive… 🙁 I used to have only spend RM200 for groceries for a month. Now, it’s double and almost triple the amount!

      Yea… i have the greatest dad in the world… but I was not a spoiled child, I was taught to earn what I want. I guess my dad mellowed over the years since I’m no longer living with my parents.

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