The Road Less Traveled

I made a lot of blunders in life. I was barely an adult when I decided to settle down and have a family of my own. I gave up a lot of things that many considered something that I should not give up just yet.

A lot of people think that I am wasting my youth by deciding to do what I think is right for me, and I don’t appreciate that. Yes. Do you hear me? I don’t appreciate people’s opinion on my decision to take the road less traveled.

Why can’t some people respect my decision and get off my hair? I definitely did not go and meddle with who or whom they’re having a monthly fling with, after all. And I definitely make a point not to criticize their way of life that I am more than sure that no parents in their right mind would approve of. Why can’t people do the same for me? Hey… at least I’m not doing anything illegal or appear like a trash in public.

Perhaps, every now and then, when I get tired or the things I have to deal with in my life, I would complain a lil bit, but I truthfully, I have no regrets on what I’ve given up for I have gained a lot more by doing so.

There is more to life than partying all night long or wondering foolishly on whether my boyfriend is two timing me or not for the rest of my twenties.There is also more to life than having myself exposed in the public. I’m over that phase.

My priorities is no longer my own, as I have commitment and responsibility to my family, but that does not mean I’m a bore or I’m living my life like a prisoner.

Do I really have to tell the entire world if I’ve been attending posh events or high profile parties? And do I have to be a snob and tell the entire world that I’ve been mingling with so and so who appeared on the idiot box as entertainers? Geez… that’s so lame.

I know some of my ‘friends’ are really shocked to their very core when they meet me at posh events where only the rich and famous were invited and whatnot… but you know something? Empty vessels makes most noise, and I seriously think that avoiding the spotlight suits me better than stepping into it. *roll eyes* I’m a freelance reporter, for God’s sake.  Apart from reporting, script writing… screen writing… they’re also my forte.

Is it so surprising to meet me at premiers or launchings? I think that is quite normal, especially when I’m involved in writing scenes for certain movies or dramas.  🙁 I really don’t appreciate it when people are telling me that I am wasting my life by marrying young when they meet me at all these damn launching and premiers.

I am happy being in the shadows so far. I like being low profile. Why must you force me to be in the light when I know that I am the light myself? Why it bothers you so much that I don’t broadcast to the world that I somehow have a ‘double life’?

Good Lord, I can’t get along well with obnoxious, immature people, whom unfortunately… are usually my age, or a tad younger than me. More often than not, I find myself irritated with their lack of understanding or immature thinking and all I want to do with them is throttle their bloody delicate necks and shake their body til they rattled! Some people are just so shallow and aggravating. I could no longer relate to such people. They truly gets on my nerves!

So what? I took the road less traveled. I got married young, and I’m a young mother. It’s not a big deal for me. Alot of people think that I missed out of lot of fun in life, but how did you know that I don’t have my own fair share of fun? Do I have to declare to the entire world that I am having the best of both worlds? I think not.

I may not be able to party all night long on Saturday nights… I may not be able to attend functions or events that I’ve been invited to without having to consider hooking up a babysitter for my child. I may not be able to entertain any outings without having my husband or my child with me, but do you know that by the time most people my age started to settle down in perhaps…. 10 years from now… I will no longer be changing diapers or complaining about teething and all the horror that comes with marriage and parenting? In ten years time… I won’t be needing any babysitters either and I’ll be free to do whatever I want.

Ah yes… I shall have the last laugh. Not you. And 10 years from now… I’ll probably be out most of the time, traveling, globe trotting and partying cuz my child will already be in his teens and no longer needs his diapers changed. Don’t come whining to me ten years from now, all right? I’ll be over that phase, and I surely don’t appreciate you spoiling my fun.

Cleffairy: You know… there’s actually an advantage to being married. I can have sex anytime I want, anyhow I want, though not quite anywhere I want, and I don’t have to wait desperately for a phone call from my ‘boyfriend’ who have yet to confess to me that he loves me. ROFLOL!


  1. Christopher says:

    Well, everybody lives their live differently. Some even prefers to be low profile but not married. It’s up to every individual on how they want to manage their lives.

  2. eugene says:

    I like it when you said,,,”no regrets” it’s your life, we owe to no one (except our family) if you are married to live the way we chose………………

  3. Yee Ling says:

    We have the same thoughts….no regrets in our life, though we might have miss a lot of things along the journey…still family comes first no matter what, since we have already commited into it.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalorr… I just dun understand why some people just don’t get me. What I did with my life, is my problem, not theirs… I never go and meddle with their life oso… grrr…!

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