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I had dinner date with my dad and my sweetheart last night, and it was a blast because for the first time in a few month, my dad spoilt me rotten with a cuppa ice blended moccha. Now, one thing about Cleffairy is that she’s a tea person, not a coffee kind of person. What happens when she takes anything related to coffee is she goes on hyper mode, and gets restless for the next 12 hours or so.

After having dinner with my father and chat til almost out of voice over moccha, I was extremely hyper that I dragged my sweetheart for a  groceries shopping in Carrefoure, Midvalley. One thing I haven’t done for quite some time now-shopping for food, as food prices has gone up and it turns me off just by seeing the price. But I made an exception that night, cuz dad has generously donated some money for me to pamper myself with. (LOL…since when dad did not ‘donate’ when he sees me, shame on me, 23 and still taking pocket money…ah, heck la, dad’s always been generous anyway, such a shame I don’t take after him.)

While I was busy in the frozen section, choosing some poultry to cook for the rest of the week, I saw something that pissed me off to no end. Child negligence. A few metres away from me was a child around 7 years old tending to her few months old baby sister in a stroller. The stroller was placed in front of the freezer, and as I walked closer to the children, I noticed that the baby has no blanket with her. Me and my other half looked around, searching for her parents, but they are no where in sight.

Suddenly the infant wailed as the sister tried to pacify her by feeding her a bottle of milk. She tried to force the bottle down, and I was aghast as I imagine that the elder sister might hurt the younger sister by pushing it down the thoat. Obviously, she doesn’t know how to properly feed the baby, and so, I went to her and try to make a conversation with her.

“Adik, mak mana?” I asked.

“Mak pegi toilet…” was her meek reply as her little sister continue to cry. The younger sister is probably hungry and cold. Well, of course she’s cold, she was left in front of the freezer with an elder one who probably too scared to pick her up and hug her to give her warmth!

“Ayah mana, dik?” came my hubby’s question.

“Ayah kat rumah.”

“Baby tengah nangis tu, biar kakak ni dukung kejap, bagi susu, baby lapar tu” said my dear in broken Malay language.

“Kak dukung baby, ok? Bagi minum dulu.” I said as I pick up the baby and gently pry the baby’s lips open with the bottle’s nipple and allow her to drink from it slowly.

After awhile, the baby finished drinking and burped contently after I gave her a few pat on the back. I put her back into the stroller, and move it to a place that is less cold. And move away as my hubby and I continue to choose our stuff as well as secretly keeping an eye on the child. He told me that if the mother did not return in 5 more minutes, we should hand the pair over to the security guard to avoid unwanted problems. And so we wait awhile more and the mother finally appear, oblivious to the fact that a stranger has just fed and burped her baby and the stroller was no longer in the same place that she left moments ago. I had expected her to take over the stroller, but she didn’t, and she walks ahead of the sisters as she practically command her elder daughter to keep up with her as she busied herself shopping for more food.

I was pissed at her negligence towards her child. If my hubby and I had bad intentions and wanted to take the kids away, I think it would be effortless. The elder sister seems to know nothing about talking to strangers and seems to easily obey what strangers said. I dare to say that she will follow us if we were to persuade her to go with us, and we don’t even have a lolli to lure her to begin with.

Now, in most western country, parents put a leash on their child in the form of cute bags or jumpsuits, and the leash only allows them to walk around 3 metres away from the parents. Enough to give them abit freedom to walk around and still be safe. Should we not take a cue and learn from them and take some precautions before unwanted things happens to our children?

Cleffairy: Parents, please do not neglect your child or leave your little ones to tend to themselves. Have you people forgotten the inhumane Nurin’s case? And not to mention Sharlinie’s case, she’s still missing til this very day. And god knows how many more cases of missing children out there.


  1. KevinP says: christian guy dating a wiccan

    Should have given the mother a piece of your mind.

    But all said, if anything were to happen…. “its all fated” Seen so many of these things happen… where I stay, the kids come down to the pool without adult supervision… worse, they do not know how to swim and their parents actually count on the adults present to babysit their kids for them.

  2. cleffairy says:

    LOL, Kevin and Chit, I really would like to give the unworthy mother a piece of my mind, but, frankly speaking, my spoken Bahasa is not very good. I doubt she’ll understand what i say, and from the look of it, i doubt she’ll understand what I said in English either. Plus, I dun think she’ll appreciate that a stranger who is not the same race as her just fed and burped her baby. From the way she dressed, it seems that she’s a bit conventional. If i tried telling her off, I might be getting a good scolding instead. i din want to get the elder daughter into trouble for letting a stranger hold her baby sister either. I don’t dare imagine what the mother will do to her if she were to find out. Sometimes, we just have to look after things quietly.

    As my other half said, these kind of people will only come to regret their action when things finally happened. And when that happens… you know what they’ll do… they’ll cry and wail over national TV and it’ll be too late.

    LOL… what I get from Carrefour? Just food la… groceries, those normal stuff to cook and to munch on. Actually i had wanted to drag my dad along and take whatever i want without having to worry about the $$. But, my dad knows me well, he went back to the hotel he’s staying, and chase me back home early. 🙁 My dad’s a smart man. He knows his spoilt rotten daughter too well. Hahaha. Too bad my mom din come along for this business trip…i really missed the food she pack up for me every time they come to KL. LMAO.


  3. cleffairy says:

    My BM good? It’s thickened with utara slang…. 🙁

    instead of saying “Apa khabar?”
    I usually go ” Oihh, hang apa habaq?”
    or “Nak ke mana”, I tend to say ” Nak pi mana?”


  4. chit says:

    lagi authentic, lagi asli!!! i think i will b even more proud of it man! u should not shy away from it at all. like everyone says nowadays, we hv to b true to ourselves (so cliche) ….hehehehe.

    btw, i always love listening these thick loghat utara…and also loghat kelate! hang orang penung???? lol

  5. cleffairy says:

    Haha, yea, I’m a Penangite…LOL… actually, tinking back horr… I tink I chickened out la, she’s triple my size 🙁 wait i get boxed for free…

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