JeanC Collagen + Astaxanthin Malaysia –  30 Days Challenge

So, I was challenged be more beautiful and healthier in 30 days and this JeanC Collagen is going to help me do that. I was supposed start the challenge last week, but I put it off til today as I was suffering from some serious rashes and itchiness due to all the chlorine I was exposed to during my swimming class last week and I was on medication. Yes. My skin is a bit sensitive, and I didn’t want the collagen to interfere with my treatment, you know, just in case it clashes with the meds or something…so yea, now that I’ve recovered…I’ll be taking this and see if this college drink can help me improve my well-being, inside out.

At RM89 for 30 sachets, JeanC 30 Days Hydrolyzed Collagen Drink provides the best value for collagen. It is also a gluten-free product that is certified Halal with GMP & Mesti.

Each serving contains:
3000mg Marine Collagen Peptides
100mg Vitamin C
10mg AstaReal Astaxanthin

I’m currently suffering from dark eye circles, sunburns, dry and flaky skin and pigmentations and oh, I keep getting hair loss too, which is realy disheartening and not doing any good to my self confidence…. let’s see if this collagen drink will help.

I can’t really recommend this collagen to any of you with convictions yet, as I just started the challenge today on 15 Nov 2019 and have yet to see any effects, but if you are curious or if want to purchase the collagen to try, hop over to


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