Jukebox Chat or Sexbox Chat?

I hardly tune in to tv late at night. But I was too full because I ate too much during dinner with my aunt, and decided to watch the idiot box for a while. And so in to a local channel, 8tv, and there it is, the late night Jukebox Chat. If some of you are wondering what kind of show this is, 8tv Jukebox Chat is actually the only show which the viewers can chat with one another or even send in greetings or dedications to loved ones via sms under the watchful eyes of a moderator on duty. There’s two slot for this chat show, if I’m not mistaken. One is during the afternoon, while the other is during midnight. Both usually have the same type of chatters.

I’m not a fan of this kind of ‘show’. This kind of thing usually can send me off snoozing almost immediately, but something caught my attention, and send me laughing. What, you ask me? Why, it’s their nickname and their chat conversation. Their conversation was laced with sexual desire and need disguised in so many ways, not just normal chat. I decided to watch awhile more, and caught more funny conversation and nicknames. Quite provocative, I must say.

This is part of what I can recalled. Please pardon the language.

pApA_bujanG : eh, bosannye malam ni ade tak mama mama atau janda janda yang nak berkenalan. kita main henjut henjut. teringin nak main henjut henjut. Woi papa, gerenti layan.

then there’s this

janDa geRsanG: ade tak duda duda yang tengah sunyi yang sudi berkenalan dan melayani saya melepaskan kesunyian?

MaMa SunYi: malam nih bosan giler, sapa nak berkenalan dengan mama sunyi, please WOI.

b0Y poW3r : gerenti puas bila berkenalan dengan i, please private. topup disediakan. WOI dengan no phone sekali.

I’m not sure if it’s my head that’s dirty and playing trick on me, but if you read those conversation properly, I’d say this is definitely not a chatroom for kids to participate. Seeing from their conversation, I can assume that they are Malays, and so much about Malays boasting about their ‘decent’ behavior. There’s so many out there shamelessly send suggestive text message to national tv for the viewers to see. Good grief, if it’s sex and not friendship they are looking for, why not just logon into some sex chatroom and chat anonymously? That would be safer and not so easily traceable. Besides, 50 cent per text message is not that cheap, actually. And so much for claiming the chat show is strictly for friendship and greetings and is being heavily moderated. I wonder if the moderator is dozing off somewhere while the chatters chat in a rather suggestive way.

Cleffairy: It’s not a wonder that kids nowadays get kinky easily. There’s so many medium for them to ‘explore’ the wild world or adults. Be it magazines, books, Internet or TV.


  1. warrior2 says: work speed dating questions

    Clef, they are just being very enterprising, using all mediums as some dont chat and some dont wacht the idiot box. They are basically FISHING in whichever sea or lakes that they can find!

  2. Son Goku says:

    hahahaha! im also one of the guys who look for adventures on chat TV, but of course, with the opposite sex. funny thing is, it is also happening back at your end. i love your blogs, clef. =)

  3. Calvin says:

    maxis & celcom must be making tonnes of money from this. 50cts per msg? wow!!! invitation for sexual pleasure not banned/censored by 8tv. try putting in some issues on bn or pkr…..straight away the station close….hehehe

  4. pamina says:

    everybody’s doing it regardless of skin colour, else chua soi lek wouldnt be caught with his dick hanging in the air. it’s a matter of being discreet or not.

  5. cleffairy says:

    Uncle warrior, fishing, fishing… this kind of fishing is not for fish, LOL…i never actually pay attention to this kind of thing because I was too lazy to read people’s conversation. never did I expect the tv marketing gone way too well that it allows fishing for mermaid and merman…. nevermind that, they’re definitely making a lot of profit out of this chat show alone. πŸ˜›

    Kevin…’fun is the word all right. And honestly, I kinda enjoyed watching people having ‘fun’ like that. it gives me some amusement in my already lame and boring life. Hahaha.

    Son Goku, you look for this kind of ‘adventure’ on tv chatroom too? now that’s something I did not expect from you. LOL. back in your end? Actually where do you live? I’m assuming that you’re not actually from Malaysia. thank you for your compliment though.

    Calvin, now consider quite cheap liao. When they just start this kind of show, it cost a bomb of rm0.70! Imagine that! I tried sending one message a few years ago, advertising some… err, website and products( cuz i was dumb enough to think that i can broadcast cheap ad), but sadly, they moderated it and it did not show on tv. So I never watch the show ever since. back then, it was not as interesting as these days. it was strictly moderated then. Actually, this issue has been brought up in the parliament a good while ago, but it was deemed unimportant, so they kinda dropped the subject.

    Pamina, yeah, you’re right. Everybody is doing this regardless of colour. Even the chinese was doing this sort of thing, but I believe they do it mostly during the Chinese jukebox slot. i’m not saying that just Malays are doing it, but it irks me that they are not being discreet about all these sexual invitations… Chua Soi Lek is another thing…stupid feller who is dumb enough to go to the same hotel and have his sexual escapade over and over again. it’s not a wonder people put up some CCTV to catch his porn0 antics. Don’t we love fat jiggly men? So soft, so cuddly! (Okay, I admit, i got watch his video lah!) LMAO:-P

  6. Son Goku says:

    hi cleffairy! hey, im just a regular dude who’s naturally a bit horny and likes to fool around sometimes. hehehehe! about my location? well, personally i dun want to reveal my location lar. because im a fan of “you know who” and i dun want her to discover my location. hehehehe! its funny because she dun know me and nobody knows me there and also, im just a nobody. i like to maintain being the mysterious dude. hehehehe!

    keep us entertain clef, pls, pls, pls… =)

  7. cleffairy says:

    From your IP… I think you’re from Philiphine. But i’m not so sure about that πŸ˜›

    I’m telling you, fool around is fool around, but you really ought to be careful when you chat with those people you don’t know over such chatrooms. Women can be dangerous too. Gold diggers, scammers, you name it. It’s best to keep your distance from the chatters and keep it just at that, and not bring it to your real life.

    Most of us here, I mean, my regular commenter and visitors are mostly married, including Garfield, and most of the people here already have kids, and everyday, we only ‘dare to dream’ of being like you. If we ever do stuff like you, we’ll probably end up having some disagreement with our other half. LOL. Hmm, if i’m not mistaken, Rose is single, and she’s the only one here yet to join the ‘not single and not available club’.

  8. cleffairy says:

    LOL…hi Sinatra… long time din see you here. How are you? Been busy? Hahaha…bottom line is, actually everyone is horny. πŸ˜›

  9. roses says:

    Malays. i dont mind them doing their own act. but the thing is they still have the nerves to spit on other races especially on the Chinese for being revealing, open-minded and stuff.and they assume ALL chinese are that way.

    when i was in KL campus studying, i seen Malay gals dress up with tudung, cover up and all but at night, 720degree (360 degree x 2) changes.skimpiest outfit u could possibly imagine, hanging out in clubs, holding and kissing.raba-ing

    my comments are not racist. by all means, i grew up with malays. and the malays that i know with does not certainly behave in such indecent way.

  10. ktx says:

    lol, these “chatrooms’ which scrolls it self r really nonsense, at least to me, less that guy/gal hosting it. i will not even wanna host this kinda show man if he was me, spoil my reputation only….lol. dont tell me that judebox chat was yr olympic session breather….lol. too much equestrian and gymnastics isit??? lol.

  11. Son Goku says:

    hahahaha! well i have bumped into some scammers too, but i always outsmarted them (even though im far from being smart) because i always think of possibilities. hahahaha!

    here in my country, they are some gangs who lures men or women into s_x. when they woke up, all their valuables are gone. they use sleeping pills for their victims.

  12. roses says:

    i am a chinese.
    malays are not all like that i believe.
    but trust me the young malays here in KL are ewwwish…
    my work mates, school mates back in Brunei were all cool people

  13. cleffairy says:

    Rose, people like that, there’s one word to describe them…it’s ‘hypocrite’. i concur with what you said about Malays. I do not mind them doing what they wanted to do too, but the thing is, they condemn others for behaving the same way as them. *roll eyes*

    Sometimes, their indecency is far more worst than the non-Malays. So much for wrapping their head up and pretending pious. I’m not saying all are like that, because some are genuinely good. It’s just some of them are being pretentious. it pissed me to no end. Raba-ing around? Rose, you know, they don’t stop just at foreplays, they go ahead and have sex too. The abortion rate among Malays are a lot higher than the non Malays…bah, so much for being decent. These kind of people are shaming the rest of Malays who truly behave well! Such sickos! but yes, not all Malays are like that. Just some of them are the rotten eggs in a basket. Young KL males, most are tak guna…and the species that I hate most is those that rempit-ing around with the scrap they dare to call a motorbike!

    See my older post, you’ll know what I mean about the abortion matter. Pissed me off to no end. πŸ™


    James….James Bond whahahaha, my favourite boy is here. My beloved didi! Wah, so good boy ar, today come visit jie’s blog? Login msn ar, jie so sien. Long time never chat with you on msn. Seng, you play what game ar now? Jie go d/l oso, these days very very sien leh. Yerr, nvm, when jie free, sms and disturb you πŸ˜›

    Ktx, actually, it was the case of durianlympic spirit came to haunt me. I get durian for free because my hubby’s grandma owned a durian orchard. I couldn’t sleep because I ate too much, so turn on tv and watch those rubbish. I know, it’s pathetic πŸ™

    Goku, I daresay that people cheating other for sex is everywhere, not just in your country and mine, but other countries too. Just be careful…even though you outsmart them once, doesn’t mean there are no other that will try to outsmart you. πŸ˜›

  14. ktx says:

    man, tell me about it! i had durian every week and sometimes when it is stocked up…i get to eat it everyday…shikes. i still hv like a container full in the fridge, so i tink i will slurp on it after dinner every day for the next say….2 days….big and fast eater mah.

    ps. my bro’s colleague’s father in law got a stroke because of too much durian…must drink lotsa water to dilute it so to bring down the ‘durian juice”, yeah? hehehe.! u take it easy!

  15. ktx says:

    btw, u should juz join in the fun…..*akak boring, tak dapat tidur, akak nak cari kemeriahan dengan adik2 mat rock/rempit yg hensem. a/s/l akak, 25/f/kl dan akak changgih macam durian*

    lol lol.

  16. cleffairy says:

    ktx…actually, I cannot eat durian, because every time I eat it, my body temperature will go damn high and I get fever easily. So my parents usually won’t let me anywhere near durians when i was growing up. I only need to eat a few piece, then it’s more than enough to make me feel uncomfortable. But then again, temptation is too much for me to resist(now I’m no longer living with my parents). Summore, it’s free. Hmm, still have a tub of durians in my freezer. I’ll get my hubby to accompany me eat tonight. Wah, you bro’s colleague father in law get stroke because of eating durian? Gosh, I hope he’s fine now. Getting a stroke because of durian is really not worth it. πŸ™

    Join in the fun? No way, 50 cent per sms so expensive. Besides, I’ll get into trouble if my other half check my phone. LMAO.

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