This is NOT A PAID REVIEW. This is something I voluntary write on the behalf of KAFT-1 so that the consumers out there is aware of this brand, and I’m not compensated in any ways for introducing KAFT-1.

What is KAFT-1? I’m not sure if any of you have heard about this skin care brand before, but I’m certainly not aware of it until about a week ago when I was having my usual cuppa while having a chit chat with my friend about skin care and non surgical face sculpting products for youth who are in their 20s.

You see, as of late, I’ve been rather vain and quite concern about my appearance, as I lead a very hectic life and full of stress, and that alone contribute to accelerated aging, and if I’m not careful, I could look like I’m in my 30s instead of in my mid 20s.

Hearing my concern, my friend introduced KAFT-1 to me. According to her, their skin care products is very good and much more cost effective than signing up for facial programmes in those well famed beauty salons and spas.

I was told that the products is effective enough that we could see the difference on our complexion even at the first usage, and so, I decided to look them up, as I’ve never heard about KAFT-1 before and never even stumbled upon this product in any form of advertisement before.

Apparently, KAFT-1 is a new brand, and they have yet to make their grand appearance in the beauty industry, and they’re still in their infant stage to introduce themselves to the world, and therefore, I am more than glad to help them create their brand awareness to the public who are health and beauty conscious.

While most would hide their beauty secrets, be it nip and tuck or even the skincare regime that they use, I wouldn’t do that. Sharing is caring, you see. I wouldn’t hide good things from all of you out there. It is an honour for me to share good things with you folks 😀

Anyway, back to KAFT-1. KAFT-1 is a new skincare brand in Malaysia and had developed a new generation, new concept and innovative skin care of good quality and effectiveness towards anti-ageing for Asian skin, and with this special formulation, KAFT-1 is the pioneer and the leader on this skin care concept.

They are currently concentrating on these 2 products:

Kaft-1 Anti-Ageing Youthful Effect White O2 is a product that contains special formula that nourish  and moisturize the skin to help the skin to stay moistened and soft to fight against the sign of ageing and early ageing.

The second one is the product that caught my attention. Kaft-1 Perfect V-Shaper. Perfect V-Shaper is an easy home care treatment mask which gives the user a well sculptured, smooth and clear face line when used repeatedly and steadily. In my opinion, this product is somewhat a better alternative to those surgical face lift and face sculpturing procedures. Safer, and much more cost effective as well.

Anyway, bottomline is, I was very interested in KAFT-1 product, and therefore I’ve contacted KAFT-1 for further infos on their products.

Is their product good and effective? Well, til next time, folks. Stay tune for more on KAFT-1.

Cleffairy: A healthy and beautiful skin begins with proper care at home.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes, it’s a new formula, but it’s not yet in the market in the leading pharmacies. However, you can buy it from their website. 😀 Check it out. 😀

    • Cleffairy says:

      Mine uneven skintone. Haihh… need to start to take care of my skin liao… else… sure gone case oso… the worst part is, when stand under the sun, will itch. 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      If wanna compare wif other products, I think this one is quite affordable. Anyway, once I get my hands on the sample, will blog about it and the effect. LOL…I haven’t try, so can’t say nething yet. Must try first.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Become a very vain little girl liao now, Claire, so go hunt some beauty products to find out if they’re good and worth to buy. LOL… you aging? Mana ada? Still look like in 30s. LOL…

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