Tips for beautiful eyes

This article is brought to you by USAEyes.  According to, more and more people are getting lasik correction as a reult of disregarding eye care. Here are some tips on how to care for your eyes.

Eyes, is the windows to your soul and can be the most beautiful accessory you could ever wear. They convey all of your feelings to others without speaking and they are translucent enough to convey your joy or sorrow.Taking right hygienic and routine care can preserve beauty of the eyes.

Your eyes tend to get overtired by working on computer, watching TV, reading books or just by looking far. Here are some tips for beautiful, sparkling eyes:

1.  Eat foods rich in Vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc that are essential for health of eyes. Include lots of spinach, melons, eggs, carrots, papaya, and mangoes in your daily diet.

2. Taking adequate rest like sleeping and closing eyes is also very necessary for eyes.

3. To avoid puffiness in eyes, drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. It helps to detoxify the body.

4. Exercising for eyes should be another unavoidable routine to increase the performance of eyes. It will increase the blood circulation and intake of oxygen.

5. Never rub your eyes, whatever the reason, just blink them. Blinking is a good exercise and gives massage to eyes. Rubbing can scratch your eyes and can irritate the lens or eyeball.

6.  If you want to clean your eyes, do not reach to chemical based cleansers. Just take milk on the cotton ball for cleaning eyes, as milk is a natural cleanser.

7. You can put few drops of chilled and pure rose water in eyes regularly with the help of a dropper. Lifting the eyelids gives an exercise to eyes.

6.  To soothe and relax your eyes after a hectic day, you can put chilled slices of cucumber and potato on your eyes for 10 minutes. This beautiful eye tip helps greatly for preventing eyebags and wrinkles.

7. To make the eyebrows and eyelashes thick and attractive, apply a mixture of olive oil with glycerin daily.

8. Exposure to direct sunrays can damage your eye. To avoid direct exposure to sunrays, put sunglasses whenever you go out in bright sunlight.

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