Kembara #dekatje: River Tubing at Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre

I have a confession to make. I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love doing exhilarating things that makes my heart beat wildly and I would always jump at the opportunity of doing extreme sports. I discovered with pleasure that Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre is a place that offers such things.

One of the exhilarating, adrenaline pumping thing that we did during our stay at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre was river tubing. Tubing is a recreational activity where an individual rides on top of an inner tube, either on water, snow, or through the air. One could easily mistake that it’s a relaxing thing, but it’s definitely not. It was far from a cruise along the river. It was actually a bumpy ride. I don’t really have much pictures of our tubing activity as it was really a rough ride and I could barely hold the camera throughout the bumps but managed to capture some of the moments with my waterproof, shockproof Nikon Coolpix S33. Here’s sharing the moments with you. Yes. My son tagged along too, and I’m so proud of him.

 photo DSCN7770_zpspe67amsu.jpg

First, we were given a tube, a helmet and a lifejackets to wear. And then, our instructor guided us upstream where the river flows from top to bottom.

 photo DSCN7775_zpsjoh8x8sr.jpg

Helmets and lifejackets is absolutely necessary to avoid any unwanted injuries and incidents as the river flows really fast and it was really deep too. There are chances of you being thrown off from the tube, even when you hold onto it tightly.

 photo DSCN7776_zps0bhjf12o.jpg

See what I mean? Take a close look on this picture. Focus on the guy who is wearing yellow shirt. He is our tourism officer from Tourism Malaysia Selangor, Fendi.

 photo DSCN7777_zpsg04brded.jpg

This is not the first time he went tubing and yet he still get thrown off from his tube.

 photo DSCN7778_zps3amhjxq1.jpg

It may look easy, but it’s pretty tough.

 photo DSCN7784_zpskdpspkzl.jpg

But all is good. There are rope lines for you to cling to if the ride is too fast for you.

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Many opt to cling to the rope.

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Blogger friend Hanny Abdullah, enjoying her ride.

If you are wondering whether it is safe or not, don’t worry. There are marshalls stationed at each points, and they keep a really good eye on you. You’re definitely in good hands.

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If my son who is just 10 years old can do it, you got no excuse not to do it. It’s all about attitude and taking challenges with a pinch of salt.

 photo DSCN7806_zpssakaugoj.jpg

Blogger friend Hanny Abdullah giving us her victory pose. See the chalet behind? That’s where my family stays for the weekend. Nice, isn’t it? Our chalet was just by the riverside.

Let’s hear what my co-host of Kembara #dekatje travelogue Kos Serani have to say. Video edit by my husband Garfield and son AlienGoTravel.

 photo DSCN7794_zpsz99xdq18.jpg

The aftermath.

 photo DSCN7829_zpsthhldp0q.jpg

We managed to go for two rounds of river tubing but it was getting dark, so instead of going for the third, we called it a day and just frolick in the river instead.

 photo DSCN7832_zps1swe8or7.jpg

Testing the ropes

 photo DSCN7834_zpswqztrqdf.jpg

Getting some natural hydro theraphy

 photo 20151025_154717_zpsbrjwjfe2.jpg

And what’s Tourism Malaysia Selangor trip without having picnic in the river?

 photo 20151025_154706_zps2jg4ihpa.jpg

We did it in Eco Murai Rimba at Batang Kali, and we did it again at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre. It’s our trademark. A must do thing when we ventured to any rivers in Malaysia.

 photo DSCN7825_zpslqopoveg.jpg

One for the album. A killer modeling pose for #selfiewefieTMSel before we dragged our shrivelled self to the hut where our host has graciously prepared teatime snacks for us.

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Tel : 03-6049 1969
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  1. Sebrinah Yeo says:

    So cool! I love nature but I have more fear that I’ll need to overcome with it… The insects, leeches, fear of being swept away by the rough waters… And many more… Piranhas! (I hate that movie)… But you sure did have an amazing time! So jealous! I wish I was as brave as u

  2. Mike Yip says:

    Nice to see more eco activities coming out, At the same time is also sad as more and more people venture into the jungles, more grounds will be destroyed because 90% of the time, human brings along destruction into the jungle with them.

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