Kiddy Villa, Love and Friendship

A good blogger friend of mine, Cheeyee or better known as Littlemermy is running an online store for children’s apparel. I’ve known her for more than a year now, and she’s been my pillar of strength last year when my house was burn down in the fire. She was the first one to know about what had happened to me back then, and I thank her for all the comfort and moral support she gave me when I was in distress. Frankly speaking, I would have been pulled into a serious bout of depression again if it wasn’t for her.

Cheeyee is running an online store for kid’s apparel. All these while, I’ve always go goo goo ga ga over the clothes in her online store, Kiddy Villa, and found myself wishing that I have a daughter so that I can dress her up in those fancy, cute clothes for little girls. (Actually, I wish I can wear them myself. LOL…)

I was pleasantly surprised that today, my door goes DING DONG, and a package was delivered to my doorstep.

For a moment, I was wondering what it was, then a grin was plastered to my face asI suddenly remembered that Cheeyee had told me that she’s sending me something today. Well… being an absent minded person, I had somehow forgotten that she told me about it yesterday.

I unwrapped the packaging from Pos Malaysia, and I grinned from ear to ear to see a CNY shirt for Alien. It was from her online store, Kiddy Villa.

Nice, isn’t it? It’s a Ralph Lauren short sleeve shirt. White and dark blue in colour. The fabric of the shirt is so soft and children will definitely feel comfy in this. No worries about having the child who wears this feeling heaty and uncomfy. Made from high quality cotton and could absorb sweat easily. Good for active children.

Cheeyee also sent me a love note ….

This one is a gem. It made me smile for hours, and definitely brightens my day. LOL…Cheeyee knows me well, and so does her little girl Lynn. The Ralph Lauren shirt was chosen by her cute little girl, Lynn. She got taste, and I bet she knows that Alien and I both loves dark coloured clothes. Ahahaha… very suitable for Alien to wear, especially for CNY. *grinz* the duo know me very well indeed. Lynn must have chosen this cuz she knows what a sour grape I am during festive season. Dark colours is the in thing for me during festive season. It reflects my mood very well. LMAO. 😛

Anyway, check out her online store. 😀 She’s having a CNY sale. 😀 Click the banner to be re-direct to her online store.

Perhaps you busy mummies and daddies out there would want to do some last minute shopping for your little ones. What you need to do is just browse the products, select the one that interest you, place your order and make payment after receiving confirmation email from them. Best part is they will deliver to your doorstep. Which means, there will be no hassle of being trapped in the traffic congestion or in the crowded mall. You can save the time to spend more quality time with your children at home.

Cleffairy: Thank you so much for your pressie and a big hug for the comforting note. 😀


  1. suituapui says:

    Sulk! Sulk! Some people have all the luck in the world. I never get anything!…Ah yes! I got a CNY card from Merryn! Thanks, Merryn! Muuuuaaaaccckkkssss!!!! LOL!!!

  2. fatty oldman says:

    i no luck as fatty oldman no girl wan n no kids so cant buy ler…thats a guy shirt n u wear guy shirt? :O

    cikgu wan me send whole 40 feet container chocolate baru he enuf wan… 😛

    • Cleffairy says:

      That’s children’s shirt la, kawan… =.= for kids to wear wan. Not for me.

      Waaaa… but Cikgu dun like to each chocolate wan leh… u give him roast chicken or drumstick, I tink he more happy.

  3. fatty oldman says:

    i say cikgu not u… i like dark colours oso… 😉

    btw that similar design on lacoste i nearly buy as a present for my godbro in red colour n when i show to him he say its look like a table cloth…lol

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… ohhh… Cikgu kah… I tot say me. LOL… actually I love dark colours wan… wun so easy dirty, and wun be out of style. LOL… very nice leh.

      Ahahaha… got such design looks like table cloth ah? =.=

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