Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals

Title: Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Imprint: Barbour Books

Pub Date: September 2010

ISBN: 9781602609518

My husband may not be a believer, but I am.  How can I not? He was there for me all the way, even when I thought He wasn’t. When I feel abandoned, afraid and when I lost hope, He never failed to be there for me. He’s my God. He’s my faithful protector. I resent the fact that I was too blind to see it back then, but I am glad He showed me the light and led me back to Him. he is… my one and true love.

While my in laws are idol worshipers, I can safely say I am not, and while I want to give my boy freedom to choose his own religion when he grows up, I’d teach him as much as I can about what I believe in. ( I believe that religion is a very spiritual thing. You cannot force others to believe what they don’t, and therefore, religion is something between you and Him).

I believe that it’s never to early to introduce children to the Holy Book, and the way to do it is to introduce them to biblical characters in a very fun and illustrative way.

I highly recommend Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals if you want to show your children the animals whose stories were told inside the Bible.

This guide is very informative, and I’d give it a 5 star.

Book description:

This fully-illustrated book for 8-12-year-olds describes every animal, bird, and insect in scripture–100 in all, from antelopes to worms!


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