Kids these days…

If I were to grow up in this era, I would definitely freak out. True, kids these days are spoiled and pampered with various gadgets and whatnot, but in my humble opinion, kids these days have less time to enjoy their lives in comparison to the times when I was growing up. I feel that kids these days are not really given a chance to be creative and make mistakes.

When I was growing, I was not expected to over-achieve. I was only expected to do well in school and get reasonably good result and not be at the bottom of the class.My parents don’t expect me to be a straight A student back then, but they do expect me to not create trouble in school and they also expect me to be reasonably obedient.

But kids these days must are different. They must be a straight A student and their time is occupied going for extra classes or enrichment classes. If they don’t get good results, parents will chide them instead of telling them that it’s all right and getting bad results is not exactly the end of the world and they should work harder to improvise themselves next time.

I wonder…since parents always make their children achieve more and put more values to their children’s academical achievements than anything else and refuse to allow any mistakes, how do these ‘over-achieving’ children learn how to deal with failures?


Cleffairy: If you never know how it’s like to fall down, how do you exactly learn how it’s like to hurt yourself and make effort to get back up?


  1. Cheeyee says: hook up then date

    I’m the one more emphasis of having right behavior and attitude than be the smartest in the class. I cant stand it if the child is not behaving. I don’t care if my kid can recite A to Z at age of 2 but I want him to have the right attitude and manners.

  2. claire says:

    Last time I was like “dunggu” one… all I knew then was to play masak masak, play house and family, play 7 stones, one legged chase… etc.. my parents never expect high marks from me or my siblings.. as long as we passed, 50 marks above also very satisfying already.. hahaha..

    • says:

      I oso la…last time my parents dun send me to those classes and stuff oso…they only do it during my exam years. PMR and SPM year send me to math tuition. The rest belajar sendiri and I also very kampung wan… live by the beach and everyday oso go and play there in the evening. Go fishing, swimming and play football with boys oso. Kids these days… hardly see them play in the playground and stuff in the evening. They spend most of their time in music classes lah, art classes lah, tuition classes for every subject lah… horrifying. I dun think I want that for my son, even if I can afford it.

  3. suituapui says:

    Babies are born tabula rasa… How they turn out eventually depends on what the parents do OR do not do – so when they turn out bad or spoilt or useless, it is ALL the parents’ fault. No need to look for a scapegoat. Know how to break, know how to clean up the mess…no need to try and push the blame to others.

    Just came from a blog – kid got 1st in class, photos of him with all the prizes and what not – but the main thing I noticed – the kid did not look happy. In fact, he looked so miserable. The only one happy and excited probably was the mother…and the boy’s only in kindy!!! What is wrong with parents these days? Can’t they see what they are doing? The poor kids and their deprived childhood… The emotional scars may bring tragic consequences. Sad, real sad…parents today!

    • says:

      Kena paksa do so many things when the kid is supposed to be fooling around and having fun, of course muka is like terpaksa-rela la. Kids are kids…all they want is just to have fun. Get no1 in class got what meaning to them? I dunno la, but mebbe some parents managed to brainwash their kids that it’s a good thing and stuff.

      Parents these days are very kiasu…kesian the kids. I’m a parent too, but i dun force my boy to achieve…because he is a special need child and i dun expect much from him. He’s at the bottom of the class oso i tak kisah as long as he behave. My anak behaving and dun kasi problem to other ppl, I’m thankful enuff oredi.

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