Latte@8 ep.3, Sunway Pyramid

Pardon the awkward timing of this article. Actually, I thought of writing about this when I came back from watching Latte@8 live in Sunway Pyramid, but I’ve been contemplating to do so because I found that there’s nothing much I can write about it. I’m not sure how many of you out there watched Latte@8 show hosted by Jason Lo every 11pm, Friday on 8tv, but I used to watch it a few years ago when Latte@8 was still not banned by Malaysian censorship board for the nasty jokes that the host made about almost everything that went wrong in Malaysia as well as the ‘provocative’ issues that he brought up.

After years of being banned( I was told it’s banned), Media Prima finally manage to get it unbanned somehow, and the show made it’s appearance on the idiot box once again about three weeks ago, with the same host, and same location, which is Starbucks in Sunway Pyramid. And so, being an avid viewer of this particular talk show, I made an effort to watch it on the bloody idiot box over a cup of tea every Friday night to laugh at some lame jokes cooked up by the host or endure the vanity that’s obviously displayed by some of the guest.

Last Friday, my other half who was a fan of this talk show, dragged me to Sunway Pyramid to watch the show live despite of my constant threatening that if he bring me there to watch it live, he won’t be able to live long enough see the next sunrise. (LOL….that’s what you get when you disrupt my well needed sleep). Despite of my refusal, I followed him reluctantly. And so , to cut long story short, we arrived just in time to see the show. I had thought that I would jump for joy if I were to watch it live a few years ago, but boy, I was wrong. It’s not as interesting as watching it on tv.

Overall, I can’t say that Latte@8 was as good as what it used to be before the show was halted as a result of the ban. Though I found that the show is still funny with the jokes and all, I found that the host have more restrain on the issues that he brought up. And he has gone way much kinder on his constructive criticism towards his guests. I’m not sure why, but it must be he was told to keep the show as mild as possible in order to avoid ban being imposed on the show again.

I found 3rd episode of Latte@8 was practically boring and not really worth to watch. Not because of the host, but the guests. The first guest was the second Malaysian astronaut, Capt Dr Faiz bin Khaleed. He’s a serious man and as I watched the interview, I found that he’s also quite shy and modest. I find that interview quite acceptable and quite informative as he tried to give the viewers a picture of his not so common career.

The second guest was Kenny Sia, a self proclaim no.1 blogger in Malaysia. (Eh, I thought Raja Petra was no.1 in Malaysia and way more famous than Kenny Sia? Even the government tried to get rid of him!) As I sit and watch the second interview, I struggled to stay awake. I’m not sure what sin I did in my past life that I’m forced to endure a ‘famous’ blogger who wears a fluorescent sissy pink shirt who is practically famous for his online sex scandal boasts and brag about how good he in in blogging industry with no shame at all. Even Jason Lo, the host made a sarcastic remark on how ‘modest’ he was.

Seriously, it’s not just the jiggly bits that the so called no.1 blogger in Malaysia need to shed away. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I think I’d be more interested in the interview if the blogger in question was one of my regular visitor here. (yea, that’s you all la…those inside my blogroll. LOL)

Anyway, as Jason Lo tried to dig Kenny Sia’s ‘dirty little secrets’ on how his girlfriend ‘cope’ with his ‘blogging activities with other famous female bloggers’, I found myself yawning and standing up to get a dose of those expensive caffeine that’s sold in Starbucks. (fuck it la, go all the way to Sunway Pyramid just to drink expensive coffee…waste petrol la!) When i returned from buying a glass of ice blended mocha, I found my other half chuckling at me, and we get engage in a conversation similar to this:

Him: Honey, why buy this? Later get migraine den you know arr! You where can take caffeine wan?

Me: I’m already having migraine with all those bragging that Kenny Sia is doing. So, what the heck la… Why can’t they jut invite the goddamn Raja Petra or Jeff Ooi or Mahathir? They’re also blogger what? Famous oso!

Him: Maybe they’re afraid government kacau?

Me: Maybe…sweetheart, why you think so many female bloggers like him? So many sex scandal about him leh! So chubby, not handsome, short summore, talk so many lame jokes, not modest….sien nia! Not handsome never mind, but abit cocky lah! I saw a few HAWT and sexy girls swarming around him before his turn to be interviewed! He’s really not my type, I don’t understand why a lot of girls like him so much.

Him: Maybe because he’s famous and they want to ‘tumpang glamour’?

Me: Dunno la, maybe.

Him: Or maybe chubby, short and ‘soft’ guys who loves to wear pink is a symbol of masculinity these days. More ‘soft and fat’ more special? Girls these days are bored of tall and handsome guys who are ‘hard and stiff’?

Me: Walao, sweetheart, don’t talk dirty leh, later people here heard den how? Aiya, you sit here la, I lazy listen liao. I go snap a few picture.

And so, I went to snap some pictures. These are the pictures that I took last Friday. Bad quality due to the lighting as well as crowd factor.

Jason Lo interviewing Capt Dr Faiz bin Khaleed.

Jason Lo trying to dig out juicy details about Kenny Sia’s personal life. But get other answer instead.

Then there’s the crew who are responsible making the show successful. Watching them work is far more interesting than watching self-proclaim celebrity. The TV3/8tv crew was probably the only thing that stop me from dragging my other half to leave before the show end.( Actually we left before the show end. Cuz we both agreed that this particular episode was not as interesting as others).

Rina, a crew member of Latte@8, hard at work in ensuring that the show goes on smoothly. Originally, I thought she’s the producer of Latte@8, but later, she told me that the producer is actually hiding in the TV3 van by the site, commanding and giving orders to the crews by the control panel in the van.

The cameraman and the deejay for the show. (Omg, what’s with the cringing on the cameraman’s face?)

Free iced tea and coffee, sponsored by Starbucks Sunway Pyramid. I didn’t get to drink these free stuff. The cooler was already empty. LOL.

Free sandwiches provided by Starbucks Sunway Pyramid. And yea, yea, I took some to my table and eat em. I will never resist free food. After all, I did missed my dinner!

And last but not least, the only person that really caught my attention that day…a blogger who is also a regular commenter and visitor in my blog, u-jean. She happens to be there during the show too. A person that I really wanted to go up and talk to but did not do so for fear of getting the wrong person.

U-jean and her friend. She’s so immersed in whatever she’s doing with her Acer laptop.(issit Acer? I’m not so sure, let’s ask u-jean). u-jean was so immersed that she did not even notice that I was standing right in front of her and snap her picture with FLASH on. I really wonder if she even watch the Latte@8 show. It seems that whatever that is she’s doing is way more interesting than the show. LOL.

The only thing that I learn that day during my trip to Latte@8 show was that it’s not just the celebrity that makes the show successful, but it’s actually the people BEHIND the show. The crew who work their butt off to make sure the show was aired smoothly without interruption. My respect goes to everyone who are behind the scene who did a great job trying to make the show as interesting as possible on the idiot box. To me, watching a TV crew at work is far more interesting than ogling at the host or the ‘celebrity’. Real people, real things, never failed to amuse me.

Cleffairy:I wonder which blogger I’ll bump to on the street next? Ho ho ho ho…since I never put up my picture anywhere on the net, no one knows how I really look like. *wink* I might be standing in front of you guys and yet you guys dunno that it’s me. LOL.


  1. peteformation says:

    Ha Ha, I got ur pics there lorr. ……..just joking la! Next time I will snap all the pictures of thin ladies I can find at the event and try to guess which one is Cleff…… LOL.
    For the tv crew, it is not easy being in the entertainment business, long hours and lots of preparation. But it is an interesting career.

  2. cleffairy says:

    LOL, Pete…dun do that la, later your wife smack you. Haha… it’s true…being in entertainment business is not that easy or fun as it’s made to look like. behind all those nice shows, there are people who shed tears, sweat and blood. Without them, there’ll be no no Tv shows. Kudos to the people who worked behind the scene. They should be given credit for their work.

  3. Garfield says:

    When Jason Lo asked Kenny Sia, “How many hits you have?” he answered “No much, about 20k hits”. The way he answered is damn stuck up. And when Jason Lo asked “Are you the number 1 blogger in Malaysia?” and surprisingly, he go and answer “Yeah”.

    if he is number 1, then who is Raja Petra and Tun Dr. Mahathir?
    Raja Petra got daily hits of 1.5 million, Tun Dr. Mahathir got 6 million hits a day. How could a 20k hits blogger can claim himself as number 1 in Malaysia while he is just writing things that are not useful and have far lower hits than other blogger in Malaysia?

    As I can see, Jason Lo doesn’t seems like like Kenny Sia at all due to he say “Oh, you are very modest” right after Kenny Sia said that himself is number 1 in Malaysia.

  4. ktx says:

    lol. really? they featured kennysia. hate to snowball a discussion about him, but yeah, u hv practically listed out most things i wanna say about him. what so great abt him actually? lol.

    u r right, a single program involves a tedious amount of tasks and work. i was in one program b4 and it was really good to hv an insight to it….hehe. dont wanna tell u which one…unless u reveal yrself…so..i can take pictures of u like how u did to u-jean…kakaka. deal?

  5. KevinP says:

    aiya… maybe I go next time to latte@8 too… before that.. clef, when are you going next? LOL… I shall take a pic of her and spalsh it al over the blogosphere…. heehehe.. :evil grin:

  6. cleffairy says:

    Garfield, that feller is very cocky la, and yet young ladies over there goes goo goo ga ga all over him. Oh, man! What the hell is wrong with all these girls nowadays? So many want to ‘tumpang glamour’. I was more interested in the free sandwich than the interview itself…hahaha…but the sandwich abit sux…the lettuce not fresh, too much pepper and the crossaint&bread was soggy. But heck, free food… LOL…better than nothing. I gobbled it down anyway…I WAS HUNGRY!

    Thank you for reminding me of his answers. I was struggling to stay awake when I was there in Sunway Pyramid. You know…people who are really no.1 will not boast, because they are well aware that even without telling people that they are no.1, people will be aware of the fact. Modesty is the keyword…the more modest and low profile you are, the more people will respect you. I don’t really want to go and watch the show live, but never mind la, at least I get to see how the crew worked their butt off! And get to see u-jean in person too. I bet she have more interesting things to share with the world in comparison to Kenny Sia.

    Ktx…yea, really. No kidding, they featured Kenny Sia in that talk show. Personally, I think that episode is a complete waste of time(and petrol). i wouldn’t want to strike up a discussion about him too, but then again, i also want to know what’s so great about him. Hmmm… let me guess… Lonely Planet? 3R? Cooking show? Aiya, kenot reveal myself wan lah…I’m scared of stalkers…or some strangers watching me from somewhere. OMG, I’m so paranoid!

  7. cleffairy says:

    Eh? I missed Kevin’s comment. LOL…I think you no more chance liao. I’m not planning to go again…(unless I was dragged to to go again =.=!). Well, MAYBE I’ll go if there’s interesting guest…like…Pete, maybe? Hahaha…(that’s my stomach thinking. Imagine, if Pete go there, he’ll probably be cooking…hence, there will be free food.)

    Tell you a secret la, Kevin…you google ‘Cleffairy’, den you can get a lot of ‘my’ picture liao…I’m pink in colour, and have the ability to lull people to sleep, and I can fit inside a pokeball. Actually I’m very famous wan… ‘my’ pic all over the net! I think your kids also know me. AHAHAHAH!

  8. cleffairy says:

    *curled and sleep inside a pokeball*

    Hmm…actually, only one person in here knows how I actually looks like and how am I like in RL, my lil bro. LOL…James. Wanna know what is hiding behind Cleff’s persona… you have to ask him. But I already know what is his answer. He’ll probably go “My jie is a game freak! Jie is a nooobiieee!”

  9. SweetStrawberry says:

    hahas. jie, u forget about me lehh.i oso kno u in real life. u so bad, we come all the way from sg last year to find u leh, u say oni seng kno u. actually ah jie very cute and pretty wan. hair long long and big eyes.den she oso tok tok tok tok non stop.must be jiefu don let her put pic on inet wan.jiefu jealous de. but jie nid eat more, body size like school girl. wind blow she fly liao. remember huh, ah jie…eat more.ask jiefu feed u more abit.

    jie, login maple more lah, we all miss u so much! when u login, sms me hao ma?we go ply tgt like last time. muack, jie. love u!

  10. M16pilot says:

    Clef, i’ve been a silent reader all this while, but today, i wanna comment about that asshole kenny sia. you’re rite about his sex scandal.he hv scandal wif a lot of female blogger. fuck them den go. famous case, Ringo. he almost lost his gf becoz of his fucking around.i can tell u what he’s gd at…he’s good at fucking.

  11. Calvin says:

    i’m baccckkkkkk!!!!!!! you went all the wat there just for free sandwich? why you so cham. come over to kuantan, i’ll treat you with all the food that you cant possibly imagine. and what’s with this kenny sia guy. do girls really go nuts over a guy that’s famous over the net. i mean, does he earn millions just by blogging or does he have another job. to me, he looked like a sissy, as a matter of fact, i think he’s gay…..ive been to his blog before and it wasnt really interesting. your blog is way much better……..hidup cleffairy……..HIDUP!!! HIDUP!!! HIDUP!!! *burp*

  12. cleffairy says:

    M16Pilot. Thank you for reading my blog all this while. I’m not sure if he’s good in bed as you claim him to be…but*chuckles* yeah, I’ve heard about his sexual rendezvous spread all over the net. The most interesting one have to be the IceQueenGoddess vs Samantha Poh vs kenny Sia 😀

    Calvin…yoz, brother…apasal MIA so long? I’m really really deprived from your posts. All these while I’ve been thinking about your backyard nursery rhyme. How is your wife? Her appendix ok oredi ar? Poor thing, she had to go through the knife on the operation table. T_T Nice of you to offer to belanja me. I also dunno when I can go down to Kuantan. Work is being very very bitchy. Papers are practically piling on my table. Hmm… Kenny Sia. Quite a lot of female bloggers do go nuts over him. Alot of scandal ooh! I also have no idea why, cuz I see him also, nothing special. And like you too, I checked out his blog too. Full of lame jokes that I couldn’t laugh at and advertorials. I think he must have a day job la. He mentioned something about being an IT guy or something during the Interview.

    He looks like a sissy? Yalorr…really look abit sissy, but not gay lah. Words has it he got many sexual encounters with female bloggers who want to ‘tumpang glamour’. Search on youtube, I think there’s a few vids on him going vocation everywhere wif some girls who are not his gf. So ‘mesra’ summore. No wonder his girl go bonkers. I really cannot tahan guys who wear PINK. PINK, for god sake. It’s not he’s promoting breast cancer awareness or something…OMG, PINK! LOL…Calvin, you’re flattering me.*blush* i don’t think my blog is anything much. I just write for fun and for the sake of ‘bitching’ on things that goes wrong in Malaysia. Your blog is very interesting too wud. A blog that I check out daily, like Kevin, Pete, u-jean, and the rest of those people in my blogroll. All also more interesting than Kenny’s. And Calvin, I admire your love towards your wife to. You’re a real man! As for Kenny, I dunno what I can admire oso. Since you’re back…I hope you’ll spend some time to post an article…I miss your articles.

    By the way… when i went to to the show, I keep wishing that it’s you, Kevin, Pete, Rose, u-jean and Pete is the ones who are being featured. Sure got more to say and more interesting than kenny. I’m sure of tht. LOL. Sure the show rocks wan!


  13. ktx says:

    hey ah jie….lol!!!!! lol!!!

    ah jie ah, ah jie, not trying to segregate on ethnic chinese at all…r u canto? u must be….due to those accurate canto slang which yr relatives/siblings dish out. lol.

    do enlighten us ah jie. lol.

  14. cleffairy says:

    Ktx…actually… I am a banana…raised fully in English education regalia. Hahaha…my other half is canto though….which explain why I can swear in canto pretty well. Hmm… you wouldn’t want to hear it. I learn a lot from my hubby. Dirty words are easy to catch. By the way…when you wanna update your blog? Long time no new updates leh. Miss reading article from you. I check it every day you kno.

    Si mei! You so sneaky ahhh! Jie missed your comment! You let jie leech,den jie will play more. Muahahaha. Lai lai, let jie leecccchhhh! 😛

  15. ktx says:

    ah jie tipu la ……… u where got check everyday…..penipu besar. lol. ah jie how come today so free…no issues to cover? or yr porn watching colleague is out of yr face? lol.

  16. Calvin says:

    alamak…you dont like guys wearing pink ar. but my wifey loves pink so i have to love pink as well. ive got 3 pink shirts, but not like kenny’s lar. mine got collar and mostly i wear when i golf and bowl. takut people cannot see me mah….hehehe.

    must love my wife mar….till death do us part. even though cacat must love even more. my policy….i dunno about other guys. cheers

  17. Son Goku says:

    im back! i was curious to know why girls are crazy about kenny sia so i searched the net for his pic. indeed, he looks short and soft.. i dont know who is attractive between us men but im a bit worried because and im a bodybuilder.. better buy a starbucks coffee before i puke realizing that my body is hard and stiff that girls never like. hahahaha!

  18. cleffairy says:

    Ktx… where got tipu… my blog got snapshot ma… can see whether u got update or not everyday. So sometimes never click to go there. LOL…ya, today a bit free from work. Do work so fast also no point, cuz when I finish faster, other people really not happy that i have ‘ntg better to do’ den they will ask help from me with their work. Lazy lah! Aiya, that bitch where got so easy to get rid of la. 🙁

    Kevin, you got that right. I am a banana! LOL…good to know that my own species is lurking here too.

    Calvin… I find pink a bit too feminine, even I don’t wear pink often. Some pinks are actually okay on men, quite cool, actually, but fluorescent pink is too much lorrr. Since you wear for your wife…den I salute you. At least you’re making her happy. Some men simply wear pink just to show that they are ‘metrosexual’. When they wear because of that reason, that is annoying lorr. LOL

    Goku, those shameless girls intended to share his fame, that’s probably the most logical explanation on why they swarmed around him. He IS short in real life. Cocky too. Actually, for me, a man is most attractive when he used his brains instead of his sexual appeal or $$ when he mingle with people. A man who have respect for others and not constantly throw sarcastic insult is attractive to me. People’s appearance duzzin really matter. They only matter when they are… err…cocky and behave like an asshole.

  19. u-jean says:

    awww… thanks! my first time being “featured” in someone’s blog… feel so bangga that someone find me more worth the attention than kennny sia and angkasawan 2. *grins from ear to ear*

    Were you there when latte started? the part jason lo was making jokes about anwar’s comeback and the five film about that . that one i thought was funny.

  20. cleffairy says:

    LOL… u-jean, I was practically whispering my hubby the other day during the entire show, trying to determine whether or not it’s you or not sitting over there over the laptop instead of watching the show itself.

    Where was I when the latte just started? If I’m not mistaken I was at the refreshment corner…taking some sandwich to the table. That was the time I realized that you’re over there, so during the interview between J.Lo and Kenny, I went to curi your pic and the crew’s. Hahaha. 😛

  21. roses says:

    i haven’t been here long and there are so many comments to read…
    i saw my name up there. talkshow?!?! kenot la, the crowd will not be as promising as those of Kenny’s

    is kenny that bastard?!?! i haven’t heard of him sleeping around. blame my ignorance. thanks for the enlightening of the scandal.
    and he definitely was up in the cloud. him being modest???my chicken-ass…
    cannot even sense the sarcastic-ness…*bitch slap Kenny*

    why do i suddenly develop so much hatred over him?!? hmm..

  22. roses says:

    now, i am worried when i’m in KL….suddenly Cleff saw me and took snaps of me before i could even figure out….
    on the other hand, the next time, anybody shows some suspicious acts, i will say “u are definitely Cleff, right right??” then, when u are in that situation, must admit it .. >___<

  23. cleffairy says:

    Rose, if you’re in the talkshow, I bet it’ll be more interesting than when they featured Kenny…imagine…you tok about the life as a drug dealer…WOW…suer get my attention wan.

    Hmm, Kenny Sia a lot of scandal wan…you haven’t heard, horr? His gf even launched a ‘blog war’ with the girl that Kenny was rumoured to be sleeping with. She post all of the dirty little secrets over there…so HOT punya news. Den the girl, in defense, says that Kenny is in luv with her and bla bla blas. Rose, I know why we don’t like him…because we know that they are better male bloggers out there who writes better stuff, and down to earth. I can name a few. Like FuFu… I think he’s better wayyyyy better than Kenny. Well… at least I think he’s very modest and gentleman. Kenny Sia is very cocky man…cannot tahan. 😀

    Haha, nonid to be afraid wan la…wun so easy to meet wan la, cuz I hardly lepak around. These days, works are piling on my table, dun even have time to eat. 🙁

    Anyway, I’m quite evasive. Haha…hard to spot me in the crowd… 😛

  24. Garfield says:

    people who dun like kenny sia seems like a lot,
    this means i am not alone.

    and i also found that his fans who chat in his blog’s chat box are actually all buayas, coz i have go and annoy them and also found that they have no respect for women, same like kenny sia.

    if u guys do watch this episode of latte@8, you will know that he did mention about he conducted a modeling contest in his blog, and when Jason Lo asked, got guys candidates? then kenny answered, of course all girls, why would i do the contest for guys to involve?”

    so, conclusion, he do not respect women and i hate that…

  25. cleffairy says:

    Garfield, I HATE men who lacks devotion and fidelity…and BUAYA. That includes KS and all his fellow fuckers. They can just go to hell and I won’t even care. Even better, let’s just send them back in time to Qing dynasty or something so that the palace can happily castrate em and let em serve as eunuch. That will ought to teach them not to screw around so much. And since you don’t like Kenny Sia…here’s some gossip for you to please yourself with.

    Look up on Kenny Sia, IceQueenGoddess, and Pink Pau.

    About his chatbox, most of the people there are lack of brain to even begin with, have no respect towards other people, duzzin even care if the world is nuked as long as they can screw with some hussy day and night…

    So yeah… his chat box is actually officially hamsap lou’s den… what do you expect from a hamsap lou’s den if not fuckers? Birds of a feather, flocks together…

  26. ahfu says:

    wow, its my pleasure to leave a comment to my supporter here…
    wish i had more time for my blog… i real have many to share with you guys, but it doesnt allow me to do so… anyway i will adjust and get a balance later, i need to reconsider my career and life again, bet not long later i will be there actively blogging and gain my own fame to overtake kenny…ohh, i am too sleepy… zzZZZZ

  27. cleffairy says:

    LOL, AhFu, take it easy over there. Work can be very challenging. Well, at least for me, it’s a challenge not to shout and rave like a madwoman in office out of dissatisfaction. Dun worry about overtaking Kenny Sia. To me, you’re already a lot better than him in a lot of ways. That guy can’t even gain my respect even if he try. But you earned my respect without even trying. LOL. Sleepy? Go and get a shuteye. LOL. 😛

  28. Rina O says:

    Hey dude thanks for acknowledging the crew 🙂 but I would like to correct you on the fact that while I AM on the crew, I’m not the producer la… hehe Sitting in the van by the set, directing and handling his crew in and outside from the control panels is a formidable force answering to the name of ALET.
    But much appreciated. Glad our kecoh-ness amused you!

  29. cleffairy says:

    *takes deep breath* OMGOMG…. Rina was here, Rina was here! OMG! LOL. Hi Rina…*waves*. I am so honoured and happy that you read this post and even leave a comment 😀

    I apologize for the mistake I made, and I’m going to amend it later. I honestly thought you are the producer, because I watched you bossing around while the show is going on, and try to make things goes smoothly. *chuckes* So the producer sat in the TV3 van… I did not know about that, thank you for telling me.

    Salute to all of the crew who made the show possible. You guys not only amuse me…but I respect for all of the hard work that you did to make the show possible.

    ps: Rina, I absolutely adore the way you host Quicky. And Trippin too. Trippin definitely give me good insight on how to travel lonely planet way. And your hosting in Kan Cheong Kitchen with Phat Phabes…it’s definitely hillarious and really made my Friday more lively.
    Cheers, take care and good luck in everything you do, Rina.

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