Launching of Video Brochure at Khadijah’s Kitchen

I used to be such a recluse and only stay home, day in, day out and only spend time with my boys. Every single things was centered on them. But I come to realize that it doesn’t do me any good that I don’t go out much and socialize with the rest of the world. It makes me feel jaded and unhappy. And as the boys see me always there, naturally, appreciation does not come easy. And feeling unappreciated makes me an unhappy person. And an unhappy person makes a rotten wife and a grumpy mother.

I realized how important it is for me to be a happy individual in order to be a happy wife and mother. And so, I started to go out, make friends, socialize, and drag my boys with me to have fun during food reviews and events…and to be honest, I feel much, much better than being cooped up at home.

Neway, it was Saturday again, and instead of staying home, we joined the good folks from Blooggersdotcom for the first Bloggersdotcom gathering cum product launching. It’s a pretty cool event where we get to mingle with new faces and oh… get to taste good food, of course.

 photo IMG_3787_zpsacdc6ea8.jpg

Recognize her? She’s Dato’ Khadijah, one of Malaysia’s renown Malay artist, who also happens to be the owner of Khadijah’s Kitchen, Setapak.

 photo IMG_3784_zps7bdb54ba.jpg

The assorted Malay cakes in her restaurant is a must try. They are all authentic and yummylicious. 😀 My son loves these so much that he nearly cleared all that’s on our table.

 photo IMG_3746_zpsed05f828.jpg

The Laksa Utara is to die for. I’m always picky when it comes to Laksa, but these are absolutely divine.

 photo IMG_3747_zps21998630.jpg

On hubby’s plate; prawn fritters and fried noodles. I did not try the fried noodles, so no comment on that. You got to go to my husband’s blog to find out how it tastes like, but the prawn fritters are adeptly fried and perfectly paired with their special homemade chilli sauce. A lovely dish that I will recommend should you want to have hi-tea here in Khadijah’s Kitchen.

 photo IMG_3695_zps7fa18c76.jpg

Yummylicious cake from one of the sponsors, Cheez&Choc. 😀 Kiddo loves these.

 photo IMG_3762_zpsa13be222.jpg

One of the pic during the launching of Video Brochure. Video Brochures is a new way of advertising, full motion video content in any print media. Ideal for direct mail, magazine inserts, educational and training manuals, corporate reports, retail marketing and promotional branding campaigns. You see, technology has had a huge impact on the way businesses can promote their products, the latest innovation is the video brochure. Using a targeted marketing message along with a high quality video, Businesses can now showcase their products in a whole new way with fraction of the price. I won’t talk much about that. Let the video below speaks for itself.

You can find out all about them online here at  or via their facebook here:

 photo IMG_3781_zps6c56dfc9.jpg

Fun games during the event. I didn’t not participate. was too busy stuffing my face with good food and cakes.

 photo puji_zpsc82db803.jpg

But it was my lucky day. My blogger friend Nizam won a shawl by Puji and gave em to me as pressie. The shawl is really lovely, I must say. Great for Muslimah fashion or a mere accessory to complement your outfit.

 photo IMG_3794_zpse49bae7c.jpg

Cake cutting ceremony between Blooggersdotcom and representative from Video Brochure. The cake from Coklatmanis2u was really nice. I shamelessly had a few helpings of it.

 photo IMG_3776_zps9afd9bf7.jpg

One for the album 😀 It was indeed lovely to be able to have fun and meet new people. And meet plenty of generous sponsors who sponsored goodies for the event that day. A refreshing and well-spent weekend, I must say.


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