Looking back…

To me, there’s nothing much to shout about this year’s independence day. The excitement is just like decorating Christmas tree…when it’s over, the decorations would have to be taken down, and the excitement will die.

Being negative, aren’t I? Well… I’m sad. Very sad.

To most, Merdeka is just trending topic… on Twitter, on Facebooks, on blogs…on mainstream media. You shout about being independent… how happy, how lucky you are and all sort of things, but what did you do AFTER 31st August? You still go around, spitting and hurling thinly veiled scarcasm on each other’s skin colour, race and religious beliefs.

Now, don’t look at me like that… as if I say the wrong thing. Just browse around in Malaysian blogsphere, and you’d find many people complaining about how nasty people’s temper gets and how awful drivers get when Ramadan starts.When I see that, I can’t help but feel extremely disgusted.

And not just that… just look at the racism issues that’s going on.

How can I feel that we are liberated from the clutches of the conquerers when even the educators are not instilling good values and encouraging racial harmony among the students? How can I feel that we are born in the same country when discriminations is everywhere, including the teachers?

As much as the Prime Minister would have us believe that everyone are one, WE ARE NOT ONE. We are a lot… we are many, we are plural… and we are different. We could never be one, because ‘we’ are plural. We can only complement each other, and be united, but can never be one, not when we cannot respect each other and accept the fact that we are all unique and different in our own ways.

Until then… we are not truly free. We are not truly ‘Merdeka’ in the sense that we are colonized by our own shrewed minds and discrimination. We are prisoners of our own mind. A true patriot does not just tweet around, facebook-ing around, blogging around on that topic just because everyone else does it on that day… but a true patriot would always accept one another’s cultural, and religious belief, and revel on it every day of their life, regardless of special occasion.

Cleffairy: We are plural, we are varieties, we are different, we are imperfect…but we can be united, if only we can accept that we are not just one, but love ourselves for it. Happy 53rd Merdeka, Malaysians.


  1. CHVoon says:

    What can we do? you tell me? I am fainted up with those news. It is really double standard depend on who make mistake.

    Again, What can we do? It is easy for those people speak something heard good but they never do it as what they spoken.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Perhaps, we are doing things the wrong way. instead of voicing out asking others to change, we ought to change ourselves first? I used to vents a lot… complained a lot…but my voices are unheard of, and therefore, I felt that the best thing i could do is to change myself first…that is the first step to make a difference in this difficult country, isn’t it?

  2. ericleeh says:

    This Merdeka celebration is not like the previous years…Don’t really feel much Merdeka spirit like how twitter and facebook had been spreading like crazy..After watching the recordings of Teoh Beng Hock court case with Pornthip testifying, Racist Siti Inshah, racist MP in Kedah, racist people on facebook….Malaysia is kinda like on the verge of collapsing right now. Merdeka celebration my ass if this country can’t even keep it’s ppl together…1Malaysia and unity is just too over-rated to me with no real efforts being done. Even Perkasa is showing signs that they are hardcore racists. Accepting each of us are different is another thing. People are now trying to show they are different from one another. Which is why unity is getting far away from sight. It is predicted that Malaysia will approach bankrupcy by the time we reach year 2020…Time for people to settle their differences before anything bad happens..hmmm

    • Cleffairy says:

      Twitter and facebook? Those are just a trend… for fun, for people who had nothing to do that root their ass at the chair and do nothing but post stupid things so that they could feel that they are significant.

      Deep down…we’re going back to sqare 1. Tunku Abdul Rahman would be wishing he was dead if he’s already wasn’t dead if he sees how things are today. 🙁

  3. suituapui says:

    What has the Yasmin Ahmad’s “Funeral” video got to do with the post? You should see the other one by her in the “Family” series…but be prepared to cry a river!

    Merdeka? This one by her says a lot:
    How people in the past were colour blind…how there was so much mutual love shared, despite colour and creed…and I think the fact that one of the friends had died and the two left were crippled is symbolic – representing the Malaysian society of today…and I like the way she portrayed the young generation of today in the video clip.

    Yes, whatever it is, it should all start with us ourselves – we are the ones who can make a difference. Keep the peace and spread the love…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Tarak related… I saja syok post…initially i wanted to put up the sunat wan… but den… this one really caught my eyes… u see… the Mrs. Lee was not a Chinese… *sobs* and yet they could build a family and live so happily til his life ended… *sobs* she accepted that her husband was different and lived in harmony… made me think ah… if she can do that… accepted the difference and his weaknesses, why can’t we all do the same with people around us in this country? *sobs* I go cry summore!

  4. suituapui says:

    P.S. You can see the other video in the “Family” series on youtube or in my blog – I’ve posted the link to that particular post in my reply to your comment.

  5. MRC says:

    I had expressed my view in my reply comment to you in my blog- Ermmm it’s gonna be a long winding road before that truly happen – united, free of discrimination etc

  6. TZ says:

    For me, it’s just a plain holiday which i get a chance to relax, recharge, rejuvenate etc… What 1Malaysia or patriotic to our country… All of these just some marketing strategy so CAN BE IGNORE :p

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