Beyond Hospitality: Palace of the Golden Horses Afternoon Tea Party

I know this is a bit overdue, but hey, better late than never. It’s never too late to document sweet memories that I had, no?

I was invited by the Palace of the Golden Horses to experience their afternoon tea party a couple of weeks ago.

It was not a blogger event. It’s just a party that they decided to host to celebrate 5,000 likes on their Facebook FanPage, but I was really surprised to see that there are lotsa bloggers over there during the tea party. 😀 There’s plenty of familiar faces and plenty of Facebook friends who attended the tea party. Truly an unforgettable experience, I must say.

This was my first tea party. I had lotsa fun. I participated in a mini games and  despite I did not win the grand lucky draw prize where I can experience staying 2 Days 1 Night in the Palace of The Golden Horses, I did won myself a Japanese fine dining for two, which I intend to use for my birthday in September.

I bet it’s gonna be a great experience, I have no doubt on that. 😀

This is by far the most enjoyable party I have ever attended. Lotsa fun, lotsa delectable pastries, and plenty of unexpected dramas. The guests were welcomed personally upon arrival and I have to say that the host was really friendly.

The host even took the trouble to go to each guests’ table to personally welcome us. I can’t imagine how he managed to greet more than 200 guests, but he did just that.

The Palace of The Golden Horses team made sure nobody felt left out or lonely during the party; the emcee of the day even played Ballad Por Adeline on the piano for me when he saw me sitting alone with my son while the rest participated during the Amazing Horses Race. He must have thought those who did not join the game will be bored or something, hence he took the initiative to entertain us. I have to say, the Palace of The Golden Horses team were really attentive and friendly.

And I have to compliment the chefs too. They have done such a wonderful job in giving us a taste of their lovely masterpieces from the kitchen. I still can’t forget the gastronomical experience that I had in the Palace of The Golden Horses during the afternoon tea party.

Plenty of Eat Mes fruit tarts that will make Alice of Alice in Wonderland grow green with envy…

French butter cookies sandwiched with strawberry slices and cream that practically melts in your mouth

Plenty of mini cakes for cake lovers

And more cakes…

These cakes will definitely ruin your diet regime if you’re not careful enough…

Scones, is of course another must have during the tea party. Perfect with jam and clotted cream…

And who could resist these delectable, melt in your mouth, not in your hands macarons? I certainly couldn’t, even though I’m not really into sweet and sugary stuff.

There was of course, plenty of yummy pastries to savour

And what’s an afternoon tea party without sandwiches…

I had a few go at these…and I daresay that nobody could blame me for that. They’re yummylicious.

There’s plenty of canapes like hot dogs in BBQ sauce

And chicken meatball for those who are somewhat carnivorous.

Their cheesy baked potatoes is somewhat addictive as well.

To experience the afternoon tea party hosted by the Palace of The Golden Horses is truly an amazing experience for me. The Palace of The Golden Horses team did a magnificent job in ensuring that everyone felt welcomed and enjoyed their short afternoon there.

I enjoyed myself very much, and I felt pretty much like a part of the Palace of the Golden Horses’ family instead of just a guest over there. Bravo, Palace of The Golden Horses Team. You guys deserved more than just a 5 star for your excellent service.

Cleffairy: The security team in the Palace of The Golden Horses deserves a special mention too, for going beyond hospitality in order to ensure the security and the safety of the guests throughout the entire afternoon (There was a party pooper incident created by two of the lady guests. Plenty of catfight and plenty of water splashing at each other during the fight that nearly victimized me and those who were nearby; an unexpected drama that  I rather not elaborate as it will ruin this happy post-will tell you folks about it next time.) *takes a bow* I SALUTE the security team in the Palace of The Golden Horses. I will definitely not hesitate to vote the Palace of The Golden Horses for The World Luxury Hotel Awards.



  1. littlelamb says:

    yes, Palace of the Golden Horses is considered well established and high customer service is tops..and security too…

    Oh….i m drooling over the high tea selection.

  2. claire says:

    Cleff!! What a yummylicious tea party! “Dessert maniacs like me will enjoy this type of tea party to the fullest!! *slurp*
    Congrats to you for winning the lucky draw…..

  3. Rane says:

    Great post! Too bad the time I arrived no more pretty pastry so no pictures of that. Oh you are a September babe too? Hi 5! Are you a Libran or Virgo?

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