It’s rude to point your finger!

Had a wonderful food review session earlier at Frontera Sol of Mexico earlier with my hubby and son (will blog about it once I sort the pics out), but can’t help but spot an extremely rude gentlemen who pointed his finger at MY table and asked the host if the ones who were sitting there are bloggers.

I think he thought we’re not invited or something and is there for free treats. In which, I can assure you that we were not there for free treats. My husband and I were both invited separately, and each invited bloggers were allowed to bring a guest with them. I don’t see why it’s wrong to bring my son along too since I’ve informed the host beforehand that my son will be tagging along with me during the foodie session. (Note: I don’t go to events that is single invite. Or events that my husband does not have his own invitation too)

At the end of the day, I really wonder why he didn’t come straight up and ask directly since he thought we’re not invited and questioned the host about it instead? No balls for it? Is it so strange that both husband and wife are bloggers for separate blogs and have own invitation each for certain events? Never seen such thing before?

Obviously this person have not been mixing with bloggers whose genre are parenting before. I’ve seen plenty of family and mummy bloggers bringing along their children or spouses to the events that they’re invited to, and all usually made a point to ask the host if it’s a single invite or if they are allowed to bring their children or not. And I’ve seen plenty of couples who are both bloggers as well.

Do you seriously think we couple/ family/mummy bloggers are freeloaders? Think again before you start pointing fingers and go around condemning and stereotyping people. I’m sure I’m speaking up for all couples/ mummy/parent bloggers who let their children tag along during events too.

Cleffairy: It’s VERY RUDE to point fingers to people when people are looking at him. He ought to have put down his hand once he noticed people glaring back at him. Wonder if that guy’s mama ever taught him any manners at all.


  1. Garfield says:

    To be honest, I do not care who the fuck he is.
    Even if he is some VIP also, he should not be that rude and still not put down the fingers when people already looking into his eyes at that time!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Even if VIP…got license to be rude wan ah? Mama tak ajar to have manners ah? People oredi looking at him still wanna point point liddat…wah…really sakai attitude!

  2. KatieKitty says:

    I assume that finger pointer might be a blogger as well, as some bloggers expect exclusivity and not happy when having other bloggers who they do not know to join them during food review sessions.
    But then again, usually these kind of people, do not have much friends, and trust me, friends that they have usually are not sincere to them.
    I’ve seen these kind of bloggers before, and I do not bother to even talk to them at all.

  3. small Kucing says:

    wei api still not padam yet ka.

    Betul what Kitty said. Maybe that blogger thought it’s a private invite and didn’t expect there will be others bloggers.

    But i think he can’t got and ask you directly as he is just a guest. Anyway, it’s still not nice for a guest to question the host like that and pointing fingers like that within hearing of everyone. It could have been done discreetly.

    Anyway, don;t let it ruin your day. Now let off steam already can look ahead to a nice sunday

    • Garfield says:

      Well, I thought of doing so, but when think again, I do not want to make the host feel uncomfortable for making a scene at that time.
      No point waste my energy on these kind of people who are so “Kurang Ajar” while I am enjoying the meal with my family and other guest at there.

  4. MY says:

    Oh my..

    Who’s that person? I didn’t notice though.. Anyway.. nice meeting you.. Nanti we go team up kalau ada people point fingers at us ya… hahaha..
    Btw.. if single invite, I won’t be there too. I’m new and thank you for coming over to my table.. Very shy lah..

    See you soon.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I dunno who is that person, just know that he is one of the invited bloggers. 🙁 My husband came on his own invitation wan, usually… but each time oso, people will look at us one kind… I dunno why lah. Aihh… 🙁 Neway, single invite I usually wun attend… 😀 Malas la… if single invite.

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