MAD Adventure in PD Ostrich Showfarm, Port Dickson Malaysia

Initially I thought our MAD weekend escapade will end with our little explorace in Eagle Ranch Resort, but I was wrong. Our little weekend adventure continues in Ostrich Showfarm, Port Dickso. It is one of the must visit attraction in Port Dickson.

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The ostrich farm have much more to offer than getting up close and personal with ostrich. It’s practically a mini petting zoo over there and we had so much fun playing and feeding the tame and friendly animals who resides there.

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Seashell museum. We get to see plenty of beautiful seashells on display over here.

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Friendly goat

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Nursing a little lamb. I was told that the poor thing is an orphan.

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I was a little scared to get close at first but this little lamb is so affectionate that I can’t help but hug him after nursing him. It is definitely a pet material.

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Up close and personal with a cow

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Playing with cats.

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Well, not much to comment on the cats as I have a bunch of them at home and I’m practically their human slave, but it is really refreshing to see those who just want to play with you instead of nagging for food or those who is unhappy with you cuz you want the bed to yourself. Visiting and playing with the cats here actually makes me feel at home.

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The star in Ostrich Showfarm, a female Ostrich known as Princess.

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She’s practically a celebrity here and is the tamest in the farm. She wouldn’t hesitate to take picture with you and have very good temper too. She won’t get uncomfortable or bite even if you pet her.

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A family picture with Princess

 photo IMG_1304_zpsvgbnldeh.jpg

Feeding the ostriches

Kembara #dekatje: A race with an ostrich at PD Ostrich Show Farm

My husband and son went nuts and joined the ostrich race, which they lost, of course. Ostriches are fast and is said could run as fast as 40km/h.

 photo 20170212_162148_zpsrxqm36qd.jpg

The Dinosaur Park at the PD Ostrich Showfarm is somewhat an educational part of the park where you can walk and see some dino statues with some infos attached to it. It is literally a walk in the park with dinosaurs, I must say.

 photo IMG_1434_zpsdmritinp.jpg

Dinosaurs spotted at the park

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One thing I learned during the visit is that dinosaurs are actually huge lizards. Their scientific name, ‘saurus’ actually means ‘lizards’.

 photo IMG_1441_zpsxjktafsq.jpg

Fooling around with T-Rex. According to National Geographic’s findings, T-Rex had a pair of lungs that resembles modern birds and they are believed to be ancestors to chicken. Yes. Ancestors to chickens. Imagine that.

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MAD ride is also offered over here. Unlike the ones we experienced in Thistle Port Dickson and Eagle Ranch Resort, the jungle tour around the Dinosaur Park at the Ostrich Showfarm is very challenging.

Kembara #dekatje: MAD Jungle Tour in PD Ostrich Show Farm

The route is not only bumpy, but steep as well and it takes a lot of skill to balance on the MAD scooter. Not quite for an amateur, I must say. You need to really know how to control the MAD scooter if you’re to opt to ride around in the Dinosaur Park at the Ostrich Showfarm

The pricing for MAD ride in Ostrich Showfarm is as below:

Ostrich Farm
– 10 minutes Ride = RM 20
– MAD Jungle Tour = RM 30

And if you would like to challenge yourselves a little, a MAD Jungle Tour is just the thing. But if it is not a leisurely ride around the farm is also offered.

I can be quite a weirdo at time and quite an introvert. I may feel uncomfortable around strangers who are human but never the animals. Being around animals actually makes me feel good, even if I just met them. Unlike humans who sometimes have hidden agenda and usually befriended me for benefits, animals are genuine and doesn’t have any hidden interest (except perhaps, wanting your affection or some treats). I usually treat them like my own children and talk to them whenever I meet them. Some must have found me weird when they saw me talking to the animals who resides in the farm, but hey, there’s no harm being friendly to animals. I believe they like it and could sense your sincerity.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time in the Ostrich Showfarm and I guess this will not be my last visit. I’ll be sure to make a revisit the next time I’m in Port Dickson should the time permits.

If you haven’t visit the Ostrich Showfarm in Port Dickson, you might want to hop over. It’s a great place for you to spend quality time with your family, no doubt.

For more information on the Ostrich Showfarm, please refer to the information below:

P.D. Ostrich Showfarm
Lot 1419, Jalan Kemang 13,
Batu 9, Jalan Pantai,
71050 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan,
Tel: 012-3317770 / 019 ā€“ 3604466
Fax: 06 ā€“ 6625421

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