MAD Exploring in Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson Malaysia

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After our leisurely MAD ride in Thistle Port Dickson, things got madder and madder and our adventure continues to the next day at Eagle Ranch Resort where we joined the MAD scooter owners’ gatherings. Plenty of fun activities were planned out by the organizer and one of it is a fun explorace where we had to find a couple of items scattered around Eagle Ranch Resort with given clues.

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Bloggers and guests alike were divided into groups to complete the tasks given.

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MAD scooters lining up for us.All of us had to ride on the MAD scooter in order to find the hidden items.

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Picking out our MAD scooter

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Getting geared up for our MAD ride

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All set for a MAD exploration in Eagle Ranch Resort.

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Getting ready to race against each other to find the clues

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Riding around the Eagle Ranch Resort to find hidden items.MAD ride in Eagle Ranch Resort is not as leisurely as the one in Thistle. There’s a few slopes and the ride over here can be quite bumpy, but nothing an amateur rider couldn’t handle. The experience on Eagle Ranch Resort is pretty much something from a cowboy fantasy novel as the scenery in Eagle Ranch Resort is exactly just that. Great for those who wants a bit of challenge and the fantasy of escapism. Sceneries around Eagle Ranch Resort where everything, including rooms is set against a beautiful rustic cowboy town concept

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The Red Indian’s hut

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The bandwagon

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Horse stable

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The loghouse

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The swimming pool

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Team building area

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Kampung house

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Searching for clues scattered at various locations in Eagle Ranch Resort.

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Clues to the next checkpoint found

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Deciphering clues

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It’s all about teamwork. Working together to get the tasks done.

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Winning group

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One for the album. Eagle Ranch Resort may be well known as a place for teambuilding activities, but they do offer MAD rides too for both in-house guests and non staying guests . If you’re ever in Eagle Ranch Resort, you might wanna give it a try. The MAD ride in Eagle Ranch Resoey is really fun.

The pricing for MAD ride in Eagle Ranch Resort is as below:

Eagle Ranch Resort
– 5 LAPS = RM 21.20
– 8 LAPS = RM 31.80
– MAD TOUR = RM 31.80

For more information on Eagle Ranch Resort, refer to the information below:

544, Jalan Pantai, Batu 14, 71250 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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