Malaysia International Mask Festival 2015 at Esplanade KLCC

Malaysia International Mask Festival (MIMAF) 2015 was held from August 13-16 at Esplanade Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park and hosted by Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac) via the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN). Intrigued and knowing that my friends from FoNS will be coming all the way from Negeri Sembilan to attend the festival, my family and and I decided to check it out too.

Arrived at the venue and was greeted with such a sight ; where almost everyone there donned a mask.

 photo IMG_6536_zpsvj0jcxnq.jpg

The stage at Esplanade KLCC. Beautiful setting for the mask themed performance from participants from all over the world, but rather too far to get close up look of the performance, so we didn’t stay for it.

 photo IMG_6540_zpsrw7gz1it.jpg

Entrance to the mask exhibition. All sort of mask being hung on the red welcoming flag.

 photo IMG_6550_zpsnmbo7mkj.jpg

Loads of masks for you to try on that night

 photo IMG_6600_zpsczupxq6q.jpg

Mask making demo session

 photo IMG_6602_zpsuqhs94ql.jpg

Mask making in progress

 photo IMG_6744_zpsp89ynpor.jpg

Mask colouring process

A semi complete Jalur Gemilang themed mask

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Strange looking masks on display

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Colourful but freaky

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The many faces mask

 photo IMG_6725_zpscieozato.jpg

Unique deity faced mask from Thailand

 photo IMG_6716_zpsl8cgc2eb.jpg

At the Mah Meri Aborigin booth, visitors are shown how the their tribal masks are made.

 photo IMG_20150817_212241_zpsscsobdkw.jpg

Me, trying out the heavy Mah Meri tribal mask. Isn’t it cool?

 photo IMG_6636_zpszolgbiqq.jpg

Children, trying all sort of masks on

 photo IMG_6680_zpsqcch3efk.jpg

Spotted : the controversial Anonymous

 photo IMG_6590_zpsbc9mfmls.jpg

This is supposed to be the ethereal Puteri Gunung Ledang, but it reminds me of the late King of Pop, Micheal Jackson.

 photo IMG_6587_zpsezynvh9u.jpg

Nenek Kebayan

 photo IMG_6651_zpskiylkttd.jpg

Also spotted at the festival, JKKN performers in their full costumes.

 photo IMG_6693_zpshtjhkrhh.jpg

One for the album, with friends from FoNS (Friends of Negeri Sembilan). It’s certainly fun and an eye opening experience. Wish there would be more of this in the future. 🙂


  1. Jacqueline Khoo says:

    Sometimes I really respect them because they can have so much of patience to create all these ART, which i dont think i can do it at all. Hope one day I can attend this meaningful event, as I love art a lot too!

  2. Angelynn says:

    I remember seeing the stage deco at KLCC some time back, but I’m not curious enough to go check it out. Haiz, really wished I did now. It looks so interesting and fun.

  3. Sharon Lee says:

    First time hearing Mask event in KLCC. Looks fun and I always like mask from Italy with the twinker bell. Although it looks quite creepy but I like their handmade work.

  4. sherry says:

    love all the masks, the mask making is not easy as I tried make before during my childhood. The spooky masks look so real sure can scare people! Halloween soon.

  5. Handy Orten says:

    Count down to the fabulous Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015, or MyFEST 2015, as we herald the country’s endless celebrations of festivals, events and happenings. Continuing the momentum and efforts of Visit Malaysia Year 2014, MyFEST 2015 is set to make Malaysia the top-of-the-mind tourist destination, encouraging tourists to stay longer in order to enjoy the festival offerings nationwide.

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