Merdeka? My Ass!

I hereby declare that Malaysian government is a dimwit twit that takes everyone as either brainless, or our brain has been stuffed by all sort of poops and smelly garbage. Why? Take a look at this! The article below was taken from The Star Malaysia, Thursday, 29th August 2008.


KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia or SKMM) was “only exercising its power” when it ordered the 19 Internet service providers (ISPs) in the country to block the Malaysia Today website.

“Everyone is subject to the law, even websites and blogs,” said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

“We do not intend to curtail people’s freedom or right to express themselves.

“But when they publish things that are libellous, slanderous or defamatory, it is natural for SKMM to act,” he said in Parliament lobby on Thursday.

Earlier Thursday, SKMM confirmed that it had instructed ISPs to block Malaysia Today.

When contacted, SKMM chief operating officer Mohamed Sharil Mohamed Tarmizi, who is currently overseas, confirmed the order but declined to elaborate, saying a press conference would be held to explain why action had been taken.

It was reported on Thursday that notices to the ISPs were sent out on Tuesday in accordance with Section 263Communications and Multimedia Act. of the

Section 263 falls under the National Interest Matters part of the Act which states that an SKMM licensee would prevent their facilities from being used in, or in relation to, the commission of any offence under any law of Malaysia.

It also states that upon written request of the SKMM or any other authority, the licensee would assist to prevent the commission or attempted commission of any offence under any written law of Malaysia, including but not limited to the protection of public revenue and the preservation of national security.

Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin said that blocking access to his portal was a breach of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) charter and that he would turn it into “a big issue.”

Under MSC Malaysia’s 10-Point Bill of Guarantees, it is stated that that Government promised to “ensure no Internet censorship” as part of its commitment to ensuring the success of MSC status companies.

SKMM’s move was also roundly criticised by most bloggers, who said SKMM must immediately lift the block or it will rattle investors’ confidence in the country.

National Alliance of Bloggers interim president Ahirudin Attan said it was the first time that SKMM had gone against the spirit of the promise that the Government had made.

“The promise was made not only to Malaysians but to the world that there will be no censorship of the Internet in the country.

“Google is planning to build a multibillion-ringgit datacentre here. If this is the way the Commission behaves, it is as good as telling Google to please go away.”

Ahirudin, who operates the Rocky’s Bru blog, said while it was obvious that the Government would say it was not censorship, the blocking of the popular website was definitely considered censorship.

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi, also a blogger, noted in his Screenshots blog that SKMM has neglected Section 3 of the Act, which ends with the statement, “Nothing in this Act shall be construed as permitting the censorship of the Internet.”

“The Commission is not the final judge to decide what is good and what is bad for Malaysians.

“Malaysians who are online are mature enough to discern between what is good and what is bad,” he said.

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) condemned the blocking of the site saying the action went against national commitments spelt out under MSC Malaysia’s Bill of Guarantees.

“The Commission and the Government should acknowledge that the problem at hand is the failure of the mainstream media to fulfil its duties in reporting information adequately, truthfully and fairly,” CIJ executive director V. Gayathry said in a statement.

In his blog, MCA vice-president Datuk Ong Tee Keat said he hoped that the SKMM would reconsider its decision and that he was a “little surprised and disturbed” about what had happened.

“Under the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Bill of Guarantees, the government promised there would be no censorship of the Internet. I do not understand why the SKMM is resorting to this.”

Ong said Raja Petra was already facing several charges in court.

“We should let the courts decide his fate,” Ong said, adding that forcibly blocking access to the website would only lend more credence to his writings.

“In fact, it is foolish to think that online censorship works effectively. There are still many other ways for surfers to access the portal.”

Telecommunications expert Dinesh Nair said it would be extremely difficult for SKMM to completely block the website although there were more technical ways to make the site inaccessible.

“All he (Raja Petra) has to do is to change the website address. If they want to block it again, they would have to issue more letters. He may have lost some viewers for a couple of days but it would be back to normal soon.”

Dinesh added that although he did not agree with what SKMM had done, he could see “where they were coming from.”

“It is one thing when you are saying something and it’s an opinion but something else when you are putting it across as fact when it isn’t,” he said.

Also at Parliament, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum said he was not aware of SKMM’s directive to the ISPs.

“SKMM may have briefed the minister on the issue but not me,” he said, adding that minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, currently in Bali, Indonesia, would return to Malaysia either later Thursday or by Friday.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, when asked to comment, said, “I am aware of the issue but it is not under my jurisdiction.”

It is understood that only TMnet, the nation’s largest ISP, has complied with SKMM’s directive. Other ISPs contacted by The Star have declined to comment.

TMnet users can still access Malaysia Today through a mirror website however.

While unusual, SKMM’s move was not unprecedented.

For example, last year, in a concerted effort with the Securities Commission, Bank Negara Malaysia and CyberSecurity Malaysia, it closed down several websites which were suspected of being involved in fraudulent investment schemes.


First thing I saw on the newspaper today after getting back from my long and tiring business trip in Melaka is THIS bloody news. That’s it, I feel like bitching, and it’s not like my day has been all jolly and cheerful either, so pardon the language. If thoughts and imagination could kill, the whole Putrajaya and and all of it’s population would be reduced to nothing but mere ashes flying in the sky. One thing that I hate about our government is that they take us, the citizens as puppets and brainless twits. We must not see, hear or talk any evil things about them. Our mouth and fingers must be zipped and zapped up, and only utter nothing but sweet stuff about them. If we hear anything bad about us, the government would be badly undermined. Why? because they thought that we don’t know how to use our brain to think.

The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia or SKMM) was “only exercising its power” when it ordered the 19 Internet service providers (ISPs) in the country to block the Malaysia Today website.

So that’s what Botak said. I’d say, YOU ASSHOLES are taking our rights to alternative news, news that is probably have more truth than whatever rubbish YOU people are trying to feed us. Why bother ordering MCMC to make all goddamn ISP in Malaysia to block the bloody website if the news inside holds no truth in it? Oh, slanderous, you say, but isn’t asking your retarded joker Sai Fool going around yelling and ranting like a lunatic goon that his asshole has been recently abuse by your opponent is not libel and slander? What happened to ‘innocent til proven guilty’? Oh sorry, I forgot. In Malaysia it doesn’t seems to work that way. It’s always ‘guilty til proven innocent’, isn’t it?

Don’t deny that you goons did not hire that feller to swear his ass out to tarnish your opponent’s reputation, it’s clear that he’s just another of your political toy, or rather, sex toy.

Amboi, amboi, amboi! So nice to be the one wielding power. You can easily trample anyone you think that is in your way by using law. What’s this? Government is legal gangster? So it seems. So, Botak, tell me, are you living in the stoneage or the godzilla age blocking whatever information is is on the net? Dude, your baldy head is too cooked under the sun issit? Poor thing, cannot think properly. Why not just close down all ISP instead of just blocking one site if you want to prevent malicious news that is directed at the government? It’ll be better, isn’t it? No one can online and so, no bloody, filthy and dirty news about you creeps can be circulated.

Botak, have you heard of proxy, or you’re still stuck in godzillaage? Even if the ISPs blocked the site from being accessed by the users in Malaysia, but there are many other ways to access it if you’re IT savvy enough to do so. But of course, I’m sure you’re not aware of that, because you probably still stuck in your limestone cave somewhere.

You goons sure know how to lie your butt out. You people go around halfheartedly, trying to promote Merdeka, but the truth is, you guys are not liberating the minds of the citizens. Merdeka (Independence) should cover all context, including the mindset of the citizens. Merdeka? Merdeka my ass! Of all the things, you are trying to immobilize Internet technology as one of the crucial information tool. Must be you government prefer to have rempiting bastards who can’t even think to save their life as citizens rather than thinkers who puts the country’s interest before their own.

I I haven’t been looking forward to Merdeka since that sleepyhead leader of yours steps into office, but I was still patriotic enough to fly the flag every year without fail. This year, though Botak, I’m not sure if I want to even look at it and fly it. Even if I do fly the flag this year, I’ll be flying it UPSIDE DOWN!

The nation is indeed in distress. You people have been doing nothing but disgracing and smearing mud to Malaysia’s name since the recent GE. What is so glorious about Malaysia now? Fucking assholes, Botak man who is trying to block whatever web that goes against government or a sleepy jackass as the head of the country? It is not those ‘websites’ that is undermining the government and the citizen’s way of thinking, but it’s the way that the government govern the country that cause all that. If the government have reigns over the citizens by showing good control over the economy, education, as well as citizen’s welfare, that alone would command respect from the people, and any malicious news that is directed at the government would be nothing but smelly fart in the air that will be gone in a few minutes. First they censored Tv shows and news, now it’s the Internet, what’s next?

Now the people on the ‘top’ have to do everything they can to stop people from hearing dirty things about them because the public’s trust has long ago been washed down in the drain. With a FLIP FLOPPING sleepyhead as a PM, who would trust the government any further? They don’t even have credibility to even begin with…

Cleffairy: He who commands himself, commands others.


  1. SweetStrawberry says:

    Jie, mebbe they need to introduce internet condom to protect you all from bad news about gov. so many bad news leak bout msia gov nowadays. kakaka.

  2. mcky1224 says:

    Internet condom~ A nice one! Let’s invent one to filter all the stinking poops and nonsenses! Hahaa^^ Well, what Clef said is so true. Government will always turning the cold back on the citizens… Is it democratic enough if civilian’s whining is not been heard? What more civilian have to keep their mouth zipped even though have been treated unfair? Food for thought… Shall civilian’s discontented should be unanswered? I wonder~

  3. mcky1224 says:

    Internet condom~ A nice one! Let’s invent one to filter all the stinking poops and nonsenses! Hahaa^^ Well, what Clef said is so true. Government will always turning the cold back on the citizens… Is it democratic enough if civilian’s whining is not been heard? What more civilian have to keep their mouth zipped even though have been treated unfair? Food for thought… Shall civilian’s discontented remain unanswered? I wonder~

  4. amoker says:

    I think the leaders like Syed Hamid is too dumb and numb to know how to figure out a physical condom.

    Want to vote Syed Hamid as the Dim-wit-nister of the year.

    I was aghast and appalled at MCMC. LIke nothing to do.

  5. KevinP says:

    Budget don’t look good for medium earners…

    Imagine those that use RM20 electricity a month will get it FREE… who uses below RM20? Unless those flers who curi electricity will get such low bills…

  6. cleffairy says:

    Mcky…excuse my lil sister… she’s such a joker at times… internet condom… =.= she must be game deprived when she wrote that. LOL. Sigh, we’ll need a huge and durable condom if we’re to filter the government’s never ending nonsense. Their nonsense never seems to stop at all. Government are not only turning their back to us, but also turning their smelly ass to us too. Our news these days are polluted with ‘asshole’ stuff, literally. It’s sad to see that Malaysian media, both print and electronic are under our government’s claws, and the media can’t possibly practice un- bias journalism without getting trouble. We may have a momentary freedom of speech, but once they found out that we’re giving out their dirts, they will try to shut us up by hook or by crook. Citizen’s dissatisfaction and complaints towards the government will never be answered as long as the media as well as other bodies responsible for informing the citizens are strictly censored.

    Pete…I wonder how Cybersafe looks like… hahaha…dunno can leak anot ar?

    Amoker…obviously Mr. Botak need to cool his head off…it’s too exposed under hot sun that his brain is overcooked and therefore, disabling his ability to think properly. MCMC…is officially government’s lapdog too. I wonder how many more will be joining the government’s lapdog exclusive club too?

    Kevin, I missed the budget, down with a flu… LOL…so I guess i’m gonna have to catch up in the news tomorrow. If you use less than Rm20 electricity, it’ll be free? What kind of fucking relief is that? *snarl* you turn on the bloody refrigerator for one whole damn month already will cost you more than Rm20. Argh…wud a nimwit! Argh!

    Malimdeman? Who garang? Botak or me? LOL…

    u-jean, i went to read your post already, and i’m gonna go through it again, and I’ll post it up in my blog when my flu is gone. Nonid to apologize for advertising it here… it’s not porn or anything. 😛
    haha… I kena rain yesterday, so down with a flu today, abit lazy wanna write anything… I just crave for a nice, creamy chicken soup… oh Pete kor kor, where art thou?

  7. tangkup says:

    when the nincompoops in the Gomen says “this” they mean “that”. it is obvious from the sleepyhead pm. if you really want to know what the sleepyhead says just think of the opposite and i can guarantee that you will be right!! when sleepyhead said “ahmad did not mean what he says and i will tell him not to do it again”, rest be assured that what it means is “ahmad meant what he said and i am not going to stop him”.

    My Merdeka Day this year has been dampened by the adverse statements by Gomen leaders about Merdeka Day!! Malaysia’s Merdeka Day is actually 16 September and not 31 August. Malaysia was born on 16 Septemeber 1963 and not 31 August 1957. Sabah and Sarawak became partners of Malaya in 1963 and not in 1957.

    If the noncompoops still insist that Malaysia was born in 1957, please enlighten the Sarawakians and Sabahans what did these two countries got from the noncompoops between 1957 and 1962?
    Datuk Lajim Ukin (emptyhead) you maitained that the Merdeka Day should not be questioned. hei emptyhead tell “did Sarawak and Sabah receive any financial allocations from the Federal Gomen between 1957 and 1962??” Any development in these two countries?? If they did how much?
    These nincompoops are UPSIDE DOWN.

  8. cleffairy says:

    Hi there tangkup. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I agree with you that when the Sleepyhead Pm says one thing, usually he meant the opposite. The next time he says that the price of fuel will not be raised, I’ll straight rush to the petrol station and put full tank in my car. 😛

    My Merdeka this year is not any colourful either…in melancholic mood…as in many ways, we’re still not Merdeka. We’re still yet to achieve freedom of speech, freedom and rights to education equality and many more. And boy, you do know your history. Yups, I’m aware that Malaysia was formed on 16 September, and I have no idea why people are saying that Malaysia was born on 31st August 1957…perhaps they had forgotten that at that time, Sabah and Sarawak has yet to join Malaya(malaysia)

    Well, tangkup… with leaders like the sleepyhead…they are not only UPSIDE DOWN and FLIP FLOPPING, but they are also living in denial and delusion. 😛

  9. tangkup says:

    cleffairy you make my day.

    the Gomen enacted the MCMC and the Charter says “ensure no Internet censorship”. This is exactly the opposite what it says because it blocked the Malaysia Today website.

    Since the Gomen leaders dont want to know or at least listen to the views, feelings, frustrations or satisfaction (or more of disatisfactions), etc etc of the people, let them be. Tney will realise it too late because at the next GE13, the people will decide who will rule the nation. The present Gomen leaders think that they have all the rights to deny the rakyat the rights to say what they see, hear, smell, feel and taste (every Malaysian have all these FIVE senses unless they are robots). And the leaders think we are robots!!.

    The leaders will not be there on TOP if the rakyat at the BOTTOM do not decide to put them at the top. Its the rakyat at the BOTTOM who decides who should be on TOP. These leaders think that they have the sunshine all the time.

    Tunggu dulu nasib buruk pemimpin kerajaan akan tiba dlm PRU13 nanti. Ada tanda tanda sudah hari gelap ini akan datang. Nasib Bn sudak menurun. Dalam party umNO banyak pemimpin atasan dan bawahan sudah mengeluarkan kenyataan kenyataan luarbiasa that spells internal danger and smells foul just like their farts!!!. Rakan rakan Bn juga sudah berani mengeluarkan kenyataan kenyataan “ketidakpuasan” mereka atas layanan umNO kepada mereka. Segelintir pemimpin pemimpin Bn sudah meninggalkan Bn dan mengikuti party PEMBANKANG!! “sedikit sedikit lama lamA JADI BUKIT!!!”

    Wishing all right thinking Malaysians “Happy Malaysia Day on 16 September”.

  10. cleffairy says:

    Tangkup…yeah. they did made a promised that there will be no Internet censorships, but then again, when people are spilling dirt about them( whether the news in RPK’s site is true or not) they decided to block our access to the knowledge. It’s obvious, isn’t it? They are blocking our rights to information as well as freedom of expression.

    RPK maybe quite irresponsible in his writing and news reporting, but then again, they actually charged him in court for it. So, why was it necessary to block his site? I just don’t get it. What he wrote was libel and slander…but what about those humiliating things that they spread about Anwar and tries to punish him before even proving that he is guilty as charged? That’s libel, slander and defamation too, isn’t it? Why not they punish themselves before punishing others?

    Anyway, tangkup, I do agree with you that if the rakyat does not decide to put the government on top, they will not be on top. they actually should thank the rakyat and serve the rakyat instead of telling us to be grateful to them for making our lives pretty difficult. I guess these people really ‘Lupa daratan’.

    The people are becoming more and more aware of the political environment in Malaysia though there are some people who couldn’t care less on what happen in Malaysia as long as their stomach is full. There’s ignorance people yes, but like you said, everyone in Malaysia have five senses and we got brain to think too. LOL.

    BN is actually crumbling, and it’s no longer a popular party that the rakyat look up too anymore. It doesn’t command respect from the rakyat any longer too. Though UMNo leaders are assuring us that they’re damn united, but as you can see, component parties in BN has no say in whatever UMNO did. I doubt they can last very long in BN, seeing that they became irrelevant to the people that they actually represent. (eg, MIC, MCA, Gerakan) they practically lost their voice under the current BN president’s leadership. All of these need to change if they don’t wish to fall, but, we’re just small fry, what can we say when people in UMNO refused to change and still live in denial?

    Sad to see a ruling party that was so visionary and has actually brought Malaysia to the eyes of the world become more and more dull under the current leadership.

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