Monster Who Don't Deserve To Be A Father

15 June is a date celebrated all around the world as Father’s Day, and fathers are showerd with presents, hug, kissses and lotsa love. But, to me, some people simply don’t deserve to be a father. Josef Frizl. I came across an article in The Sun Malaysia a few days ago, and decided to look up on the net about this inhumane monster who raped and imprison his daugter for 24 years, and even had children with his very own flesh and blood!

Josef Fritzl was born on 9th April 1935 in Amstetten, Austria. In 1956, at the age of 21, he married Rosemarie, 17, with whom he had seven children: two sons and five daughters including Elisabeth, who was born in 1966.

Fritzl is suspected of having begun abusing his daughter Elisabeth in 1977 when she was 11 years old. At age 15, Elisabeth started a training course to become a waitress. In January 1983, she ran away from home and, together with a friend from work, went into hiding in Vienna. She was found by police within three weeks and returned to her parents. She rejoined her training course and, upon completion in summer 1984, was offered a job in the city of Linz.

On 24 August 1984, Fritzl allegedly lured her into the basement of the family home by asking her to help him carry a door. According to Elisabeth’s statement, he drugged her, handcuffed her, and kept her imprisoned in a hidden part of the basement until her release in 2008.

The day after Elisabeth’s disappearance, her mother Rosemarie filed a missing person report. The following month, a letter in Elisabeth’s handwriting appeared, postmarked in the town of Braunau. It stated that she was staying with a friend and was tired of living with her family, warning her parents not to look for her or she would leave the country.

Over the course of the following 24 years, Fritzl apparently visited her in the hidden cellar on average once every three days to bring food and other supplies. After his arrest in 2008, he admitted that he repeatedly had sex with her and against her will. Elisabeth was to give birth to seven children during her years in captivity, and did not once see daylight.

One child died shortly after birth, and three children – Lisa, Monika and Alexander – were removed from the cellar as infants to live with Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie. They adopted Lisa and became Monika’s and Alexander’s foster carers, with the knowledge of local social services authorities. Officials said that Fritzl “very plausibly” explained how three of his infant grandchildren had appeared on his doorstep. The family received regular visits from social workers, who did not hear complaints or noticed anything to arouse their suspicions.

Following the birth of the fourth child in 1994, Fritzl enlarged the prison for Elisabeth and her children from 35 m² (380 sq ft) to 55 m² (600 sq ft). The captives had a television, radio, and video cassette player at their disposal. Food could be stored in a refrigerator and cooked or heated on hot plates. Elisabeth taught the children to read and write.

Fritzl told Elisabeth and the three children Kerstin, Stefan and Felix who remained in the cellar that they would be gassed if they tried to escape; investigators have concluded that the threat was bogus and was primarily designed to frighten the captives as no actual gas pipes were found leading into the basement. Fritzl stated after his arrest, that it was sufficient to tell them not to meddle with the cellar door or otherwise they would receive an electrical shock and die.

According to his sister-in-law Christine, Fritzl would go into the basement every morning at 9 a.m., apparently to draw plans for machines, which he sold to firms. Often he stayed down there for the night – his wife was not even allowed to bring him coffee. A tenant, who rented a ground floor room in the Fritzl house for 12 years, said he heard noises coming from the basement but Fritzl passed it off as noise emanating from the gas heating system.

What that monster did, cannot be justified, though he took care some of Elisabeth’s children and raise them. Imagine how traumatized Elisabeth and her three children who lived with her in the prison.

Seeing this news, I can only hope that there will be no such father in Malaysia. But then again, every now and then there are news of fathers raping daughters and many other incestuos act, brother raping sisters, uncle raping nieces, grandfather raping granddaughters, etc.  Fathers are supposed to protect their daughters from the evil of the world and nurture them, not rape their daughters! Fathers who raped their daughters are no better than animals and should be catrasted and have their organs feed to the dogs. And to me they too, deserve a slow, painful and bloody death. And even with death, their wrong doings cannot be justified.

Those sick inhumane bastards gets my curses and blasphemy while rest of you loving and responsible fathers out there, I wish you a happy fathers day.

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