More Minutes, Less Ringgit

Chinese New Year is coming, and I will have no doubt that whatever monsters that I’ll be facing out there will be sucking my blood dry til nothing is left of me but my bones. 🙁 It gets more worst each year for me, with the needs to give angpows, the not so necessary car service for traveling, facing busybody relatives who expects me to bring expensive hampers along with big angpows for their brats when you I go visiting.

Money will always go out, out and out, and would not come back, especially during Chinese New Year. Call me a Scrooge, but I’m the kind who would prefer to spend wisely and not unnecessarily. Typical and traditional Chinese may not agree with me, but I believe that Chinese New Year should be celebrated with moderation and gratefulness for being able to live another year, not splurging and showing off your material possession and boast about your achievements. I think that is just plain sickening. The purpose of celebrating Chinese New year should be about family reunion, not boastfulness.

There is not much thing I can do about typical and traditional Chinese mentality, but there is something I can do to prevent money from continuously going out, out and out. This may not be something big or great, but hear me out, all right?

How does More Minutes, Less Ringgit sounds to you? Good? Well, it should be good. I’m not sure how many of us are still using the land line for phone calls and whatnot, but here is how you can save up on your phone bills, by using this gadget known as the WiBox.

WiBox helps you reduce your phone bills. By using WiBox, you get to enjoy up to 97% on mobile, national and international calls. This is very useful, not only for home users, but corporate users as well, don’t you agree with me?

The best thing about WiBox is as stated below:

  • No access numbers and no password.

  • Good call quality, not VoIP.

  • No contract, deposit, access fee & commitment.

  • Great savings from your phone calls.

More minutes and less ringgit is just a few steps away. All you need to do is just follow the three steps as stated below:

Still not sure how it works? Well watch the video below.

Simple, isn’t it? After the easy installation of WiBox, you can just use your phone as  usual, like you always do.

WiBox provide interesting rates. RM 0.14/ min nationwide Malaysia flat rate, mobile calls RM 0.15/ min nationwide flat rate, China RM 0.09/ min, Singapore, US, Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, etc.

For further information on their rates, kindly click HERE.

WiBox and top up value can be purchased from HERE, and with every purchase of WiBox, there’s free RM 5 talk time value and FREE delivery.

For more information on WiBox, visit their site by clicking HERE.

Not sure if WiBox is good or not? Well, try it for yourself, dear readers. You can blog about it, and you will receive a free WiBox  with RM30.00 talk time value. What are you waiting for? Blog about WiBox and get your own free WiBox now. CLICK HERE, and you’re just one step away from getting a WiBox delivered to your doorstep.

I need to save up whatever I can, especially with Chinese new Year around the corner, so I’m all for More Minutes and Less Ringgit. How about you?

Cleffairy: Rainy and stormy days is ahead. Wish me a safe sailing.


  1. kathy says:

    I angkat tangan, kaki and ekor sokong your this statement “Chinese New Year should be celebrated with moderation and gratefulness for being able to live another year, not splurging and showing off your material possession and boast about your achievements”

    Gosh..I may sound anti-social but i really come to hate to mindless chattering during CNY eg

    – when going to get marry?
    – when going to give birth?
    – when going to have baby num 2?
    – why your son dont know how to talk yet?
    – what school you are going to send your son to?
    – why you dont go temple and pray like me?
    – aiya i very busy one. My boss will die without me.
    – if you dont go temple pray, just take two mandarin orange and pray to sky will do.
    – your son yet to learn how to poo in potty ah? My girls already…
    – Dont worry…let me cook dinner..end up everyone have makan nugget and kacang kuda

    There are really times where i feel like screaming MYOB! U take care of your brats and I’ll take care of mine. Nia…..

    • Cleffairy says:

      I tell you la… this year, mebbe should write blog post. Make a FAQ…den horr… u gv the blog link to the 38 around, so they nonid to waste air liur to explain. LOL…

      – when going to get marry?
      Why? You wanna sponsor my wedding issit? How many k you wanna give me? 30k? 50k? u give, now oso I go get married.

      – when going to give birth?
      When I had enuff fucking lorr… aiyoh, liddat oso wan ask.

      – when going to have baby num 2?
      Are you gonna sponsor my brat til masuk U? if liddat, can la. Now so pok, gv birth 2nd baby, eat sand ah?

      – why your son dont know how to talk yet?
      better don’t tok so early. if not, every year CNY, will ask ppl so many stupid question. Sosah la… very rude!

      – what school you are going to send your son to?
      Malaysian school la…if not, African school meh? Why? You wan sponsor my son go to study oversea issit? OMg, you’re so generous!

      – why you dont go temple and pray like me?
      Dowan la…why not follow me to church and confess your sins? very good for your soul wan!

      – aiya i very busy one. My boss will die without me.
      Yameh? So kelian…now ur here, faster go back… later your boss die, den how?

      – if you dont go temple pray, just take two mandarin orange and pray to sky will do.
      Come, come, take this rosary instead… pray, pray… I eat the oranges can jorr… orange for eat wan ma!

      – your son yet to learn how to poo in potty ah? My girls already…
      I’m not good at teaching my son. How about you teach my son how to poo? *hand over the kid* Nah… tolong ya? LOL…

      – Dont worry…let me cook dinner..end up everyone have makan nugget and kacang kuda
      *PENGSAN* this one I have no answer. pandai pandai call pizza so that can makan!

  2. fatty oldman says:

    its been 3yrs i wil not have my cny eve or cny 1st n 2nd day as normally i went bk after that…i don like visiting as relatives will bum into question when married,when wana bring me c ur gf,my son/dotter achieve this n that,do this n that…wtf…
    sumore im dun reli like to eat cakes n cookies n normaly visitin they will pass it around n wen u dont eat felt like disrespect them… :O
    btw im old n pencen alrdy so normaly i wil used mail o fon with string i threw to my neighbour to get conekted as oldman n not working like me poor…pencen si little…tuisyen class had to add more… 😛

    • Cleffairy says:

      Too bad cannot skip CNY hor? I feel ridiculous nia la, celebrate CNY. Full of hypocrite assholes and bitches. Sien, sien sien! I rather celebrate Deepavali, you kno? Summore, go back hometown do nothing but stare at four walls. DIE LA! Sien sien sien… damn fucking sien! At least at my parents’ kampung I can swim and can goyang kaki…summore got so many laptop to use over there! hubby’s kampung? SIEN LIKE FUCK! Can eat and eat like babi nia! FML!

  3. CHVoon says:

    spend for necessary items only.

    the more important thing is buy a cassette – and sing a song
    “Balik kampung oh oh oh Balik kampung oh oh oh Balik kampung, Tahun baru cina oh oh oh Tahun baru cina……”

    Wibox ar…. dont know boh… i know it from others bloggers as well.

    Wish you “Happy Chinese New Year” okie : )

    • Cleffairy says:

      Traditional apeks and ah lians… 🙁 things that not necessary is also a must lorr.. fuck up punya! Everything must be in abundance, attract prosperity lah konon! bodoh je… waste so much money, think money fall down from the sky ah? WALAO!

  4. Carto0n says:

    Hope you will have a happy Chinese New year, Cleffairy

    Very interesting piece of news regarding wibox. I wonder if it will work in Kelantan. My place quite far.

  5. fatty oldman says:

    the thing i like about CNY was that everyone cheerful on face n all same no nid work…i just wish we dont celebrate but cant rite as anyhow we must had a day to cherish our race… 😉

    im diffrent from u as i goin bk just drink drink n drink n vomit n drink drink drink again…lol…

    thats the bad thing lor when married as cny nid follow to the hubby side… :O

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cheeful on the surface nia… smile oso on the surface nia. Inside, dono wud ppl tink oso leh. I wan celebrate deepavali or maybe ponggol. Those day nobody kaacu oso, nonid see stupid ppl oso.

      Who say I wun drink til drunk ah? Every year oso drink wan la…wud else can do? Drink, eat vomit… kns!

      Yea… nid go hubby side, see alot of 38 and 8por. Liddat oni nvm. Stil nid to pretend good good and smile, even what ppl make u tulan like fuck!

    • Cleffairy says:

      You know… if I have a time machine like Doraemon… if i go back in time to warn myself of 38 and 8por… I probably wouldn’t even want to pak tor!

      *roll eyes* of course I can drink. I am a better drinker than hubby, in fact. Just that I need to stay sober all the time…and…one more thing about me… is my gambling luck is usually damn good wan. Hmmm… brader…do you know what they say about people whose luck is so damn good in gambling?

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hell day for me, though. Go back there… do nothing but stare at four walls. Tv controller oso I can’t touch…not my tv ma. And not at my parent’s place. Cannot do sesuka hati. 🙁 Sien like fuck!

  6. fatty oldman says:

    everone hope they can go bk in time as regret tis n that but wat to do as its too late d… :O

    y nid stay sober all the time…stim stim then syok mar if not drink 4 wat…lol
    they cal good in luck for gambling is suey rite? 😛

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cheh… the brat nonid ppl to jaga ah? If I drunk nobody jaga him lorr… sien.yalorr… so pandai u… lol… i sway lorrr… that’s why so good luck in gambling. Play black jack, hardly ever loose punya!

  7. ericlee says:

    I WANT ANG POW!!!!! LOL….yeah true…even me myself hated my relatives at times…they are not only stingy but also greedy…come to my house giving ang pow RM2 each to me, my brother and my sister..but then….bring 5 grandchild over, a few of neighbour’s kids or their other side of relatives which do not relate to us at all…Not being stingy here, but doing that every year is very fucked up…feel sorry for my parents…

    • Cleffairy says:

      U wan ah? I give you empty ones, then you put the money inside yourself, can? LMAO…

      *sigh* the meaning of angpows are not the amount of money… it’s the blessing that counts. Not many understood that, sadly. It is our misfortune that we cannot choose who will be our relatives eh? I feel sorry for your parents too…because I will be placed in the same position as them. 🙁

  8. Gratitude says:

    You are absolutely right. I’m kinda afraid of CNY these days, coz $$$ just flies away so rapidly. It’s more spent to please the elders.


    • Cleffairy says:

      No way! Wish me a happy V-day instead! Geeeezzusss!!! What is wrong with everybody? Sobsob! Why everyone keep think about CNy only? Why nobody think about V-day? SOBBBSSSSS!

      Well, some elders are just 38! They are being materialistic and unreasonable, especially those from dinosaur’s age!

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