Love is In The Air with eWana FM

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not very into public display of affection. To me, declaration of love and whatnot is something intimate and all those mushy stuff should be limited to the confines of the bedroom or behind closed doors. I find PDA are rather distasteful… Sure…holding hands with my husband in public or a quick goodbye peck is fine, but anything beyond that will make me feel like a horny exhibitionist teenager who lacks self respect.


Anyway…I’m not quite sure what came over me last week. It was Tuesday night and my friends DJ Lia Omey and DJ Azz  along with my celebrity friend Iqwal Hafiz are on air for a very special radio program, Carta Blogger 30 and I was feeling rather romantic and sent in a sweet and romantic message for my husband to eWana FM for the deejays to read out.


I don’t know what came over me. I never do something like this before…you know…send lovey dovey message to the radio station, requesting song dedication and etc.

Perhaps it got something to do with my husband coming home early before going off for standby and treating me to these yummylicious doughnuts which is my all time favourite. I must be really sugar high. :p

DJ Lia and Azz read out my mushy and lovey dovey message, of course, but I seriously did not think that my husband was listening to the program as he was supposed to be at work, but surprise, surprise…he was listening! And I had no idea about it until at the end of the program where he called in to eWana FM to thank Iqwal for personally singing our favourite song, ‘Kau Ilhamku’ by Man Bai and told the deejays that he wants his wife to know that he was listening to the program. πŸ™‚ 12 years of relationships and I didn’t know he is still capable of making me blush. :p It was a pretty sweet and wonderful experience if you ask me, and I’ll cherish the memory forever.

Thank you DJ Lia, Azz and especially Iqwal for making our night memorable. πŸ™‚ I appreciate all the sugar-coated sweetness.

eWana FM is indeed more than just a radio and for those who wants their romance to be on air can tune in to  Ewana for Carta Blogger 30 every Tuesday night from 10pm-12am. The deejays are very nice, I assure you. Listen to the program and keep yourself updated about the blogging world and call in to make lovey dovey dedications if you want.

Not sure how you can listen to eWana FM? Well it’s easy. If you are using an Android smartphone, just download TuneIn from Google play and search for Ewana once you have it installed on your phone and you’re good to go. πŸ™‚

Cleffairy: I see the spark, I see the fire…is this the one worth waiting for?


  1. Afin says:

    Hi! Just stumble upon your blog while looking for infos and past experiences of eWana. I’m a fan of Iqwal by the way, great singer with great voice he is. Just want to let you know, a legendary family of Malaysian bloggers are going on air tonight for the Bila Larut Malam slot on eWana. You might not want to miss it πŸ˜‰
    Check it out at Aeshah Adlina, Aiman Amani, Ahmad Ali, Anisah Afifah or Karim’s Weblogs. Just google their name’s and you’ll find it.

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