MyFest Melaka 2015: Klebang Bustel

Have you ever made love in a vehicle? Say…in a bus? If I say it is possible to do so without being watched or getting caught, would you do it? I once asked these questions to my friends on Facebook, and I’m quite surprised at their responses. Answers varies from wanting to try to accusing me for being horny. To be honest, what exactly were you thinking when I asked you that question? 😉

Well, kinky as making love in a vehicle might sound like, I did not actually meant for it to be scandalous, what more encouraging all of you out there to perform inappropriate PDAs. It only happens that I know a place that’s actually perfectly safe for intimate activities or otherwise.

Had the privilege to visit Klebang Beach, Melaka two weeks ago, and there is this unique chalet near the beach in the form of buses. 😉

 photo IMG_9260_zpsyfpbyxr5.jpg

The chalet is located in the Dataran 1Malaysia, Pantai Klebang, Melaka.

 photo IMG_9258_zpsad0tdsf8.jpg

The chalet’s reception.
 photo IMG_9261_zpssi9umodf.jpg

Yes. It is a real bus, modified into hotel rooms.

 photo IMG_9268_zpstcvutesk.jpg

There are plenty of bustels here in Klebang Beach. Each buses are parked nearby to each other and there’s spaces in between each buses that served as parking spaces for the guests.

 photo IMG_20150318_060922_zpspp7xkquh.jpg

The place is scorching hot during the day, but no worries, all rooms in the bustel chalet is well equipped with air conditioners. There is also the usual TV, hot showers etc in each rooms.

This is one of the rooms. Not very spacious considering that it is inside a bus, but if you are feeling a bit adventurous and looking for a unique accommodation while you are staying in Melaka, the bustel might just be your answer. It is not particularly expensive. One room per night just cost –
RM80-RM120 depending on peak period or not. Each rooms can accommodate a maximum of 3 people per room.

 photo IMG_9277_zpsijrtlnfd.jpg

Food stalls in the form of busses is available within walking distance from the bustel chalet, so no worries about starving if you are staying here.

For more information and current promotions on Bustel Klebang, visit their Facebook page here:

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