Nice nasi lemak in Pak Li Kopitiam

It’s pretty rare for me to eat Nasi Lemak in cafes or kopitiam, cuz I prefer those by roadsides… sold early in the morning. It’s much cheaper and authentic, but I have to make exception for the one on Pak Li Kopitiam in Danau Kota, Setapak. This one is really nice…

The nasi lemak is cooked to perfection, served with curried chicken drumstick on the side along with the condiments of sliced cucumber, boiled egg, dried prawn sambal. And oh, there’s also spicy sambal ikan bilis as well as crispy fried anchovies and peanuts.

Excellent breakfast, I must say. This cost me Rm 5.50. Rather expensive for a plate of nasi lemak, but I guess it is acceptable, since it’s served with some curries and chicken drumstick on the side.

Cleffairy: I guess, sometimes… it’s all right to indulge a little bit.


  1. Gratitude says:

    The kampung nasi lemak bungkus that I have at least once a week is a real price saver at RM1.20 (a rm2.50 pkt has a piece of rendang or masak merah chicken included)

    But agreed with you that Pak Li’s is not bad at all 😉

    • Cleffairy says:

      I preder those tepi jalan nasi lemak too… but I guess… sometimes it’s all right to indulge a little bit. This one is not so bad… LOL… tho I prefer the nasi lemak bungkus from my regular stall… it usually cost me Rm1.50, including fried eggs.

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