The Highway Food

Sometimes, I really do hate traveling…I hate the highway food…most of them tastes like ash while the rest costs a bomb.

I was traveling south to Skudai, Johor last week…and all I had in the car was only these…

Sandwich and cottage fries…

And more sandwich. *sigh* Didn’t mind the sandwich so much, but did you know how much the bloody sandwich costs? It’s Rm4.90. So… There was 2 sandwiches and cottage fries as well as a bottle of large mineral water… it’s Rm4.90+Rm4.90+Rm3.90+Rm2.90=? Well, you do the maths. I’m not going to count that. I’ll get really pissed, cuz it’s not worth the money, especially when they tasted awful.



  1. June says:

    Cleffairy: the sanwdich not nice de.. I used to eat when travel to Singapore.. I dropped by petrol station but this sandwich.. sometimes they put too long got the fridge smell nvm, then hor… not fresh.. I eat dao feel like want vomit T.T …. not cheap also~

  2. kathy says:

    next time make your own sandwich…the toad what and bring. Also the night before, stuff a bottle of mineral water or ribena or what into freezer. Next morning put into cooler bag. So the ice will melt gradually when you travel. Nice cold drinks.

    • absolute age dating says:

      Actually got make wan… but finish liao… 🙁 den feel hungry again.. sit inside the car, ntg to do, so sien den eat lorr… lol… I am the kind who cannot read in the car… will pening pening and puke punya…

  3. suituapui says:

    Make your own… Wake up early – fry rice or mihun, make sandwiches, boil eggs etc etc etc…to eat on the way. Used to drive to other towns when younger – like going on picnic!

  4. ALice Phua says:

    Yes, I agree, it’s cut throat! Well, what to do when you don’t have a choice? Worst part is they also know you don’t have a choice that’s why you have to buy from them, so they charge mahal-mahal loh!

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